Eden Solaris

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Apex: Part 2

Apex, the hybrid ruler of the Thallatite sat on the bridge of the CNF Invictus, the flagship of the colonial fleet as the ship hung in orbit around Tisilius. “My lord Apex, High Queen Hiijnag has reported that the Humans from this vessel are being taken care of. There have been escape attempts but none of thus far succeeded.” Said his second in command Selen, as he looked out of the windows of the ships bridge to see the gas giant that Tisilius orbited, Orion VII. “That is good to hear; at the very least the Queens are listening to me.” Avery said. “We are readying our forces to attack the nearest Human outpost; we only wait for your command.” Selen said to him.

“Have the escape pods been salvaged?” Avery asked. “It is underway my lord, though it has proven… tricky to reassemble them.” Selen said. “Well then we must still wait. I’ll be in my quarters, please do not bother me until you have something important to report.” Avery said as he got up from the Captain’s chair and walked off the bridge. “As you command lord Apex.” Selen said, bowing to him. “And just call me Avery, please.” Avery said as he walked towards his quarters, several minutes later he arrived at his room, like most of the ship it was covered in pulsing Thallatite biomass. “I’m actually convinced that Thallatites don’t even really need this stuff, and just make it to gross everyone out.” Avery said to himself as he scrapped some of the green and blue gunk off of his bare feet. He then went into his room; it was decorated with various keepsakes that he brought with him when he came with the Marines.

“Oh for the love of- WHO PUT BIOMASS IN HERE?!” Avery shouted as he saw that the room had a relatively small but still noticeable blotch of biomass on the floor. “I made it perfectly clear that I don’t want this gunk in here!” Avery cried out as he used his clawed hands to scrape the goo off of the floor. “I don’t know what this stuff actually is, but I’m sick and tired of seeing this stuff around my thing!” Avery said flinging the blue and green goop in the hallway. He then sat down on his cot; he looked around his room at the various things he brought with him when he first came to Tisilius as a Human, a picture of his family, another photo of him with a Penguin, and a teddy bear. “My parents warned me that going into the army would be a bad idea, I don’t this is what they thought but… this can’t be anything except bad. I’d gotten roped into a races collective desire for revenge… I’m going to just take a nap.” Avery said to himself as he went to take his teddy bear to bed with him.

Several hours passed as Avery slept on the cot, hugging his teddy bear. “My lord!” Announced Selen barging into his quarters, causing Avery to jolt up from his cot at the Thallatite Queen barging in unannounced. “Who dares disturb my slumber!?” Avery cried out angrily, still clutching his bear. “Forgive me lord Apex, but we have gotten all of our possible forces onto this ship.” Selen explained. “And what of the escape pods?” Avery asked. “We have figured out how to create more such pods using our biomass.” Selen said. “Oh for the love of- I told you time and again I hate that stuff! It smells horrible, and how do you people make that stuff anyway?” Avery asked. “Thallatite biomass is a perfectly natural part of our species anatomy, we use it to build our structures, and besides you get used to the smell after a while.” Selen said.

“Well… set a course for the nearest Human system; just let me know when we get there.” Avery said. “Very well lord Apex, though it will take some time for us to figure out how to work the computer. I will now take my leave.” Selen said as she left Avery’s quarters. “Now, I think I should get some food. Hopefully it isn’t something gross or anything.” Avery said as he left his quarters to try to find something to eat. However when he got to the mess hall he was disappointed to find that just about everything had been eaten. “Oh for the love of- stupid bug dogs! Didn’t they think to leave something for me?” Avery said to himself as he rummaged through the mess hall kitchen for food, and found nothing but empty food containers, and Thallatite biomass all over the place. “Well… when in Rome.” Avery said as he picked up a handful of biomass. “All I have to say is that this had better taste then it smells.” Avery said grimly as he plugged his nose with his hand, and then shoved the biomass into his mouth.

Several more hours latter Avery wobbled onto the bridge. “My lord, we are due to leave for the neighboring Human star system of Equine Solaris in five minutes… my lord what have you been up to lately anyway? You don’t look well.” Selen asked. “I… tried eating the biomass.” Avery said sickly, his face looking like an unholy mix of yellow, blue, green, and for some reason a plaid pattern. “It doesn’t like me, and I couldn’t find anything else to eat, and it REALLY makes my stomach feel awful.” Avery said sickly as he rubbed his belly.

“It is normal for biomass to cause such effects; eventually you’ll regurgitate it from your lower orifice. The biomass will be useless as a normal food source or building material due to its highly viscous nature-”

“I know what diarrhea is Selen! Just please, PLEASE tell me that I don’t have to eat any more of this stuff?” Avery said as he farted loudly. “Do not fear my lord, eventually you’ll overcome the… symptoms that affect a first biomass eating soon enough. For now we make for Equine Solaris.” Said Selen as the Invictus opened a Quantum Tunnel to their destination. An hour or so passed, with Avery spending much of that time in the private bathroom on the bridge before the ship arrived in Equine Solaris. The star system so named because the solar radiation from its red sun looked like a spectral red horse.

“My lord we have arrived… my lord what are you doing in there?” Selen asked, not knowing the first thing about the Human digestive system. “THIS HURTS BEYOND RECKONING!” Avery shouted as he finally left the bathroom, looking exhausted and relieved at the same time. “I will never… EVER… eat Thallatite biomass ever again.” Avery said, breathing heavily. “As you say my lord, we are in Equine Solaris now. We are ready to move in to the main planet of Human habitation on your command.” Selen said.

“Get this ship as close to Equine Solaris V as possible, then use the… bio-pods I guess to board any military ships in orbit. But, and I can’t stress this enough, ONLY attack ships that attack back, if any ships just run you avoid attacking them. Is that clear?”

“Of course lord Apex.” Selen said, and thus did the battle of Equine Solaris begin, in the first hour a few Colonial ships came to inspect the Invictus. Within the second hour virtually every ship in the systems defense fleet had been boarded by the Thallatites. Within the third hour the ships, now under the control of the Thallatites began their assault. Within the fourth hour, refuges poured out of the system in droves to other Human worlds. Within the fifth hour the entire system had its Human population either driven out or taken prisoner by the Thallatites.

“Well, all and all, I’d say that this was a complete success without a doubt.” Apex said, looking over the deserted capital of Equine Solaris V. “If you say so my lord, though I do not believe my sisters will see the same thing as you do in not slaughter ALL of the Humans outright.” Selen said. “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, for now we’re going to wait before we attack another planet, this may have been a quick battle. But this war is far from over.” Avery said as he looked up into the sky, the red horse of Equine Solaris visible even so far away from it.

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