Red Rover, Red Rover

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Her Name Is Opportunity

April 5, 2004

Opportunity stretched her rather stiff limbs while the not completely unpleasant sound of The Grateful Dead woke her on the 70th day of her mission.

Yeah, yeah. Truckin. Very funny. Must be easy having a sense of humor all the way from the comfort of home.”

She looked about at the same dry, red, and rocky terrain that had been her temporary home since arriving. Time spent had not endeared her to it.

I can hardly stand this anymore!”

While this wasn't the worst music she'd heard since starting her mission, it wasn't particularly good either. She wondered if her brother had any better a handler than she, and whether he was fairing any better having started earlier.

It's your 91st day Spirit. Mission success.”

Before she could delve too much into the happy thought of her beloved twin, the controlling screech came across her ears and compelled her to fulfill this day's duties.

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