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Civil War: Part 1

It had been six months since the Civil War began. Led by Emit O’Mally, a former politician of the Hyperion Colonies, he leads an alliance of exiled Colonial politicians, a number of Ulaagrag Warrior Guilds mainly from the Undaunted, the support of the Vaalation Protectorate and even the enigmatic race of machines known as the Y’l-Naka. Originally Emit planned to directly attack the Colonial capital of Invictus and be done. Unfortunately the corrupt President of the colonies was aware of what Emit was up to and exiled a number of political allies of Emit’s out of Human space… along with all of their personnel and assets intact. Apparently unaware that they’d want revenge for being exiled simply for being associated with Emit, over the last six months the Coalition (the official name of the resistance against the Colonial Government) has been building up there forces.

Now the Coalition was ready for its first strike against the tyrannical Colonial Government. Emit O’Mally sat around a circular table with an Ulagraag Emisary, (not the same one Emit was flying around the cluster with in Dynasty mind you) a Vaalation Maiden (that’s like a Peragin Matriarch only much, much younger, and mainly serves as a sort of underpaid intern) a Y’l-Naka drone, and an old Human. “So Roger, have we gotten all of the Humans under our command organized?” Emit said to the old man. “Yes, and thanks to your alien friends we’ve also got steady supply lines to help elevate the limited resources we had before.” Roger said.

“The Protectorate is growing impatient Honest One. It has nearly been one Per’aga-Daan since this was all started, and you’ve made virtually no significant advances despite the resources we’ve given you.” Said the Vaalation Maiden, pointing to a sort of holographic clipboard covered in Vaalation numerical runes. “I’ve said this before N’haara. If a revolution on this scale were simple I would have done it by myself, more over the resources the Vaalations have provided us are the only thing properly maintaining our forces while there trained to fight their own people.” Emit explained. “Regardless the Imperial Chieftain is growing impatient as well; he has given you contracts to a number of other Warrior Guilds besides the Undaunted, and you’ve given them nothing but petty raiding missions against the Colonies and the Corporate sectors. In short he is disappointed that you’ve used a dozen Warrior Guilds as glorified pirates, and he wants you to know that unless you use them properly soon he’s going to revoke their services from you.” The Emissary said.

“Uh… Y’l-Naka drone, you got anything to say?” Emit asked trying to change the subject. “Yes, the Y’l-Naka have been observing the communications of the Colonies, and we have found a weakness in their defenses.” Said the Y’l-Naka drone. “Yes! Now what do we do?” Emit asked, the Y’l-Naka then pulled up a hologram of Colonial space. “Focus view of planet: Delta Baphomet 12, twelfth moon of Delta Baphomet in the Baphomet system. There is a minor refueling station for warships orbiting the moon, while it does not serve a major purpose beyond refueling ships. It is the only such station in the system; if it can be destroyed then it will not only cause great damage to the Colonies ability to refuel their fleets, but more importantly it’ll catch the attention of the Colonial Senate. Show them that we’re a legitimate threat to their rule, make them do something dumb.” The drone explained at length.

“Good! Send the Void Reavers and Ground Breaker Guilds to take it out, and the Undaunted and Tyrant Killers to provide backup.” Emit said, excited to begin his revolution in earnest. “You seem eager to sacrifice Ulaagrag lives, Honest One.” Said the Emissary suspiciously to him. “Well yeah, but the Ulaagrag have more forces then we do, and the Vaalations haven’t provided us with any ships so unless we get more Humans to fight for us or the Protectorate gives us some ships you really don’t have much of a basis for an argument.” Emit said indignantly. “As I have said before, the Protectorate won’t provide you with arms or armament until you can make a significant strike against the Colonial Senate. And while this idea of the drone sounds promising, I will not risk Vaalation lives until you can convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can strike a blow against the Colonies.” Said N’haara at length.

“And we will, this meeting is now over. Just get the Warrior Guilds I requested to attack the refueling station, and let me know what happens.” Emit asked as he got up from the table where they were having the meeting. Later Emit was walking through the base of operations of the Coalition, a refurbished station that was in the atmosphere of a gas giant outside of Colonial space. “Emit!” Said a young woman of about his age ran up to him and gave him a hug. She had brown hair, grey eyes and wore a modest dark blue business suit. “Anna!” Emit said as he hugged her back. “So, how did the meeting go?” Anna asked. “Well we agreed to launch our very first attack, a refueling station in the Baphomet system.” Emit said to her.

“Oh really? And what’ll that do? In the long term I mean.” Anna asked. “Well… it will show the Senate that we’re serious about our revolution, instead of just sitting out here on our laurels.” Emit explained. “That sounds like a good idea I guess… but wouldn’t it make more sense to just attack something bigger than a random refueling station?” Anna said skeptically. “Well… I suppose if that doesn’t work we’ll try something bigger.” Emit said.

“I see, but let’s forget about the war for a little while? It’s been weeks since we had lunch together Emit.” Anna said. “Okay, you want to go to the usual place or do you want to go somewhere else?” Emit asked. “You know… I’d like to go to Tuesdays with you.” Anna said, referring to a franchise of restaurants that provide a vast variety of foods, it was mainly marketed for people who struggled with Tuesdays and wanted to unwind. Emit and Anna both had hard times dealing with Tuesdays.

Several minutes later the two were sitting at a booth in the restaurant, waiting for their meal to come. “Well Emit, how have things been going for the fearless and bold leader of the Coalition?” Anna asked in a playful tone. “Well, it’s daunting to say the least, but at the end of the day I just tell myself that I’ll make a difference to the common people of the Colonies.” Emit said in a humble yet proud tone. “Well, you’ve certainly have done more than most… the most my father tried was petitioning for new laws or amendments to the Colonial Constitution. In the end it…”

“I know, you don’t have to share what happened to him. His assassination weighed on us all, and you know that Matthew was my mentor.” Emit said sympathetically. “I know, but well… I wanted you to know that I…” Anna said stammering to her friend. “Oh look our food is here.” Emit said as a waitress put several plates of food on the table. “You know, I often forget how many of the Families here are farmers. If it weren’t for them we’d probably be out of food weeks if not months ago.” Emit said as plates of fries, chicken strips, and hot dogs were placed before the two of them.

“Yeah, that’s good but I really have to tell you something REALLY important.” Anna said anxiously. “Oh, well I can wait to eat. What is it you want to tell me Anna?” Emit asked. “Well… I love you!” Anna said as she pulled Emit across the table to give him a giant kiss. “Oh… well I always thought that you were beautiful Anna, just never had the nerve to tell you that I… kind of loved you too, I mean we’ve been friends since we were children.” Emit said bashfully. “Well, now that I finally got that out of my system. Let’s eat!” Anna said as she dived right into her lunch, with Emit joining in the binge eating.

Several minutes later Emit and Anna were outside of the restaurant, clutching their full bellies. “Well I pretty much have the rest of the day off Anna; you want to do anything tonight?” Emit asked, Anna just smiled. “Oh, I think you know what I would like to do.” Anna said in seductive tone, later that night… Emit and Anna were playing co-op video games.

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