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Robot Girlfriend: Part 4

It was the night of the prom, every high school student that was (or at the least could get a date and not go stag) was there. All except for two people who were consciously absent, Lawrence Tiberius and Hope O’Brian. Instead of going to the High School Prom, Lawrence stayed at home. He sat in front of his computer watching videos of baby Tapirs on the Alphanet, and also one of an Okapi trying to play the piano with its snout. “Oh boy, this is way funnier than those ancient videos of cats doing cute things.” Lawrence said after a severe laughing fit. Then the doorbell rang. “That must be Hope. I’ll get the door mom!” Said Lawrence as he arrived at the front door of the house, he opened it and saw Hope wearing, instead of her usual cloths she wore a bright pink dress, and her face along with the rest of her was largely obscured by the bright light of Aquila’s sun.

“You know you didn’t have to wear anything so fancy, you could have just your casual cloths.” Lawrence said to her. “Oh come on Lawrence, this is our special night, I might as well look the part for it.” Hope said as she entered the house proper. “Lawrence is that the girl you told me and your father about?” Said Lawrence’s mother. “Yeah mom, it’s Hope.” Lawrence answered back. “Oh do you need help entertaining her?” She said. “No, no thanks mom I can handle it.” Lawrence said. “Can I meet you mother?” Hope asked. “I would, but my mom is… in the middle of something at the moment, she’s been trying to make Vaalation cuisine for almost a month now. She’s blown up about one or two ovens trying to make Vaalation R’vna Fish.” Lawrence explained. “Really? R’vna isn’t that hard to bake.” Hope said. “That’s what I told her after the oven blew up the first time, but she’s stubborn about trying to do things by herself, almost unreasonably at times.” Lawrence said.

“Ah, my dad had the same problem with replacing lightbulbs. But after seventh time he got electrocuted he agreed that I’d change them from then on.” Hope said “That makes sense, so anyway I got this documentary on Vaalations I thought that we could watch together.” Lawrence said as the two teenagers walked upstairs to Lawrence’s bedroom. “Oh really? That sounds interesting, always thought that Vaalations kept there customs and the like secret though.” Hope said. “Not really, ever since the Civil War ended the Vaalations have been more than forth coming about their culture.” Said Lawrence as the movie started.

An hour passed as the movie divulged the various aspects of Vaalation culture. From there many culinary delicacies, to their artic colonies and the great Ice Spires of Zill’Kyar, and several notable Vaalations and their culture. “But perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the Vaalations is there culture, one of compassion and service. Many Xeno Cultural experts suspect that this culture was born of a need for the Vaalations to survive there frozen homeworld of Pax Vaalatia. As a result, Vaalations have an extreme feeling of empathy to their own kind as well as other lifeforms both sentient and otherwise. As a result they are also a highly monogamous species, only marrying once in their lives, and mating and caring for their young until the end of their days.” Said the narrator of the documentary.

“Daw, look at the little Vaalations.” Lawrence said, cuing at the small baby Vaalations frolicking around the screen, some periodically falling flat onto their soft bellies. “I know, still can’t believe that they look so much like actual Penguins.” Hope said in agreement. “Yeah, admittedly it’s kind of weird but hey, giant Penguin people who doesn’t like that?” Lawrence said. “Agreed, I mean just, just look at them! There so adorable, even when they fall over, they just get back up.” Hope said.

“A bit like me actually, more or less. I get up when I fall down.” Lawrence said. “Oh really? That ever actually happen?” Hope asked. “Well… I can’t really say, I’ve only ever had to get back up from something once, maybe twice before.” Lawrence admitted. “From what?” Hope asked. “Well… a couple of years ago my grandparents died. I was beside myself at the time, and didn’t know what to do.” Lawrence said, in a sad tone. “Oh… I’m… I’m sorry to hear that.” Hope said earnestly.

“Never really had any friends before you, at best I had acquaintances. But you, you’ve been something special to me.” Lawrence said wistfully to Hope. “I figured as much when you first asked me to be your girlfriend.” Hope said. “Oh right,” Lawrence said, “but the point I’m trying to make is… you’re probably the best thing that has happened to me in years.” Lawrence said. “And you to me to.” Hope said, the two teenagers then slowly moved their faces together. And coincidentally on the TV screen two Vaalations were rubbing their beaks together as the two of them begin to kiss each other.

Several minutes passed as the two kissed each for what seemed to them like an eternity. “I love you Hope.” Lawrence said as the two got up for breath. “I love you to Lawrence.” Hope said dreamily.

Several years passed as the two lived in blissful love with each other. Eventually the two married, and they lived happily ever after… more or less.

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