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Ghost Stories: Part 1

It was the Night of the Dead, a celebration the Ulagraag hold every year to honor their dead. It was a night of telling stories and reveling in the past glories of their people.On this night, a group of Ulagraag youths were waiting for a friend of theirs to join them in the festivities. “What is keeping her? We’ve been waiting for over an hour.” Said a female Ulagraag as she impatiently bit into a loaf of bread. “She offered to tell some unique stories that we’ve never heard before.” Said a male Ulagraag in response. “What could Nicole possibly tell us that’s of any real value? We all know the stores of how the Humans came to Mt’hal-Oriaz.” The female Ulagraag said annoyed. “Because believe me friends, the stories I’ve got are ones for the ages.” Said a human women, this was Nicole; she had dark skin and long black hair, and a clearly cybernetic eye in the middle of her forehead. “What kept you?” Asked the female Ulagraag. “Relax W’huul; I only downloaded the information I needed into my cranial implant. It just took longer than I thought it would be.”

“All I have to say is that what you have to share better be good.” W’huul said impatiently. “Oh they will W’huul, they will.” Nicole said, W’huul simply rolled her eyes as she joined the other Ulagraag in reenacting the Fall of Ulaa. “Nicole, I am so sorry for W’huul rudeness.”

“Think nothing of it D’huulis, but trust me the stories of my people’s ancient past is going to knock your socks off!” Nicole said excitedly. “We don’t wear socks.” D’huulis said gesturing to his feet. “It’s a figure of speech.” Nicole said. Several minutes later the Ulagraag present were done reenacting the fall of their species homeworld of Ulaa. “Okay, now we give the Human the honor of telling the Ghost Story.” Said an older Ulaagrag. “Thank you Elder Vo-Ga. My friends, as I am sure you all know, my people once lived in a different galaxy far, far away, some more than others I’d imagine.” Nicole said, briefly glaring at W’huul.

“Anyway, the story I have to tell you is an ancient one, from long before my people ever walked among the stars. When all we ever knew was the confines of our homeworld. This is the story… of the Inaz!” Said Nicole as she used her cybernetic eye to display holograms. “And what were the Inaz? Some sort of species that once existed on your homeworld?” W’huul asked. “No… not entirely I think, there mindset was alien to what we modern Humans follow for sure, but biologically speaking they were very much Human.” Nicole said “And why were they so feared?” W’huul said arrogantly. “They were arrogant, and ruthless, the databases that taught of the Ancient Sagas were corrupted, so to my knowledge that might not even be there name. But from what I know, they were born from the ashes of a Great War, one that they did not begin, but they ultimately paid for the worlds mending. In time, a man we only remember as Fuhree Hiltga, gathered together a cult of followers that would become the Inaz. In time they imposed there will on their homeland, a country we only remember as Deutsch-Harmonia.”

“And why is that so scary exactly?” W’huul asked. “Stop interrupting and I will explain! Anyway, as time went on the Fuhree Hiltga consolidated her power over Deutsch-Harmonia. Establishing organizations that allowed the Inaz further control on their country, and persecuted and killed any they considered impure, or traitors to their rule. But this would not sate her lust for power; she then began to annex nations bordering Deutsch-Harmonia under the pretense of bringing there people back into their homeland. The leaders of the homeworld at the time, not wanting to ignite another war allowed her to take what she desired. However, unknown to them she wished for the war, she made alliances with those who shared her desires for Empire, and her ideals of alleged perfection. That was until she, along with the Iron Tyrant invaded a land called Polislan. Almost overnight the homeworld turned into a cauldron of battle. Innocent people being slaughtered by the Inaz and their allies, all in a twisted vision of attaining perfection, and for vengeance for a half-forgotten war, the Inaz fielded great armies that swept like a tide across the land, as fast as lightning and even more dangerous. Only the great seas could hold back there wrath, and in turn the undeterred courage of valorous soldiers.”

“I take it the Inaz ultimately lost their war, but how if they started so well?” Asked the Elder Ulaagrag. “There were many factors that lead to their defeat in the Inazi War, first was the hubris of Fuhree Hiltga herself, she was so confident in the power of her armies that she betrayed the Iron Tyrant and invaded his lands. Only for her armies to be bogged down by the cold unyielding weather, and the generals of those armies being forced to obey her orders rather which only made there conquest all the harder. One of the Inazi’s allies attacked a nation like a Sleeping Giant, and the allies of the Inaz would feel its wrath. In time the Iron Tyrant marshaled his massive thrall armies to drive the Inazi’s armies back to Deutsch-Harmonia. A great alliance was forged to destroy the Inaz Reich, three men led this alliance. One was a crippled man who led the nation of Sleeping Giants, a man whose greatest ambition was to care for the least of his people. The second man was a mountain… of fat, defiant in the face of the Inaz war machine, a master of tongue and speech, and the leader to a nation that was once a mighty empire. And the third was the Iron Tyrant himself, a mad man obsessed with power, but only less so the Fuhree Hiltga herself. United they defeated the Inaz, and smashed there empire into dust… but that was only the beginning.”

“Why? What happened next?” W’huul asked, now enraptured with Nicole’s story. “The Saga’s speak of a Winter War, between the Nation of the Sleeping Giant, now awakened from its long slumber. And the Empire of the Red Thralls, the nation the Iron Tyrant forged. The Winter War lasted for many decades, but the Inaz… they were not gone, they still lurked in the shadows, whispering lies into the ears of all that would hear.”

“Then I take it the story of the Inaz is not over?” The Elder Ulagraag asked. “No, not entirely, but it has been widely believed that the unholy heresies died with the Inaz in the Home Galaxy. But to this day the Inaz are a cautionary tale, of how easily authority of any kind can become corrupted by their power.” Nicole explained. “A lesion your species didn’t fully take to heart when they first came to this galaxy.” D’huulis said. “Indeed, twenty-four thousand years ago our leaders were fools, though they are now longs dead there legacy still hangs over our heads… so does anyone else have any stories to share?”

The night went on fairly well, good stories and food were had all around as the night went on.

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