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Jack is a normal kid until he learns about robots, aliens and Magic. Now he turns into a robot superhero and fights Raptrocrons. Yep, just your average middle school super hero. My name is Jack. I was a normal kid, until I found a wristband that turned me into a robot super hero. Now I can just walk out the door, turn into a robot, fly into outer space to kill alien robots. And then I fly back home, barely make it to school on time, and kill time. Then I go and hang out with Charlie, Jordan, and Sarah. Then aliens attack and I have to go save the universe again. And that's a boring day. All of that aside, it is not easy to hide the fact that I go out to save the whole freaking universe every day, especially when my friend/maybe girlfriend turns into my mortal enemy. So, yeah. My life in a nutshell. Middle school, best friends, aliens, robots, Magic, and saving the universe. I'm just your ordinary, everyday superhero. Hey everyone, I removed my story from the Novel Contest. I don't really know if you guys care, but I removed it because I felt like I had a lot more things to put in, and I don't think I would have finished by the thirtieth. I'll probably enter it in the next one, though.

Scifi / Fantasy
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“Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh,” Electron03 grunted.

He stood to face his attacker: Traan, the leader of the dreaded Raptrocrons, a group of villains who have been trying to take over the universe for the past two thousand years. They nearly succeeded a few times and were constantly getting more powerful. The solution? Electron. The Electron Band is a highly sophisticated device that can transform any being into the almighty Electron: a super robotic warrior that can take any enemy, and has saved everything in the universe several times.

The Raptrocrons were not without a goal, however. Their worst plans revolved around the magic that each planet has. And I mean actual magic, the magic that is at the core of each planet. Each planet also has a physical manifestation that will appear in the event that the planet is in mortal danger. The Raptrocrons were out to steal every ounce of magic they could find. The universe trembled as Electron and Traan locked blades, knowing that it’s fate would be determined by the outcome of this battle. Sparks flew as the two blades clashed, on the bridge of the Raptrocron ship, Rantron.

If anyone had been around to see the battle unfolding, they would be trembling in terror. At 7-foot 10, Electron03 was a sight to behold. Musclebound and armored, the Trolandor was terrifying and deadly, and his mind was even stronger. A genius and a fighter, he was the ultimate warrior. The Electron form just made it better. Bulletproof, near-impervious skin with green, glowing eyes and a glowing blue mouth, not to mention the two glowing red straps on the back and the Electron symbol on the front. His giant, glowing sword completed the look.

Traan, however, wasn’t going for the ‘Warrior of Light’ look... more like ‘Lord of the Dark.’ A vortex of the darkest black and glowing dark purple, he was 8 feet tall and looked like the embodiment of evil. Just picture a robotic embodiment of all your worst nightmares combined, and you have Traan. His sword was darker than the blackest night, and his faceplate had slits for ‘eyes’ and ‘a mouth,’ both of which it is doubtful Traan had.

The battle was absolutely horrifying to watch.Traan swung his blade downward, barely grazing Electron’s armor. But with Traan, every swing was a trick. The blade slammed against the ground, and Traan used the rebound force to slice upward. Electron barely managed to dodge Traan’s bloodthirsty attacks, and was slowly being pushed back. Just on the edge of the bridge, as Electron was about to fall backward into the underside of the ship, where he would be jettisoned into space, Traan drew his most prized weapon to finish the job: the Warrior’s Doom, where all the Magic they gained was stored. As the blade fell, Electron saw his chance, and grabbed the blade with his free hand. The blade cut deep into Electron’s hand, but he didn’t seem to notice the pain. Holding tight to the Warrior’s Doom, he leaped backward into the deep abyss of space. “NOOOOO!” shouted Traan, but it was too late.

The blade was gone, and so was Electron, swept away by the vacuum of space. He was so far away from anyone when he finally succumbed to death, that no one saw the powerful armor fade away, and no one saw the wristband detach from his wrist and sail into the darkness of space. As it soared off, a boy known as Jack Sairer had no idea that his life was about to change in a huge way.

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