Eden Solaris

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Happy-Go-Lucky-Land: Part 1

In the boardroom of the Eden Solaris Entertainment Corporation, men and women in suits were sitting at large conference table. “Good news ladies and gentlemen, after ten long years of hard work. We have all become trillionaires!” Said a robot woman, the entire boardroom erupted into applause and cheering at this news. “Yes after ten years of, among other things. Creating the first good reality TV show in recorded history, and after having finally shaken off the stigma of the… well I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the PR debacle around Sigmund the Screaming Goat. Or even want to talk about that, I’m looking at you Wilbur.” The robot said to a large man at the end of the table, as he shrank in his chair. “Well anyway, our company has created some of the most beloved TV shows, movies, video games…”

The robotic women droned on like this, unaware that the president of the ESEC. Daniel Lionblood was not listening, he was deep in thought. He thought on the announcement he would make to the other board members, he had founded the ESEC from nothing but a handful of ambitious cartoonists and writers, and had made one of the most successful entertainment companies in the sectors history. But Daniel didn’t see it as a success; he was always looking for ways to be happy. But after the incident where ever planet in the sector was exposed to the horrible sounds of goats loudly bleating he had wanted to make up for that grievous error in judgement.

“-and now for the man who gave us Penguin Pals, the bizarre if amusing dubbings of Vaalation animation, and adaptations of Ulaagrag mythology. Daniel Lionblood!” Said the robot women as the boardroom exploded into applause, catching Daniel off guard. “Sir, I believe you had an announcement to make to the board.” Said the robot women. “Oh, yes Chloe I do. As you all know I took the debacle surrounding Sigmund the Screaming Goat personally, and I still is considered the worst thing our company has ever done. And yes, I know the advertising was Wilbur’s idea, but I still blame myself for allowing that to happen in the first place. So I propose… THIS!” Daniel said as he pressed a button on the conference table. In the middle the large blue orb like device shone brightly as a hologram appeared. “What is that, some kind of ring?” Said a woman, looking confused at the holographic ring.

“More or less Courtney, but more importantly, this will be the basis… for the greatest amusement park mankind has ever known.” Daniel said as he proudly presented the hologram. “So… were going to build a ring?” Wilbur asked. “Well not strictly just a ring, it is a self-contained environmental station that is shaped liked a ring. This one will be huge, even for other such rings.” Daniel said. “So… you want us to construct a ring station, and put an amusement park on it?” Asked Wilbur.

“In a nutshell yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than just that. You see… beyond this I have no real idea what to put in it. Or even what to call the park.” Daniel admitted. “Oh… well I’m going to assume that you came to pitch this idea to us. And I for one like it, everyone else?” Said another man in a suit. “Well… it’s an ambitious idea I won’t deny that, but where do we even get the material to make it?” Courtney asked. “Well to put it simply, we buy the materials. Though if by that you meant who are we going to get to build it, I got some building firms, and I made out a contract with the Y’l-Naka.”

Several weeks later Daniel held a press conference to announce Happy-Go-Lucky-Land. “Ladies and gentlemen of the Eden Solaris star cluster, I Daniel Lionblood am here to tell about the ESEC’s latest project.” Said Daniel, the entirety of the room applauded. “Yes, you all should feel excited for what I’m going to show you today.” Daniel said excitedly to the crowd of journalists and investors. “Now I’m sure that many of you have heard rumors of what I’m going to be presenting today. But let me get one question I’m sure that all of you have on your minds right now. No, this had absolutely nothing to do with Sigmund the Screaming Goat… not directly anyway.” He said, saying the last part under his breath. “This, this is all to introduce you to the most ambitious project ever attempted by Mankind since our species arrived in Hyperion Major!” Daniel said proudly as he pulled out a remote, and pressed a button on it… nothing happened. “What the? I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen; it seems that the HOLOGRAM PROJECTER ISN’T WORKING!” Daniel said as he pressed the button over and over again.

“Okay what is wrong with the holographic projector?” Chloe said to a handful of stage hands. “Mr. Lionblood needs that, right now for the press conference! If they don’t see it then the whole thing falls apart.” Chloe said urgently to the stage hands. “You heard the gynoid lads! Get that holo-projector online, and on the double! I am so sorry about this miss; I swear this shouldn’t have happened.” Said the head stage hand as the stage hands frantically ran around trying to figure out how to get the holographic projector working. “Think nothing of it; in the meantime get the emergency materials on stage.” Chloe said.

“The what now?” Asked the head stage hand. “It’s a big model that I had commissioned in case something like this happens. It’s the giant ring over there.” Chloe said, pointing to a giant model ring, it was on a platform slowly turning. “It won’t replace the HP but it’ll buy him some time while you get it fixed.” Chloe said, meanwhile on the stage Daniel was trying to keep the press conference from being bored at the lack of anything. “I’m sorry people; I was told that the HP was working, not sure why it isn’t working now. Chloe how are we on the Holo-Projector?” Daniel said into an earpiece.

“I’ve got no word on the HP, but I’ve got the model ready and-”

“Chloe! I told you the model wouldn’t work! I mean they wouldn’t get the main point of my presentation without the hologram!” Daniel said back. “I understand, but unless we can get the HP online you’re going to have to use the model.” Chloe said. “Look… can’t you fix it?” Daniel asked. “Huh… I’m not having this argument with you again. You know I’m only programmed for office work and personal assistant, I can’t fix anything!”

“Uh, ma’am I hate to be interrupting you. But we found out what was wrong with the Hologram Projector.” Said the lead stage hand. “And what was the problem?” Asked Chloe. “Well… it’s kind of embarrassing to admit but… it wasn’t plugged in right.” He said sheepishly. “And has it been plugged back in?” Chloe asked. “Yes ma’am, it should work for Mr. Lionblood now.”

“Daniel, good news, I’ve just been told that the Hologram Projector is working now.”

“Ladies and gentlemen! I give you.” Daniel said as he pressed the button on the remote. A hologram of the station appeared, the entire audience was in quiet awe at the hologram. “The greatest amusement park since the legendary Utopia Land of our forefathers, we haven’t thought of a proper name for it yet, but for now it’s being called Happy-Go-Lucky-Land!” Daniel said excitedly.

And thus began the construction of the greatest amusement park made by Humanity.

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