Lux Mori

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Chapter 58

Caddock had not given up his yelling, obnoxious behavior and cage rattling. Not that it did him any good. The rest of the Stormriders were still raising hell too. I didn’t understand how they could possibly be in the favor of the Great Mother. I trusted Gaia knew what she was doing, but these men were a complete puzzle to me.

I had been watching the aliens come and go for hours, placing all of the undergrounders that they had seized into cages. I caught a glimpse of what looked like Ronin being dragged unconscious behind one of the beings and I couldn’t help but wonder what he had done to be knocked out cold. Kort skulked behind them, looking as if he was trying to formulate some plan, but I knew he was nothing but a source of amusement to them. All I had to do was concentrate hard enough on a particular being and I could eavesdrop on their thoughts the way they did mine.

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