Eden Solaris

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Eden Solaris: Dynasty: Part 3

“Well that was an adventure and a half.” Emit said, referring to his encounter with the enigmatic race of machines known as the Y’l-Naka. “Indeed Honest One, I am still surprised that we survived that ordeal.” Said the Emissary. “With luck they will actually agree to help you against the Human Colonial Government, for now, let’s see if we can reason with Apex.” Gaarnis said as the ship exited its Quantum Tunnel over Tisilius. “Now, let’s get down there.” Emit said as the ship descended to the jungle moon bellow. About an hour later the ship landed before the Towering Hives where the Thallatite Queens resided during and after the Thallatite War. “Wow, there bigger than I thought.” Emit said as the ship touched down in front of the giant hives.

Then without warning the ship was swarmed by Thallatites. “Thallatite Bug-Dogs, I’ll go out and talk to them.” Gaarnis said as he went to the door leading out of the ship. “Attention Thallatites! I am Gaarnis Urubus, I have come on behalf of the Vaalation people, I have come with someone, a Human who wishes to speak to Apex.” Said Gaarnis, the Bug-Dogs then backed down from the ship. “It’s safe to come out now.” Gaarnis said to the Emissary and Emit, they then both cautiously exited the ship. “Nice… nice insect dogs.” Emit said nervously at the dog sized insectoid aliens.

“Relax; Bug-Dogs are only dangerous if you provoke them. Now, let’s go and see Apex, and get this revolution of yours off the ground.” Gaarnis said as the three of them went into the hive. “So… where is Apex normally anyway?” Emit asked. “He’s either in the larva pits, or up in the throne room at the highest point of the tower.” Gaarnis said. “Okay, is there some kind of elevator system that we can use?” Emit asked, and then as if on cue an enormous dragonfly stood before them. “Is that a yes? I just see a giant bug.” The Emissary said. “Well, yeah that’s a Jotunnfly, that’s how they get around quickly. Now get on it, these things can get really bumpy when they fly.” Gaarnis said as he climbed up on the Jotunnfly, and sat on a leathery saddle-like patch on its back.

Emit and the Emissary joined up with him, several minutes passed as the Jotunnfly flew around the hive towards the top of the hive. When the Jotunnfly landed at the throne room, Emit threw up over the edge of the balcony that the fly had landed on. “Oh come on Honest One, it was just like flying a ship, just without any cabin pressure.” Said the Emissary, dismissive of Emits discomfort, Gaarnis waddled into the assembled queens. “Queens of Tisilius hear me; I am Gaarnis Urubus, Scion of House Urubus, I bring a Human who wishes to speak with Apex, and to bring the Humans who have wronged their own people to justice, and in turn he will give your people the dignity that all Thallatites have sought since humanity first came to this moon.” Gaarnis said as Emit wobbled sickly into the room. “Sorry, motion sickness… I’m really bad with it.” Emit said groggily.

“Summon Lord Apex! He will decide on whether we go to war for the Honest One.” Bellowed one of the Queens, an hour passed before he arrived. Apex’s arrival to his throne room was heralded by swarms of flying Thallatites. “Speaking as someone who’s fought Thallatites in the past this many at once rarely means anything good.” The Emissary said as the winged Thallatites only got bigger until a humanoid being emerged from the massive swarm. It had the shape of a Human, but it had clawed hands, and its legs were distinctly bug like, and it had large dragonfly like wings, and had mandibles around it’s human like mouth. This was Lord Apex, god-king of the Thallatites, once Avery Saturn of the Colonial Marines, and now the supreme leader of the Thallatites.

“So… you are the one known as the Honest One, I must admit, it is an honor to encounter at least one of my former kin who remembers what being Human means.” Apex said. “So… you already know?” Emit asked. “Yes, I have heard your misgivings of the ‘Great Families’ from across the stars through the Thallatites on Invictus.” Apex said. “So… I didn’t need Gaarnis for this?” Emit asked as Gaarnis looked indignant at Emits comment. “The Vaalation was not necessary, but an appreciated gesture. You are wise to seek out so many in your quest to reform humanities government, even in my own youth they were corrupt.” Apex said.

“Oh, then can I get your word that the Thallatites will take part in my revolution?” Emit asked. “Of course O’Malley, and Humanity will remember the fear I struck into their hearts long ago. And at long last some measure of peace will be restored to this little corner of the galaxy.” Apex said.

Latter onboard the shuttle Emit, the Emissary, and Gaarnis were joined by some many of humanoid Thallatite, not Apex himself, but an almost ghastly creature with the head of a fly, and wringing its hands. “Remind me, what is that thing and why do we have to have it onboard?” Emit asked, referring to the alien bug. “I. Am. A. Avatar. I. Am. The. Eyes. Ears. And. Mouth. Of. Apex.” The Avatar said in a stilted monotone. “Yeah, I was about to say, Avatar’s basically serve as Apex’s spies and ambassadors. There also one of the earliest attempts by the Thallatites to create a more Human like breed to interact with other races.” Gaarnis explained. “Oh… so he knows-”

“Yes, but he doesn’t mind at all if anyone refers to his Avatars as ‘it’s’, to be honest from what I’ve heard… even he’s creped out by them. Not sure how but there even less Human then the regular Thallatites Breeds.” Gaarnis said. “I see… and why does Apex want one of these things with us? It’s not like he would need to know anything really important.” Emit said. “Apex. The. Mighty. Simply. Needs. To. Let. You. Know. What. Your. Next. Course. Of. Action. Is.” Said the Avatar.

“That does make sense, what happens now that you’ve got every alien power in this sector?” The Emissary asked, writing on a notepad. “Well, I get the few friends in the Colonial Senate I made, the only other people in the whole universe that were as outraged as me about how the government was being managed.” Emit explained.

“I see, should we send someone to get the Y’l-Naka?” Gaarnis asked. “Emissary, you return to Yheerus and tell her that things are getting underway. Gaarnis, get back to Zill’Kyar and inform the Matriarchs of the same thing.” Emit explained. “Okay… what about the Avatar?” The Emissary asked. “Well do you have any real use?” Emit asked the Avatar. “I. Do. Not. Under. Stand.” Said the Avatar. “Well… just remain on the ship, and try not to talk to anyone or for that matter, make sure nobody tries to take the ship.” Emit said as the ship took off.

A few days passed as the ship hurdled through Quantum Space. For whatever reason the voyage back to Invictus took longer than it should have from the Orion system, the three of them were almost bored out of their minds with only the Avatar to entertain them… unfortunately with the Avatar’s stilted monotone it only made things worse for them. “Two. Bottles. Of. Beer. On. The. Wall. Two. Bottles. Of. Beer. Take. One. Down. Pass. It. Around. One. Bottle. Of. Beer. On. The. Wall.” The Avatar tried to sing, and subsequently maiming an ancient Human song.

“ARE WE THERE YET!?” Emit screamed in utter horror. “WE DON’T KNOW!” Gaarnis and the Emissary screamed in equal horror. The ship then shook as it exited its QT. “Oh thank the Primarchs! We’re here.” Gaarnis said relieved. “So, we just land? Somewhere out of the way of the main city.” Asked Gaarnis. “Don’t bother; we know what you’re up to O’Malley.” Said a hologram of a fat Human. “Chancellor! So you and your cronies noticed that I left.” Emit said. “Yes, we noticed that you went off, for a long time I’ve tolerated your inexplicable empathy of the lower classes. But you allying yourself with aliens, this is a new low.” Said the Chancellor in a disappointed tone. “I’m doing what’s right! If you think I’m going to spend another day sitting idly by while innocent people starve in the streets just so that you can maintain power then you are an even bigger fool then your waist line!” Emit shouted.

“No matter, you are hereby exiled from Colonial Space, along with the Senators that bore such sympathizes as you, along with their assets and personnel in there employ.” Said the Chancellor. “So… your punishment to the Honest One is the rough equivalent of a timeout for him and his friends?” The Emissary said. “Indeed Xeno, there exile outside of the Eden Solaris Cluster will show them humility, and convince them to submit back to the proper authority of the Senate and Chancellorship.” Said the Chancellor. “Oh boy… your even dumber than I thought!” Emit said trying and failing to keep himself from laughing. “I don’t understand, what is that noise?” Said the Chancellor. “I’ve been going around the Cluster, gathering allies to destroy your glorified dictatorship! And you know what, I not only now have the few friends I had in the Senate, I have the Vaalation Protectorate, the Dauntless Warrior Guild, the Thallatite Coalition, and I even made First Contact with the once thought mythic Y’l-Naka Collective. Your downfall is only a matter of time tubby, over and out!” Emit said as he cut the feed, and several ships approached there shuttle.

“I want those ships to Tunnel after us to the Dauntless Fleet, this war is about to get started!” Emit said. And thus did the Civil War Begin, when Humans, Vaalations, Ulaagrag, Thallatites, and Y’l-Naka made war on the corrupt Colonial Government, and began a new age of peace and cooperation among the alien races of Eden Solaris, and a Golden Age for Humanity, but as for the Civil War, that is a tale for another day.

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