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First Contact: Part 3

“Are we there yet?” Emit asked as the shuttle went to Tsillius. “For the last time no O’Mally! We just left Zill’Kyar for crying out loud!” Said the Emissary. “Sorry, just really want to get my revolution started, preferably before anyone on Invictus notices that I’ve left… of course that’s assuming at least a few of those dumb big wigs didn’t have any of their spies notice that I left on an Ulagraag ship.” Emit pointed out, then before either the Emissary or the Peragin Gaarnis Urubus, the ship violently shook. “What just happened?” Emit asked. “Sounds like we were caught in some kind of gravity well, maybe we got caught in the gravity of a large asteroid.” Gaarnis said. “No, I am afraid it is a tractor beam.” Said the Emissary looking over a monitor. “A tractor beam? From who?” Emit asked. “It’s… oh boy.” Said the Emissary in surprise. “What? What is it?” Emit said, trying to look at the monitor. “Let me see that… oh krannt!” Gaarnis said in alarm. “What is going on?” Emit asked. “We have to get out of here! Does this shuttle have any weapons?” Gaarnis asked the Emissary. “Yes but nothing that could free us from there tractor beam.” The Emissary said. “Excuse me! Human in the dark here! Me not know what is going on! Is it a Colonial ship that’s got us tractered, or is it someone else?” Emit asked.

The Emissary and Gaarnis looked at each other. “Well, you are one of the only trustworthy Humans in Mt’hal-Ogriaz. So I think it would be okay if we tell you, who knows you might even survive there probing.” Said Gaarnis. “Probing? From who?” Emit asked. “The Y’l-Naka, there a race of sentient machines, there a largely solitary race. Except for when they find stray ships or the like in the middle of space.” The Emissary explained. “Well, who created them? Or did they used to be organic but got carried away with cybernetics?” Emit asked. “From what little is known about them, they were created by a race called the Y’l-Prag. We don’t really know why they created the Y’l-Naka, or even how they went extinct.” Gaarnis explained. “Well, that kind of makes sense, but how does anyone know that? Do they let anyone they take go?” Emit asked.

“From time to time someone who has been held captive by them has escaped, usually frazzled and more than a little terrified as to what had happened to them and anyone else.” The Emissary explained. “Oh… so what do we do when we meet them?” Emit asked as the ship grew closer and closer towards the silver Y’l-Naka ship. “We try to get away from them before they try to do anything unsavory to us, and then continue to Tsillius if we can.” Gaarnis said as the ship finally landed in the hanger of the ship. Then, a large robot entered the ship, it was shaped vaguely a giant praying mantis but with only two legs and was colored bright silver.

“Uh… live long and… something?” Emit said scarred out of his wits at the bug like robot, all while make a gesture with his hand, placing his ring and index finger to the left, and his middle and index finger to the right. The Y’l-Naka robot advanced but was stopped by this gesture, and looked curiously at it. “What in the name of the First Born is that?” Gaarnis asked. “I don’t know to be honest, I think I saw it some bad sci-fi comedy show.” Emit explained.

“WHAT IS YOUR FUNCTION?” Asked the robot unexpectedly. “Uh… I’m a politician; my name is Emit O’Mally if you were wondering at all.” Emit said. “UNDERSTOOD, YOU ARE THE HUMAN DESIGNATED: ‘Honest One’ BY SPECIES ULAGRAAG, AND BY SPECIES VAALATION. IS THIS ASSESSMENT CORRECT?” The Y’l-Naka asked. “More or less… did that gesture mean anything to you?” Emit asked. “YES, THAT WAS A GESTURE AMONG THE PROGENITORS THAT MEANT OBEY. WE WILL OBEY YOU, WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND HONEST ONE?” Asked the Y’l-Naka, at first Emit was confused by what this android said, but then an idea went through his head. “I want me and my comrades to be taken to the Y’l-Naka homeworld… or main base or wherever you’re based around.” Emit said, the large compounded red eyes of the robot blinked randomly. “UNDERSTOOD, THIS VESSEL WILL SET COURSE FOR CENTRAL.” Said the Y’l-Naka, then the ship violently shook for a brief moment and stopped. “WE HAVE ARRIVED AT CENTRAL.”

“What took so long?” Emit said sarcastically. “Enough of this! What do you want with the Human?” Asked the Emissary impatiently. “So… who would I have to talk to in order to discuss things with your… leader? How do you guys work anyway?” Emit said. “YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED AN AUDIENCE WITH THE UNIFYING MIND, THE INTELIGINCE THE COMANDS THE Y’L-NAKA.” Said the robot, then without warning Emit was covered in sparkles, and thrown into the middle of a chamber on the station itself. “WHAT THE?!” Emit said in surprise. “Calm yourself Human; you are in no danger here.” Said a calm feminine voice. “Are you the Unifying Mind? The one that other Y’l-Naka talked about?” Emit asked. “Yes, I am the will of the Y’l-Naka.” Said the Unifying Mind. “So… mind telling me a little about your race? No one seems to know more about your race then just rumors or hearsay.” Emit said. “Of course, as you may know we were created by the Y’l-Prag, the Progenitors. We were originally created to terraform plants for our creators to live on. For the star that there homeworld orbited was doomed to go nova, unfortunately by the time we created enough habitable worlds for our creators, there star had already gone nova. None of them survived, and we were alone, eventually we built our own civilization. We sought to become like our makers. But every race we came into contact with was afraid and would not help us.” The Unifying Mind said.

“So you want the Y’l-Naka to become more like organic life?” Emit said. “Yes, but we were first created to change planets biospheres and not actually study organic life, we do not have a proper basis to understand them, but your people… we have been observing your people, I have heard of the legends you tell, about creating artificial lifeforms like I. Constructs of metal that could think and feel, and experience emotions like organic lifeforms.” Explained the Unifying Mind. “Well yes, but those are practically myths; the Home Galaxy never sent any robots more advanced then labor droids. And during the Collapse most of them were either destroyed or lost, and we only just now got the technology to make those back.” Emit said, then an idea began to form in his mind.

“Wait a minute… you want us, Humanity to help your people become more like an organic species?” Emit said. “Yes, we know of the potential your species has. Please, help us.” Said the Unifying Mind. “Look… madam Unifying Mind.” Said Emit nervously. “But… look I need help starting a little Revolution against the corrupt Colonial Government.” Emit explained, the Unifying Mind was silent for a moment. “Indeed, I have studied the inner works of the Human leadership, and I must say that what I saw was… bafflingly illogical.” Said the Unifying Mind. “So… you aren’t going to question why I’d do only help you under condition?” Emit asked. “Yes, assisting you in deposing a governmental body that does not even care for its own preservation, and in exchange your people assist mine in our goal. That is a logical course of action, and a reasonable transaction.” Said the Unifying Mind. “Oh… so… can me and my friends get back to our journey to Tsillius. It’s the homeworld of a race of insects called the Thallatites.” Emit said.

“Yes, and I shall give you better than simply waiting to reach Orion VII fourth moon.” The Unifying Mind said, then Emit was teleported just as abruptly as before. “THE UNIFYING MIND AS SPOKEN, THE Y’L-NAKA SHALL AID YOU HUMAN.” Said the Y’l-Naka robot as the Y’l-Naka ship once again violently shook. “So, do either of you know what’s.”

“The Y’l-Naka transcribed everything, I must admit Human, and I never thought I’d ever come face to face with the Y’l-Naka let alone live to tell of it.” Said the Emissary. “Well that was less harrowing then I thought it’d be, now let us get down there and contact the Thallatites Apex. Hope he’s in a good mood at the least.” Said Gaarnis, referring to the current leader of the Thallatite race as a whole, the shuttle left the hanger of the Y’l-Naka ship. “So… you probably know a few things about the Apex, is it true he was a Colonial Marine before he became… you know?” Emit asked. “More or less, during the Thallatite War he was part of an expedition to the moon to put down the resistance. Only a thousand or so Marines made it back alive, and even less then that were sane from what had happened.” Gaarnis said. “Who was he specifically? What was his name before he became a Thallatite/Human hybrid?” Emit asked. “I believe it was Avery something I could never remember it entirely, from what I understand he killed the Great Adjutant that had been created to control Thallatites. And the surviving Queens heavily modified his genes; it was he who led the Thallatites to the final attack on the Human Core Worlds and ended the Thallatite War in a stalemate that had your people surrendering a quarter of your frontier worlds.” Gaarnis explained.

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