Red Rover, Red Rover

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The Spirit Is Willing

July 26, 2004

Dammit! Driving like this is ridiculous! If these things weren't meant to last so long, then I should've gotten sent a mechanic or something.”

Spirit looked with melancholy at the tracks he was now leaving in the red dirt. No longer did two nicely symmetrical (or thereabouts) rows of tread show in the earth, but now just one deep scrape mark where he had been dragging his sixth wheel. If that weren't bad enough, he was being forced to drive backwards.

I've accomplished my mission twice over already...and still they want me to continue. I can make due with one wheel out...maybe even two...but is that what's going to be expected of me? Am I just supposed to keep at this until they all fail?”

He looked to the north, in the same direction his solar panels were currently facing, and his next objective.

Searching for more rock outcroppings on the Columbia Hill. Got it.” He sighed, “I wonder how Opportunity is doing. I had heard she started up a couple weeks after me. So her mission must be accomplished by now. I wonder how she's doing, how things are back home. She must be worried sick with me still being stuck out here.”

As he thought about it more though, he began to feel a little better about his current predicament. He knew, that nobody was more dedicated to the cause than her, and that she must be incredibly proud of him for continuing on with the mission the way he was, malfunctioning wheel and all.

Alright. For you Opportunity, I think I can keep this going for a while longer at least. I won't let you down.”

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