Eden Solaris

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Civil War: Part 2

The next morning was greeted by Emit and Anna sleeping in the same bed, Emit in a pair of footy pajamas, and Anna in a tank top and pants. “Emit? Emit your phone is ringing?” Anna said as the phone in the bedroom was ringing. “What?... alright.” Emit said as he slowly got out of bed, and picked up his phone. “Emit O’Malley here; it’s five-thirty in the morning here. Whatever you have to say better be important.” Emit said in a cranky tone. “Ah huh, ah huh, ah huh, were there any survivors, only enough that the rest folded into the Undaunted? Ah huh, ah huh, ah huh, ah huh, well was the refueling station they attacked destroyed? It was, but how were they- oh? Oh the 1st fleet attacked? Yeah… that would do it, they attacked after they destroyed it?”

The phone call went on like this for about five or ten minutes, with Emit going ‘ah huh’ to whatever the other person on the other end of the phone was saying, periodically saying out loud the gist of what the caller was talking about. “Okay, so in short we won, but lost three of the four Warrior Guilds to the 1st fleet?” Emit said, the voice on the other end of the phone just made a noise. “I see, we’ll meet with the survivors, and hold a memorial afterwards.” Emit said somberly as he hung up the phone. “So… did we win?” Anna asked in concern. “Well, it’s a pyrrhic victory, but that’s better than nothing. And were both up anyway so… want to get some breakfast?” Emit asked. “Yeah, yeah I can go out.”

About two hours later the two were getting breakfast; Emit was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, while Anna was wearing a red shirt, black skirt, and black boots. “Well… I can’t say I’m not disappointed by that. I mean what am I going to say to the others?” Emit asked himself as the two were waiting for their food. “Just try to be diplomatic, I mean they were lost to the 1st fleet!” Anna said, the 1st fleet was the most elite collection of Colonial Warships in the Eden Solaris sector. Few who had gone against the 1st fleet had lived to tell the tale, though mainly used to hunt down Pirates, they were often called in to handle unexpected crises. Such as an attack by Ulagraag fleets for instance.

“Well with luck they already know… or that could be a bad thing I don’t know.” Emit said. “Here’s your order.” Said the waitress, startling Emit, the waitress either not minding or ignoring Emit jumping in his seat. Put their orders on the table, Emit ordered pancakes, bacon, and cinnamon raisin toast with butter, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. While Anna had waffles and sausages, along with a grapefruit and two eggs sunny side up, Emit and Anna smiled at each other.

“It’s kind of funny that we got such similar food.” Emit said, as he both he and Anna laughed at this before eating. Eventually the two were done eating, both of them looking content from their meals. “Oh that was SO good.” Emit said as he picked some of the food out of his teeth. “Indeed, my compliments to the chef!” Said Anna to the kitchen.

“Attention! Ulagraag dropship from the Undaunted fleet is coming in for a landing. Emit O’Malley, please report to Landing Platform Alpha-7.” Said a voice over the stations intercom. “Well, time to go and face the music, wish me luck.” Emit said as he stood up from the chair and left the restaurant, followed by Anna making a few burps. “Emit! The check! I didn’t bring my wallet!” Anna hollered before Emit left the restaurant. “Whups! Sorry about that.” Emit said as he returned to the table. “Check please!”

Several minutes later Emit came to the landing platforms where shuttles landed and took off, ferrying supplies between Vaalation ships that came in orbit of the gas giant Refuge. Emit stood on the platform as an old and battered Ulagraag shuttle flew through the blue sky of the obscure distant planet. “Well, got to greet whoever comes out.” Emit said to himself as the shuttle landed before him, the back of it opened and a large male Ulagraag exited the small craft. Emit recognized the reptilian like alien as Marshel Orynn’va Rhuulza, the second-in-command of the Undaunted, second only to Yheerus Offlashius herself.

“Marshel Orynn’va, you have my deepest sympathies for what-” But Emit was cut off by Orynn’va picking him up. “It was a glorious battle my friend!” Orynn’va said with glee in his voice. “We were outnumbered five to one, the 1st Fleet surrounding us on every front, they were above us, bellow us, in front of us, behind us, and beside us at both flanks! But we annihilated every ship they sent against us!” Orynn’va said in joy as he held Emit over his head, Emit squawking in fear as he begged to be put down. “I MEAN IT! PUT ME DOWN!” Emit shouted as Orynn’va was sort of overdoing on celebrating on their victory.

“Oh, sorry little one.” Orynn’va said as he put Emit back on his feet. “Now… you said that you won at Baphomet?” Emit asked, surprised at this news, and exhausted from the shock Orynn’va holding him over his head. “Of course, we even took their largest and best ships as our own.” Orynn’va said. “But, I got a call this morning that only the Undaunted had survived. That you were all but destroyed by the 1st Fleet.” Emit said in surprise. “What? Who would tell you such a lie?” Orynn’va asked. “It was my Assistant AI actually, but it shouldn’t have made such a mistake as assume that you were-” Then Emit’s phone began to ring again. “Oh for the love of, hang on I’ve got to take this.” Emit said as he answered his phone. “Hello Emit, you don’t know me. But I know you, and I know your crusade is a lost cause.” Said the voice calling back.

“I see… and who do you think you are?” Emit asked suspiciously. “I am someone who wants you to get out of this alive. Either surrender to the Senate, or you will die.” Said the unknown caller. “Hold on for a moment, it’s some guy who thinks he can intimidate me into surrendering.” Emit said to Orynn’va. “I will tell the technicians to trace that call sir; I will make certain that we find out who this person is.” Orynn’va said as he ran off. “Keep the Deyyin’tar talking for as long as possible!”

“Sorry about that, you were saying?” Emit said nonchalantly to the caller. “What? Listen to me O’Malley! The Senate wants your head and-”

“Have assassins on Refuge, ready to kill me on demand if I don’t surrender?” Emit said in a smug tone. “What? How would you know-”

“It’s the Senate; they never, EVER follow through on these sorts of things. Seriously subtlety is lost on them, as personal space is lost on the Y’l-Naka. Now I want answers. Who are you? Why do you want me to surrender?” Emit demanded. “No, but for your own sake you must-”

“Okay, let make this abundantly clear to you buddy. I don’t care what your issue here is, I don’t care what your reason is for something like hacking into my Assistant AI and lying about the fate of the Ulagraag that were at Delta Baphomet 12, and I don’t care who you’re working for. But I will not surrender; capitulate, back down, turn tale and run, or anything else that would mean that I would just quit! But let me tell you something, I will not surrender until every corrupt soul lies broken and tattered on the ground. I will guide humanity to a new era, one in which corrupt fools will never again dictate the fates of honest men. Where the alien will not regard my people as an enigmatic force that at best should be avoided, and at worse an enemy that should be bloodied till it can’t fight back, since we came to this galaxy, we’ve had to contend with being cut off from home, encountering aliens, and having to deal with each other.” Emit ranted. “…so, I see that your resolve is absolute on this. Very well then, but know this, I am the only one that you can help you.”

And the phone hung up. “Well, this is… I better get a meeting underway; tell the others that we’ve won our first victory against the Colonials.” Emit said to himself as he went inside of the station.

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