Lux Mori

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Chapter 66

Kai sat quietly in his new cage on the bridge, trying to silence his mind, but having no luck. His own thoughts were bad enough, but picking up on the bleed over from the other beings was like having a hundred-people talking to him at once. He could barely pick up a good “station” so to speak, and couldn’t decipher much clearly. It was all static noise and mass confusion.

As Enebrian prepared the ship for launch, he read Kai’s unease, and without turning to address him spoke.

“Lightning bringer, you have never experienced this before.”

“What? The voices in my head or being abducted? No, I’ve never experienced either.”

“You have done your unit and all of your people proud in each and every one of your missions. You have never failed to produce desired results.” Enebrian glanced at him knowingly.

“Until now.” Kai retorted miserably.

“You did not fail this mission. You were set up from the very beginning by corrupt politics courtesy of people that you trusted implicitly. There is no shame in that. You did as a good soldier should, you took direct orders from your commanding officer. It is what you are trained to do. You could not have known that they were going as far as they did to send you on a suicide mission. We have been observing your people for quite some time. You see, the mistake that humans make is being ego-centric. They believe they are the only race that exists. That life on other planets is absurd. We have studied many planets, full of life. Human Beings are the only race that has so much chaos, destruction, and cause planets such utter devastation. Yet they are good workers, great thinkers, and can make life more efficient once you remove all of the unnecessary parts of their existence. Competition, drama, success defined by this concept that you all use called money. Once you take all of those out of the equation you have the answer to pure efficiency. Your race could not harness it for themselves, so we will harness it and utilize it for our own efficiency. It is the way things should be. You will live, or many of you will, and you will not be able to ruin another planet with your greed and gluttony.”

“How can you call slavery living?”

“How can you call your existence up until now, anything other than slavery?” Enebrian inquired before he announced over the speaker for everyone to buckle themselves in and prepare for take-off.

Kai had fallen silent, mulling over everything that Enebrian had just told him, and realized that the being next to him was right. He had always been a slave, how would this next portion of his existence differ, other than at least now he knew where he stood and what he was to be?

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