Lux Mori

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Chapter 67

Indaya had quieted long ago, accepting her fate and shutting down emotionally. She could be logical when needed and felt no more urge to fight the inevitable. She and all of her people had been captured, there was no Calvary to ride in and save the day; their only hopes were caged or on a leash, and even if they’d managed to escape, they could not win in a battle against the aliens that had enslaved them. So, she was resolved to simply live. Nothing else mattered anymore.

Ellie was not one to give up. She refused to be a breeder, as her captor had so lovingly put it, and she fully intended on getting out somehow, but as the ship launched itself into space and she could see the sky whizzing by at a dizzying pace out the window, she couldn’t for the life of her figure a way out of the situation. Yet.

Atlas was still in his cage, restrained like the rest of them, so as not to be thrown about while they traveled to their new homes, or rather – their prison camp. He was avoiding eye contact with Ronin like the plague. If only he hadn’t gotten in bed with dirty politics, if only money hadn’t swayed him and poisoned him to the greater good, maybe his people could have worked together and been off of the rock well before now. It didn’t matter though. They were flying through space, to live on another planet, and the lucky ones would toil as laborers, some were rumored to be food, the women that were of the strongest stock to be breeders – but the traitors such as he and Ronin, what of them?

As Atlas stared out the window, he scarcely cared anymore. He realized with a start, that when they got to their destination if they killed him immediately, death would be welcome.

“Death will not be handed out so easily, that would be a reward. You deserve to be punished. You and the weak-willed trash that sits in the cage not far from you. The one they call Ronin. Your Prime Minister will get his punishment, he chose it, but lackeys do not get to choose. We choose for them.” Midian, the one assigned to watch them, informed them. “We will be home in hours, you have until then to worry about what will be done to you, but even your imagination is not that great.”

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