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Colonial Marines: Part 3

Date: January 15, 1588 AC.

Location: Invictus, homeworld of the Human Colonial Government.

The Thallatite invasion of Invictus is underway. Anya O’Riley, a sergeant that had previously participated in the invasion of Tsilius, the Thallatites homeworld. Had finished explaining to a military tribunal the fate of Avery Saturn, and what had happened on the moon of Orion VII. Now she was joining in the defense of the Capitals upper-city. “Men! Don’t let those bugs one step beyond our post!” Anya said as she stood before a makeshift barricade with other Colonial Marines. They opened fire as Thallatite Bug-Dogs charged heedlessly towards them, and were mowed down by the Marines.

“Save all heavy weapons for when larger Thallatites come! We’re going to need all the ammo we can spare in order to survive.” Anya ordered as the number of Bug-Dogs only continued to swarm. The heavy machine guns the only real defense against the relatively small alien creatures. “Sir, we’re getting reports that Apex is planet side!” Said a Marine as Anya was head-shooting Bug-Dogs with a pair of pistols. “If he’s here, then I’ll have his head for a trophy!” Anya said defiantly as the swarms of Bug-Dogs only got larger. “Sir! Jottunflys in the sky!” Shouted a Marine as a the giant flying aliens flew towards the marine position.

“Ready the anti-air guns men! There not getting past us!” Anya ordered; the anti-air guns roared to life as they mowed down the Jottunflys. The corpses falling earthward with only about three to survive, landing before the overwhelmed Marines. “Sir?” Asked a Marine as the Jottunflys looked malevolently at the Marines. “Aim for the eyes!” Anya said as she fired her pistols at a Jottunflys eyes, causing it to shriek in pain as it tried to take out as many humans as it could before expiring. “What are you gawking at? Kill the flies!” Anya demanded and the Marines opened fire, eventually the flies were destroyed, killing a number of Bug-Dogs as they fell.

“Looks like we have a breather for now, keep stock of our ammo and weapons and be ready for another wave.” Anya ordered. “Sir, we just got word from High Command.” Said a Marine. “What would that be private?” Anya asked. “The Thallatites are falling back. High Command believes that the Thallatites are retreating from Invictus.” Explained the Marine. “What? That’s ridiculous; they smashed the planets defense fleet, and have conquered most of our worlds. There has be a reason there falling back like this.” Anya said to herself.

However, unknown to her, Avery, or as known to the Thallatites as Apex. Was moving through the cities sewers, along with a band of his finest Warriors and Bug-Dogs towards the Capital building, there goal being to hold the entire Coalition government hostage, and force them to officially free the Thallatites from human enslavement. “Forward my men! Forward!” Apex said as he held a torch like object that illuminated the sewer. “Are we there yet?” Asked a warrior. “No, if those blueprints we acquired were any indication it’s about another mile or so before we arrive.” Apex said.

Several minutes passed as the Thallatites journeyed through the sewers, eventually arriving at the building. “Bug-Dogs! You’re the first wave to leave ahead of us. Warriors, I want you to join up the Bug-Dogs and provide them cover. I want as many of you to survive as possible to take out the building automated defenses, allow reinforcements to come in, and take the Senate hostage.” Apex said to his Thallatite minions

Meanwhile at Anya’s position, she and her men were anxiously waiting for another Thallatite attack. “The scouts have returned, they report that the Thallatites are at the edge of the city. For whatever reason it seems that they are holding back, waiting for something.” Said a Marine to Anya. “I see, any one got any idea what they’re planning? I’ll take any wild theories here.” Anya said. “Well they could be preparing for a massive assault. We need to prepare for another assault; I want automated turrets all across the perimeter.” Anya ordered.

The Marines did so, setting down a large number of turrets. Turrets that fired not only bullets, but also mortars, rockets, and even a few experimental laser turrets, after humanity had largely forgotten the technology when they were cut off from the Home Galaxy. “Good, now we wait for the bugs to come.” Anya said grimly as she joined her men at the barricade. Several minutes passed, nothing happened as the Marines just stared down the scopes of their rifles. “Private, you got any idea on why there not coming?” Anya asked. “I’m not sure, though the scout report said nothing about when they would arrive.” Said the private.

“There up to something, I don’t know what is going on. But ever since the Thallatites somehow made their own FTL capable ships they’ve been conquering system after system, and smashing our fleets.” Anya said, unaware that her old friend Avery Saturn was inside of the Capital building, and getting ready to unleash his master stroke.

“Attention all Colonial military forces on Invictus, I am the one you know as Apex. The uncontested ruler of the Thallatites, I have taken the Capital building hostage. For too long the Thallatite race has been under the thumb of man. Now your worlds lie broken and defeated to our feet, your people on the run from our great Voidiathan fleets. We do not wish for genocide, we only wish to be free and be treated fairly as sentient life. And unless I can get a guarantee that we will be granted basic rights as a sentient race, and that all Colonial forces stand down. I will personally execute one politician every hour. This transmission is over.” Said Avery over the cities public com systems, his voice being the only thing that could be heard on the massive TV screens that were spread across the city.

“Great, stay here and hold the line.” Anya said as she prepared to go on a one women assault against the Thallatites that had infiltrated the Capital building. “What? Ma’am! You heard what would happen if we don’t stand down!” Said a Marine, Anya didn’t answer back as she sprinted towards the Capital building. Several minutes passed as Anya arrived at the Capital building, and stopped at a drinking fountain to rehydrate. “Now, to find the hostages.” Anya said to herself as she entered the building through the vents.

As she snuck through the vents, she saw that the Thallatites were patrolling through the hallways of the building. She also saw that the Colonial Guard, the elite guards of the Colonial Government were being held hostage as well. She didn’t hesitate to go into action, and quickly slew the Warriors that were guarding the Colonial Guards. “Who are you soildier?” Asked on the guards. “Sargent Anya O’Riley, 9th Battalion, Titan Squad. I came in when I heard that the building was taken by the Thallatites.” Explained Anya.

“Where is the rest of your squad?” Asked the Colonial Guard. “There back at our position, I came alone despite Apex’s threat.” Anya explained. “And apparently in defiance of common sense, you could have gotten yourself killed without their help.” Said the Colonial Guard. “Well none of them followed me, they were free to stay or come with me.” Anya explained trying to justify her actions. Then a loud scream could be heard down the halls. “We can argue about my actions latter. It sounds like Apex has already started his culling!” Anya said as she and the Colonial Guards ran towards the meeting room where the politicians were being kept.

“A pity, she was quite pretty wasn’t she?” Avery said as he held a decapitated women’s head in his hands. “Now remember, this is going to keep up until you curs give emancipation to the Thallatites. Now either you agree to my terms, or in another hour another one of you will die.” Apex said as he tossed the women’s corpse to his Bug-Dogs for them to eat. “Never! We will never surrender our best source of cheap labor!” Said an elderly man. “You haven’t even bothered to read the terms did you? If you did, you’d know that while our people are to be emancipated from slavery. The Thallatites will still be available for employment to the construction of infrastructure and colony development. But we are to be treated fairly in such labor, basic protection, medical, and safety. Dead Thallatites furthermore, are not to be used as a food source.” Avery explained.

“But I like roasted Bug-Dog!” Said another politician, his blurt was met by a Warrior dragging the man before Apex. “Should we kill this one next my lord?” Asked the Warrior. “I’ll allow it, if only to make him serve as an example.” Avery said, then the sounds of battle rang outside of the meeting room. “Sire! Some of the Colonial Guard has escaped, there coming this way!” Said a Warrior stumbling into the room. “I’ll send word to the Jottenflys, have these spineless whelps transported to my Voidiathan. You scum will face justice for what you have done to my people… both of them.” Avery said ominously referring to his status as a hybrid.

The Jotunflys arrived, the Colonial Marines afraid of further consequences let them go uncontested over the cities skies. The hostage politicians were strapped to the giant bugs like saddle bags. Then Anya and the Colonial Guard burst in right as the last of Jotunflys departed. “Where are they?!” Anya demanded. “They have already left, they will face trial on Tsilius for what they have… Anya?” Avery said, recognizing his former C.O.. “How do you know my name?” Anya asked, unaware of who Apex really was. “Warriors, handle to Colonial Guard. The Marine is mine.” Avery said as he flew towards Anya, grabbed her, and flew up to a giant chandelier. “What are you doing bug?” Anya demanded as Avery landed on the chandelier.

“My name, is Avery, Avery Saturn.” Avery said in a commanding tone as he stood over Anya. “What? Who are you trying to fool? I saw that boy die on Tsilius-”

“I didn’t die… not quite. The Queens restored me, turned me into this… I’m honestly still not sure what they turned me into. Just a hybrid, or an abomination I can’t rightly say. I’ve led this war since we were betrayed and you and the others barely escaped from Tsilius. For the past year, I remade the Thallatites to a weak and primitive race. To one that can stand toe to toe with mankind… though of course, I suspect that the ruling elite deliberately made it easy.” Avery explained.

“What… look the government is flawed, deeply, deeply flawed. But that is far from an excuse to wage war like this!” Anya said. “Is it? I take their worlds, and they only send a small handful of ships to even look into it. They’ve had countless opportunities to stop me at more turns then I can count. Ultimately, they didn’t care about anything so long as they had power to decide the fates of men and alien. But thanks to the Queens of Tsilius I am a denizen of both worlds. I didn’t want this war, but justice for both Thallatite and Human alike demanded that blood be shed. Whatever you think of me now, I’ve done to try to bring about a better age for this galaxy.”

“And I bet the Queens just loved that idea.” Anya said sarcastically. “Not really, had to murder the High Queen because she couldn’t stand Humans at all. Had to intimidate most of the rest of the Queens to my way of thinking, the rest simply stood aside and accepted my decisions. But that isn’t important, or even the reason why I brought you up here?” Avery explained. “The real reason being?...” Anya said. “Its… well I don’t know if you ever noticed but… I had a crush on you back when we first arrived on Tsilius.” Avery said awkwardly. “I red your journal to a military tribunal shortly after your forces got here. I know about it.” Anya said bluntly. “What really? Well anyway… I want to make you my Queen by my side.” Avery said.

Anya looked perplexed at this announcement. “What are you talking about Saturn?” Anya asked. “I want you, to come back to Tsilius, and be made into a hybrid like me. Then we’ll rule side by side as the rulers of the Thallatites.” Avery said. “No deal, I don’t know who you are. But I’m certain that the real Avery wouldn’t be this mad, even for the sake of justified revenge. Besides, even if I wanted to be an alien queen or whatever I wouldn’t want to look like you, you freak.” Anya said sternly.

Avery heard what she said, but he couldn’t believe it. “But… but I… I thought that-” Anya opened fire with her rifle, cutting off his train of thought. “So be it O’Riley… all forces, I want every city on this planet leveled. Kill anyone who resists us, we will return to Tsilius after we are done.” Avery said as he pounced on Anya with his claws eager for a fight. “What are you doing Avery!?” Anya demanded.

“There is no longer Avery… only Apex.” Apex said ominously as he held her in his claws, and flew headfirst back into the meeting chamber. “I’m a Marine! You ain’t killing me that easily!” Anya said as she hit Apex in the forehead with hers, causing him to drop her and crushing a Warrior to death. “Let her live… she isn’t worth our time.” Apex ordered as the Warriors finished killing the Colonial Guards. “Shall we join our kin in leveling the cities of this world?” Asked a Warrior. “If you so wish, but I only want combatants killed, if you see any Humans running away, do your best not to kill them.” Apex said as the surviving Thallatites left.

And thus the last days of the Thallatite War dawn. The cities of the capital world of Invictus were leveled, nothing but ruins and the broken bodies of Marines… save Anya O’Riley herself. The surviving leaders of the Colonial government were taken to Tsilius were they were tried not only by the Thallatites themselves for their crimes. But by Vaalations that were sympathetic to the plight of the once enslaved race. By the end of the trials, a few were carted off to be imprisoned by the Vaalations for their crimes against their own people. The rest were executed by the Thallatites. Over the months since the end of the war, the Thallatites withdrew from many of the Human colony worlds, returning to the systems surrounding the Orion system. Apex used this time to consolidate his power and the Thallatites, fortifying the Orion system and the surrounding star systems.

In time those systems became known as the Thallatite Core, which included among others was the Sahara, Solaris Equinous, Andromeda Nova, Horus, and Kaleidoscope systems. The Thallatites posed no further direct threats the humanity from that day onward. Or at least Apex himself forbade any large scale conflict against mankind, now and again a Queen would go rogue and fight against the Humans directly.

However, instead of a better government for humanity as Apex has hoped… the government that succeeded the previous one was even worse, and far more ruthless. In the Span of a few decades, the cities of Invictus were built over the old ones. As in whole infrastructure was made and built just to put the new cities OVER the old ones. Corporations sprung up in many of the systems humanity still controlled. There offer to the Colonial Government was simple, give them complete control over everything there corporations did no supervision whatsoever, and they will give the government all the power they need to maintain their stranglehold on humanity.

Apex was beyond disappointed by what had happened. But after his affections were abandoned by Anya, he no longer cared. He simply remained to Tsilius, ruling the Thallatites for about fourteen-hundred years, alone with his thoughts and memories. Then one day a young man… named Emit O’Malley came, and provided him a chance to set things right.

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