Eden Solaris

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First Contact: Part 4

Date: 2,000 After Colonization.

Outskirts of the Eden Solaris Cluster: Outpost Albion.

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with B.” Said a man to his friend as they did their daily routine of observing the space beyond the asteroid sensor station. “Black Daniel?” Asked the other man, looking out the window as bored as he was the day before. “Yes Terrance, now I spy with my little eye something beginning with S.” Said Daniel. “Is it star? Or stars?” Asked Terrance. “Yes, now we’re done with our daily game of eye spy… now what?” Daniel asked. “I don’t know, get a quick bite to eat, regret that we got assigned to the rear end of the cluster with nothing to do but stare at stars for HOURS on end?” Terrance said.

“Oh come on Terrance, don’t be so negative. Things could be a LOT worse.” Said Daniel. “And tell me, what do you think would be worse than having to be out here?” Asked Terrance. “Well… we could be attacked by aliens, that would be pretty bad.” Daniel said. “That’s assuming some of us wouldn’t WANT to be attacked by aliens.” Terrance said, little did either of them know that very soon, they were about to be the first Humans to make contact with their species newest neighbors in Hyperion Major.

Meanwhile else ware in the system, an absolutely massive fleet of ships was moving through space. This was the Ulagraag Nomadic Fleet, for untold millennia these proud reptilians have wandered the galaxy. The fleet was composed of almost dizzyingly amount of distinct ship, many stolen or had been acquired through favors from other races, the ships made by the Ulagraag themselves being so ancient that many have had to be abandoned because the technology to fix them had been lost to them. There reasons for this long trek through is a legend told only among their own people, and there most valued secret. Suffice it to say that long ago they ruled the largest empire the galaxy had ever known, and had created technologies that among other races would be considered magic, and through something called Biological Augmented Weapons, among there people called a Manaa’soorca, were all but considered gods by lesser races.

But at the height of their power, corrupt and decadent fools commanded there empire and a great enemy caught them by surprise, an enemy which all but destroyed the Ulagraag. Only a relatively small handful of their ships survived the cataclysm, and ever since they have wandered the galaxy, fighting any enemy that they deemed a threat to their existence. They have been regarded by the other races of the galaxy as many things, pirates, mercenaries, dogs of war. Rarely are those considered compliments by the Ulagraag, but they have also been regarded as saviors, loyal friends in an hour of need, and the most sought after warriors in the entire galaxy.

However, onboard the flagship of the Nomadic Fleet, a massive dreadnaught called the ‘Defiant Scream’. “Imperial Chieftain Augerist, scanners are picking up a Class 3-Civilization listening post.” Said an Ulagraag helmsman. “I see, is it from any civilization we have encountered before?” Asked Augerist. “No Sire, it is a completely unknown to us.” Said the helmsman. “Very well then, send out a diplomatic shuttle to the station, I wish to make contact with whatever is onboard.”

“Sire, would that be wise at all? When we made contact with the Vaalations they chased us off when they heard who we were.” Said another Ulaagrag, like the Imperial Chieftain he wore elegant robes. “I understand your concern Chieftain Ikthal, but not to worry-”

“Concern? Worry? Augerist we should have stood our ground to those birds! Instead you turned tail and had us run.” Ikthal argued. “That was a century ago; don’t tell me you’re still nursing that wound. Besides what do the Vaalations have to do with this?” Augerist said, standing up from his throne to look his second in command in the eyes. “My point is, if we let these primitives know about us they could send in ships to try to keep us away.” Ikthal said. “What are you even- the Nomadic Fleet numbers in the tens of thousands! You know as well as I do that any civilization that would try to challenge our might, weakened though we are would be would be folly, and besides the only reason the Vaalations even demanded our leave was our reputation for piracy. Helmsman, send out the diplomatic shuttles to the station!” Augerist said.

Latter, onboard the station Daniel was singing. “33 bottles of beer on the wall, 33 bottles of beer, take it down pass it around. 32 bottles of beer on the wall.” Sang Daniel, Terrance could only cover his ears and try to keep himself from killing the only Human contact he had. “I swear, if something new doesn’t happen in the next few minutes I am legitimately going to try to kill this half-wit.” Terrance said, gritting his teeth angrily. Then without warning the Ulagraag shuttle craft loudly approached the outpost, there engines drowning out everything onboard the station. “Thank you!” Terrance said nonchalantly as Daniel stopped singing. “What the?! We got unidentified ship IFF’s on the sensors! There docking with the outpost!” Daniel said as he hastily got his hand on a laser rifle and ran out of the room to the docking bay. “Dan, first how can you run that fast? Second what makes you think these aliens are hostile?” Terrance asked, laser pistol in hand. “You know it’s standard procedure to be armed when encountering unknown alien life, and besides that you know you can’t hold your gun like that!” Daniel said, pointing to Terrance’s sideways held gun. “It looks cool when held like this!” Terrance argued. “Look, that isn’t how you hold a gun period, you hold it straight up PERIOD!” Daniel said, then the Ulagraag shuttle entered the docking bay. Nine Ulagraag exited the shuttle.

“I am an Emissary of the Ulagraag, what are you?” Asked the robed Emissary. “We-we’re Humans, look we just work here! What do you want here?” Daniel asked. “We wish only to speak with your species government, your species does have a unified government right?” Asked the Emissary. “Well… kinda it’s in a bit of weird way right now.” Terrance said. “Yeah, at least a half dozen corporations have governmental rights to several planets in the frontier and even the heartlands. But if you really want to talk to the government, go to Invictus. It’s been the capital since we lost contact with the Home Galaxy.” Said Daniel.

“I see, so… you are exiles? Outcasts?” The Emissary asked. “No, colonists would be more like it.” Terrance said. “I see, give me the coordinates to this planet Invictus, and my people will make proper contact with your leaders.” The Emissary said. “And why would you want to do that?” Terrance asked suspiciously. “My people, the Ulagraag have wandered this galaxy for millennia, in search of a new home. A chance to rebuild what we lost long ago, we believe that the worlds in this sector hold the key to rebuilding our once glorious civilization.”

Terrance and Daniel looked at each other, neither one wanting to admit to the alien that most of the cluster had been colonized by Humanity. “Oh… good luck then, we’ll call ahead to let the Colonial Senate know you’re coming.” Daniel said.

Several days later the entire fleet had arrived at Invictus, the tens of thousands of ship all but blocking out the planets sun. “-so that is our plight Mr. President, so will you help our people?” Said Augeris as he sat before the president of the Colonies in his office. “Well, I don’t know, what would be in it for Humanity and the Colonies as a whole?” Asked the president nonchalantly. “Well… we have the Warrior Guilds, there mainly mercenaries.”

“Ah! Well that interesting, you see, the government has been having some… problems with certain… elements of late, some alien mercenaries would be more then helpful in… containing these problems.” Said the president, vaguely referring to protests against the government regarding the increased right given to interstellar corporations, and the plummeting rights that the middle and lowers classes had.

“Augerist, is this wise giving this… Human control of the Warrior Guilds? You know as well as I how unscrupulous and ruthless Sell-swords can be.” Said Ikthal, standing next to Augerist. “They can tell us things about the Humans that they themselves wouldn’t admit to us. Besides, we might as well be on the good side of these primates.” Augerist said.

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