Eden Solaris

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Civil War: Part 3

“My friends, not only has the mission to Baphomet Delta 12 been an unprecedented success. But the Ulaagrag have destroyed the Colonial 1st Fleet.” Emit said to the Y’l-Naka, Vaalation, Human, and Ulaagrag representatives. “Then you shall have the Protectorates fleets at your disposal.” Said N’haara. “The Imperial Chieftain is pleased by this victory, and is ready to commit the Bold Heart Fleet, the Imperial ships themselves to your cause.” Said the Ulaagrag Emisary. “That’s good to hear!... I don’t really know how one victory warrants that many resources, but I’ll take what I can get.” Emit said. “Young Emit, I’m also pleased to tell you that our own forces from the exiled Families are ready to deploy. They just need a target.” Roger said.

“Good, now we can finally get this revolution into overdrive! And I have just the planet where we can start. Y’l-Naka drone, if you’ll please.” Emit said, the alien robot projected a large hologram of a planet. “That lady and gentlemen, and technically genderless robots, is the banking planet of the Hyperion Colonial Government, Drachma Prime.” Emit said. “Are you suggesting that-”

“The Coalition is going to raid the city world, and take the collective fortunes of the Loyalist Families? That’s exactly what I’m hoping to do, any questions?” Emit said. “I have one, what makes you think you can pull this off?” N’haara asked standing up from her chair. “Well, all three of you basically gave me free run with your forces. Why not use them here? The defense fleet stationed around Drachma Prime is relatively weak. Besides our alliance survived the 1st Fleet, I think we can pull a major bank heist without too much trouble… maybe.” Emit said. “Personally, my problem with this is that this whole concept goes against the Ulaagarg Code of Conduct. It’s against the code to steal like this; I will have to consult with the Imperial Chieftain on this matter.” The Emisarry said as he got up from his chair.

“Well, I’d be against this plan myself, but we also got all of our monetary assets when we were exiled. So go nuts, we won’t lose anything.” Roger said. “Very well then, I’ll send out the order to attack-” his phone then began to ring. “Hang on; I’ve got to take this.” Emit said as he answered his phone. “Sir! We’re detecting Thallatite bio-signatures in orbit of Refuge!” Said Emit’s assistant AI in a panicked tone. “Calm down, if you can, let them know that they are free to come down.”

“Where ever you need my forces, they will be there.” Said the distinct voice of Apex over the phone. “Apex? Why are you here and… why weren’t any representatives from the Hierarchy here?” Asked Emit. “You killed the Avatar I gave you in blind rage.” Apex said. “Oh… man that thing was creepy and annoying.” Emit commented. “Indeed, I still don’t understand how the Queens are screwing them up like this. Anyway, wherever you need my warriors they’ll be there.” Apex said. “Funny that you should mention it, I’m planning an attack on a major Colonial world, and I need some help to keep the Navy off our backs. You up to it?” Emit asked. “Gladly, the Coalition will have the aid of the Thallatite Hierarchy. You have my word.” Apex said. Emit then hung up the phone. “Good news, the Thallatite’s are going to fight for us.”

“I just got word from the Imperial Chieftain; he’ll allow our forces to accompany you. But we’re not meant to help you actually steal anything.” Said the Emissary. “I’ll take it! What about you N’hara?” Emit asked. “This operation here could be more risky then you realize. But if it’ll bleed the Colonials, I’ll work on getting the ships you want.” N’hara said.

Several weeks passed as the Coalition got its resources together for what Emit codenamed. Operation: Bank Heist. When the time came, Emit stood on the flagship of the Coalitions human flagship, the Resolute Patriot. “Are we ready to deploy to Drachma Prime?” Emit asked of his second in command, a human like android. “Clarification: Yes sir, our forces are ready to assault the planet. They await only your word Chairman.” She said as she gave Emit a microphone. “All forces get ready to make for planet fall! All ships not assigned to planetary assault, are to be ready to repel Colonial counter-attacks.” Emit said, then every other ship present descended onto the blue and grey colored planet.

Several minutes later, the invasion of Drachma Prime was going well… almost too well in fact. The forces on the ground we’re encountering little to no resistance, and had gotten most of the Colonial wealth off the planet. “Something isn’t right, according to our scans there on the planet. But they seem to be trying to avoid out forces. Colonial Marines rarely if ever back down from a fight; it’s almost as if…” Emit thought to himself for why this was happening. “Oh no, Carol! Get our allies on the horn; they have to be warned that we’ve walked into a trap!” Emit said in alarm, several minutes later the brunt of the Colonial Fleet arrived. “All ships into defensive position! Colonial Warships on the perimeter! All ground forces, rap up what you’re doing and get ready for extraction!” Emit said in panic.

“This is Grand-Admiral T’yaalj, my forces have arrived to assist your endeavors in this system on behalf of the Vaalation Protectorate.” Said the Vaalation naval officer as Vaalation ships arrived from a number of Quantum Tunnels. “Grand-Admiral, it’s good that you’re here. But it looks as if the Colonial’s somehow knew that we’d come here.” Emit said. “Then there’s only one thing we can do Honest One. Stand our ground, and spring there trap.” Said the alien Penguin in bold confidence. “Well if you can, please send down some ground forces to help in the heist. I want your ships to protect our fleet’s blind spots.” Emit explained. Several hours passed as the battle over Drachma Prime went on. The Coalition and Vaalation fleets holding out against wave after wave of Colonial ships. “Carol do we have any word from the Thallatites? They should be keeping these ships off our tails!” Emit asked.

“Statement: I’m getting word from the Hierarchy’s Voidiathan’s. Answer: They say they never encountered any Colonial ships at their locations, and are now making for our location.” Carol said. Then the Voidiathan’s arrived in the system, ambushing the Colonial ships. “Do we have any word from the ground teams? Are they raping up in there thefts?” Emit asked. “Statement: I have just received word that they have now leaving the planet. Conclusion: The shuttles are inbound back to our ships, we are ready to retreat on demand.” Carol said. “Good, all ships Q-Tunnel back to our rally point.” Emit said, several minutes later the combined spacecraft were orbiting a Protostar.

“Announcment: We’ve arrived at the position. Statement: We will be ready to return to Refuge in approximately one-half hour.” Said Carol. “Good Carol, now I want one question answered. What happened, how did the Colonial’s know what we were doing? They shouldn’t have been able to see our attack coming. I mean the only way they could have known was if they had a spy. Not any ordinary spy, I mean a deep, DEEP cover spy. One whose identity I wouldn’t even begin to suspect.” Said Emit in paranoia. “Concerned Declaration: Master O’Mally, doesn’t that sound a bit crazy?” Carol said. “Probably, even if that were true it wouldn’t have been planned… at all.” Emit said. “Declaration of Intuition: Would it put your mind at ease if I had the ship scanned for intruders?” Carol asked.

“Yes, that would probably help. With luck they won’t pick up anything.” Emit said, several minutes later the ships scanners pinged. “Declaration: Sir I don’t mean to alarm you. But the scanners picked up a life form.” Said Carol. “What kind of lifeform?” Emit asked. “Explanation: Human, but it isn’t registering as a member of the crew. Conclusion: We have been boarded, likely a Colonial spy.” Carol said. “Scramble search parties! I want this spy, whoever they are found and captured. Get me to my panic room, and get this ship and the fleet out of the system. Now!” Emit commanded as his robotic assistant helped him to a room filled with basic provisions, a bed, and a computer.

“Call me only we get to Refuge. Make sure that spy, or assassin or whatever snuck aboard my ship is kept as far away from me as possible!” Emit said panicking. “Statement: Understood sir, I will do as you command.” Said Carol as she closed the door to the panic room. “Encouraging Proclamation: I will also prepare for a squad to secure the intruder when we return.” Carol said through an intercom. “Good work Carol, now go and get that intruder.” About an hour later the Coalition fleet returned to Refuge. “Declaration: Sir we have returned to Refuge. Addendum: We have also escorted the infiltrator to a secure cell. The infiltrator is no longer aboard the Resolute Patriot.” Carol said through the panic room’s intercom. “Good, I was starting to get bored in here. I need to get a bigger panic room next time.” Emit said as he exited the panic room.

“Proclamation: I will look into such a thing. In the meantime, you must attend a meeting. Explanation: The others are waiting for your report on your success.” Carol said. “Good, I just hope the worse this infiltrator does is creep people out.” Emit said as he went off of the ship. Several minutes later Emit met with the Ulaagrag Emisary, Roger, N’haara and the Y’l-Naka representative. “So aside from the Colonial’s catching you off-guard and a Colonial infiltrator boarding your ship, the battle went by fine?” Asked the Emisary. “Yes, we got all of the credits from the Loyalist Families. Now beneath the weight of their economic stagnation, the Colonials will be much easier to defeat.” Said Emit proudly. “Do we have any word from this infiltrator? Who is he?” N’haara asked. “Don’t know, but the fact that he managed to get on my flagship without my noticing. He’s got to be black ops, whoever that guy is.” Emit said.

“He’s a Rumor! That’s what he has to be!” Roger said. “Roger, the Rumors are just that! They don’t even exist. It’s just a myth the government invented to scare people into submission.” Emit shot back. “But I’ve seen one! A Rumor was the one who killed Mathew, little Anna’s father. A Rumor took my leg!” Roger said as he showed the council his missing leg, via removing his prosthetic leg. “I’m not saying that the Colonial’s don’t have assassins and the like. I’m just saying, the Rumors are just that, rumors!” Emit said trying to hide his aggravation.

“Yet if the Rumors are real, the one in our possession must be interrogated. Trust me on this. I do more than speak on behalf of the Imperial Cheiftan.” Said the Emissary as he stood up from his chair and left the meeting. “I’ll have the Protectorate fleet on standby. Rumor or no there might be some manner of tracking device on him. If the Colonials have him tracked, they most likely know where Refuge is.” R’haara said in concern. “Alright, regardless of these current circumstances we’ll plan our assault on the capital of Invictus.” Emit said bluntly. “Understood, the Y’l-Naka will be calculating a plan of attack on planet Invictus. This plan will emphasize minimal civilian and Coalition casualties.” Said the Y’l-Naka drone.

“What? What makes you think we can take Invictus now? Especially after all that happened on Drachma Prime?” Roger asked. “Simple really, with the economy in shambles. The military will be in revolt, along with their mercenary armies who will quit because of a lack of funds on the Colonies part. So in theory our forces can walk into the Colonial heartlands without too much opposition.” Emit explained. “In theory, in practice this can all be a really bad idea.” Roger said skeptically. “I know what you think Roger. But this could end the war before the Colonials can even get their bearings.” Emit said. “Emit! Think about this! Invictus is girded to the teeth, even if that happens there’s no guarantee that-”

“Honest One. We have received word that the prisoner has been interrogated! He is indeed a Rumor, what’s worse he has an active tracking device that wasn’t found before.” Said the Y’l-Naka Drone. “WHAT?! Wh-what is that… that thing here even for?!” Emit said in unbridled panic. “Apparently the rumor allowed himself to be captured when he boarded your flagship. Now he is broadcasting our location to the Colonial Navy.” Explained the alien robot.

“Wait, you mean to tell me the Colonials had one of their most feared agent’s board my ship. All just to broadcast Refuge’s location, rather than just assassinate me?” Emit said in earnest surprise. “Affirmative, we too are perplexed by the logic of this plan.” Said the Y’l-Naka drone. “At any rate, prepare our defense. If the Colonials think they’re going to catch us with our pants down, then there dead wrong.” Emit said determinedly. “I take it this won’t dampen your ambition to attack Invictus directly?” N’haara asked. “Not even a little my Penguin friend.” Emit said.

“Good to hear Honest One, also I’m not going to repeat this another time. I’m a Vaalation, not a Penguin. It’s just a great big coincidence that our people look so much like your homeworlds Penguins.” N’haara said in exasperation. “I know, you said that the last fifty times I called you a Penguin.” Emit said coyly

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