Eden Solaris

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Dynasty: Part 2

“Are we there yet?” Emit asked the Emissary as the ship they were on hurtled through the Quantum Tunnel. “No, as I said before it would be at least a day to get to Zill’Kyar even through a QT. I brought those video games for you to play on the trip.” The Emissary said. “Well you got ones that require an Alphanet connection to play; the Ethernet doesn’t work in a QT.” Emit protested. “Listen Human, if you had said something like that before the flight I would have gotten games that do not require the Alphanet. Honestly how do you Humans make something as simple as playing a game so needlessly complicated?” The Emissary asked. “Not games as a whole, only the interactive ones. At any rate it isn’t my fault that some of them are needlessly-” Emit was cut off from his train of thought as the ship rattled as it exited the Quantum Tunnel. “Oh thank Soreh, we’re here!” Proclaimed the Emissary as he looked out of the ship to see the planet Zill’Kyar, a massive white sphere of ice in the void from where the Vaalations of Eden Solaris call home.

“Get your Environmental Suit on, from what I’ve heard Humans don’t do well at the low temperatures that Vaalations are used to.” Said the Emissary. “Oh really? I’d need something to ware for going to a planet that’s basically a huge freezer.” Emit said sarcastically. “Ulagraag shuttle, this is Zill’Kyar Orbital Command, identify yourself immediately.” Commanded a voice over the ships com system. “I am an Emissary of the Undaunted Warrior Guild; there is a Human aboard my ship that wishes to speak with Zill’Kyar’s Planetary Council. He is the one your people know as the ‘Honest One’.” Said the Emissary. “What? Why would Emit O’Malley have any common cause with mercenaries?” Asked the Vaalation Orbital Command officer. “Because I got plans boy, now let me speak with the Planetary Council.” Emit said bluntly. “What? Of course Honest One, I will let the council know that you are coming, just follow the waypoint to your ships designated landing pad.” Said the OC officer, several minutes later the ship landed on the surface of Zill’Kyar.

“We are here, now what is it that you want from these birds?” Said the Emissary. “Support from the Vaalation’s in my revolution against the ‘Great Families’. They’ve had their own problems with the Colonies and the Corporations; also many Humans have immigrated to Vaalation space to get away from the corrupt politicians and Suits extorting them.” Emit said as he and the Emissary exited there ship in full environmental suits. “Suits? Why would articles of clothing extort people?” The Emissary asked. “No, that’s just another word for people who run corporations, because they basically always wear suits.” Emit explained. “That… that makes absolutely no sense.” The Emissary said. “Well what do your people call them?” Emit asked. “We call those who live by greed and greed alone Surmnaak, those who sacrifice honor for the sake of money and material possessions.”

Later, inside one of the massive ice palaces of Zill’Kyar, the two met up with a feminine Vaalation in a toga. “I am Matriarch Ithmis Kruna, head of the Planetary Council of Zill’Kyar, and you are the Human that we know as the ‘Honest One’. What brings you and the Ulagraag mercenary to this cold little corner of the night sky?” Ithmis asked. “I have come to ask the Vaalation Protectorate for assistance in reforming the Colonies.” Emit said, kneeling before the old alien Penguin. “I see… though I must ask, why come to my people for help with this? You already seem to have one of the-”

“Yes, I am an Ulagraag; there is no need to hammer that point in.” Said the Emissary. “I agree; I know that your peoples haven’t gotten along with each other. But please, listen to what I have to propose before you try to claw each other’s eyes out?” Emit said, frustrated with the two aliens bickering. “I see, I will call a meeting of the Council to look into your case, and to see further of what you intend to do.” Said Ithmis. “Thank you, Matriarch Ithmis Kruna for your time.” Emit said. “I will let you know when the Council meeting will be held.” Said the Matriarch, as Emit and the Emissary left the chamber they met her. “Well you got the attention of the Vaalations, now what?” The Emissary said. “I explain my case to the Planetary Council, then I ask them for help with getting… well let’s just I have a very specific reason for asking the Vaalations with my revolution.” Emit said. “I see… what help could the Vaalations provide for you I wonder?” The Emissary asked.

“That’s for me to know, and you to wonder about Emissary… now that I think about what is your name anyway?” Emit said, the Emissary didn’t answer. Three days passed before Emit met with the Council. “This meeting of the Planetary Council of Matriarchs has been called to order. Today we are here to hear from the ‘Honest One’ of the Human Colonies. Emit O’Malley, you may now speak your case before us.” Said Ithmis. “Thank you Matriarch Ithmis, Matriarchs of Zill’Kyar, I come before you to petition the Protectorate to assist me, in reforming the Colonial government. In short… I want to make things better for humanity. As you know, since the Great Collapse two-thousand years, and the Thallatite War the Colonies have been socially degrading, the rich hold absolute power over everyone, corporations hold sway over entire planets and the politicians that should be protecting and helping the people are comfortable to just sit around and grow fat and complacent as they… look, the most immediate thing I need, is your help in contacting the Thallatites.” Emit said, the Emissary preformed a spit take when he heard Emit, the Matriarchs murmured amongst themselves.

“And why would you seek there assistance with your cause?” Asked one of the Matriarchs. “Because they have suffered the worst under Human rule, even after all the horrors of the Thallatite Wars, there species have greater reason than most to seek to bring down the Humans that have set there species to mere slaves. You all know what treatment there species have received since we made first contact with their homeworld. Your own people threatened war when they discovered what we were doing to them, my people have made grave mistakes here… mistakes that we made on our first home long ago.” Emit said.

“I see; we will give you a member of House Urubus, the ones who first found the Thallatites and the injustices they faced. It is doubtful that they would let you onto their planet without bringing harm to you, they would listen better to those who at least tried to better there lot.” Said Ithmis. “Good, I want whoever you send on my ship within the day.” Emit said enthusiastically. “It is settled then, we shall send the recording of this meeting to the Protectorate Council on Pax Vaalatia, we will see if they will lend any aid to your campaign.” Said Ithmis, several hours later on the ship, Emit was waiting impatiently for the Vaalation.

Meanwhile, out of earshot of him the Emissary was sitting before a console, on it was a hologram of Yheerus. “It is good to hear from you, what do you have to report?” She asked the Emissary. “The short version, he seems to be building an army.” The Emissary said. “What? How?” Yheerus asked. “He asked the Vaalations for help with his little war, and now we’re waiting for someone to help us with making contact with the Thallatites.” The Emissary said. “Really? This is all very ambitious of him, keep your guard up, and above all else keep him alive, I’m curious to see how long it will be, and how many souls will be involved when he makes his move against his former colleges. Regardless, as soon as you get the Vaalation that you need for you to progress, get to Tisilius.” Yheerus said, then as if on cue a Vaalation came up to the ship.

“My name is Gaarnis Urubus, I have been assigned by the Council of Matriarchs to assist you in your… quest as it would seem.” Said the Vaalation. “Good! Let’s get to work.” Said Emit, and a few minutes later the ship was flying into a Quantum Tunnel towards Tisilius.

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