Lux Mori

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Chapter 61

“The cages will be full within the hour, commander.” Another being had entered the room to provide an update to Enebrian. “They have come freely. They will be compliant.”

“Excellent job, Midian. Remind the others to wipe their mainframes.”

“Yes, Sir,” Midian replied. “You should also know that we found a crude space vehicle. The one called Ronin had planned to use it to leave, along with the one they call Atlas. We have disassembled it.”

“Good, good. Very well.” Enebrian was pleased with his men. Turning to Griffin, he asked, “Where are your food stores? Your people will need to be fed. We shall take your sustenance.”

“It’s all in the mess hall,” Griffin absent-mindedly replied, still thinking about his immense wealth. “Shall my mate and I board your ship now?”

“Midian, did you say that the cages would soon be full of useful people?” Enebrian asked, inflection on the word useful.

“Yes, sir. We will be at capacity by the time we remove the last human.”

“So, there will be no room for people who are not useful?”

“No, sir. I should say not,” Midian replied.

“I’m sorry, Prime Minister. There has been a change of plans. It seems that there will be no room for you aboard our ship. You will have to remain here.” Enebrian was very calculated in his delivery.

Griffin was flabbergasted. “But…but, we had a deal.”

“Technically, we still have a deal. I’ve given you everything you’ve asked. You shall still have your freedom.”

“But we’ll die down here. You’re taking all our food.” Griffin was worried. “I’m sure you can squeeze us in somewhere.” He was insistent but on the verge of begging.

“No, Prime Minister, I’m afraid not. You will stay here. You will die here. But you will be rich and you will be free. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted.” Enebrian had spent more time than he’d have liked peering into the head of such a selfish being. “Let’s move out. Bring the one who bears honor. He shall stay close to me.”

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