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Civil War: Part 4

The Battle of Refuge has begun.

The Colonial Government of Hyperion Major snuck a Rumor, a highly secretive agent of the government. This agent’s mission was to broadcast the location of the main base of the Coalition, so that the government could crush this rebellion once and for all. Unfortunately there was one thing the Human government overlooked when they sent there ships to the gas giant of Refuge. That the fleet of allied ships guarding the planet not only outnumbered the invading ships twenty to one. But were far more advanced then there enemies.

Several hours after the Colonial attack fleet arrived at the planet. It was destroyed by the long range and advanced weapons of the Ulaagrag and Vaalation vessels. Leaving nothing but a graveyard of debris floating in the void in the wake of the powerful plasma based weapons.

The Battle of Refuge has ended… and Emit O’Mally is ready to march to war.

“So, in light of recent events, I propose that we attack Invictus NOW. All in favor say aye.” Emit said to a meeting of his allies. “AYE!” They all said in agreement. “All apposed say nay.” Emit asked. “Honest One, were all in agreement. What would be the point in asking for dissenting opinions?” Asked the Ulaagrag Emissary. “It’s just a formality Emissary, and the ayes have it. Ready our ships, we leave for Invictus within the week.” Emit said boldly.

Several days later the Coalition was ready for the assault on Invictus. “Is everything ready?” Emit asked of his robotic assistant Carol as he stood on the bridge of the Resolute Patriot. “Answer: Yes sir, all ships are on standby. Declaration: They await only your word Chairman.” Carol said. “Excellent, have Quantum Tunnels ready to travel to Invictus on my-”

“Emit!” Said Anna, interrupting Emit as she ran up to him. “Anna what are you doing on my ship? I thought I told you to remain on Refuge.” Emit said as Anna hugged him, she looked clearly worried. “You can’t lead the assault on Invictus! What if you get hurt? Or worse?” Anna said in panic. “I’ll be alright Anna; I promise I’ll return in triumph.” Emit said trying to reassure Anna. “Okay… but be careful, if you die I’ll find you and kill you!” Anna said as she let go of Emit. “Query: How would you go about killing Emit if he were already dead miss Anna?” Asked Carol. “It’s just an expression. Just… just get a shuttle for Anna to take her back to Refuge.” Said Emit.

Several minutes later, the combined Coalition fleet was Q-Tunneling to Invictus. “Declaration: Chairman, the representatives of the Ulaagrag Nomad Fleet and Vaalation Protectorate would like to have a word with you.” Said Carol to Emit. “Okay, put them on screen.” Emit said. “There is no need Honest One… you knew we were on this ship when we left Refuge.” Said N’haara as she and the Ulaagrag Emissary showed up on the bridge. “Oh… well what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” Emit asked.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, ever since the Thallatite Wars, our two peoples have been working together on developing advanced technologies in the event the Colonial Government ever thought to declare war on either of our species.” Explained N’haara. “Yes, I’m well aware of the Schol-Aar Accord. Though frankly I think both of your species overacted.” Said Emit. “Indeed, but thanks to the Schol-Aar Accord the Ulaagrag have managed to recover many technologies lost to us over the millennia that we’ve been wandering this galaxy. Technologies that, thanks to the Vaalations won’t be lost to the mists of time.” Said the Emissary.

“And your point is?” Emit asked. “Well, among other pieces of equipment that we’ve recreated.” The Emissary said, he then displayed a hologram of a suit of armor. “Is the Bela’toraga Power Armor System.” Said the Emissary, Emit looked in awe at the alien technology. “Amazing… but why tell me about this? For that matter, why wasn’t I told about this earlier?” Emit asked. “For one thing, neither of our governments were entirely confident that revealing EVERYTHING was such a good idea. But after everything you’ve done, we’ve convinced them that sharing the Bela’toraga with you was alright.” Explained N’haara.

“Fantastic! How many did you bring?” Emit asked. “Well… one, the most we could get our hands on was one set of Power Armor. Blame the bureaucrats in the Protectorate for that, as for that one specific suit we did get. Well, we had it specialized for your use.” Said the Emissary. “Excuse me? You’re giving me this armor?” Emit said in surprise. “Yes, we knew of your plans to lead the armies from the front lines… but we agreed that would be a horrible idea since you basically decided to fight with nothing but your pistol and suit.” N’haara said.

“Oh… so you found my notes?” Emit said sheepishly. “You call this a note?” Said N’haara as she produced a crudely drawn sketch of Emit charging on Invictus’s capital alone. “Where did you even find this? At any rate, where is this armor?” Asked Emit as he swiped away the picture he drew. “It’s actually in here.” Said the Emissary as he presented a cube, about the size of his hand. “Okay… how does a large suit of armor fit in there anyway?” Emit asked. “It’s another scientific feat that we’ve managed to recreate, suffice it to say that from what I’ve been told. It’s still highly complicated to really understand.” Said the Emissary as he dumped out the Power Armor from the cube, it was large and gold colored.

“How do I get into this baby?” Emit said excitedly. “It’s rather simple actually. Bela’toraga-171, open cockpit.” Said the Emissary in a commanding tone, the back of the armor opened up. “Oh boy!” Emit said happily as he climbed inside of the armor. “This. Is so. COOL!” Emit said in childlike glee. “Now, Bele’toraga-171, DNA encode to new pilot.” Said the Emissary. “Oh how I’ve- wait what does that do?” Emit said in concern. Then the cockpit of the suit closed, and inside Emit was screaming in pain. “So this suit doesn’t have the pain dampeners?” The Emissary. “Apparently not, I underlined that point in red in the requisition form for this suit. But did they include any pain dampeners?” R’haara said in exasperation. “The Honest One should survive at least… are you alive in there Honest One?” Said the Emissary.

This question was promptly followed by Emit swatting the Emissary aside. “That… hurt… why didn’t you say… that it would hurt before… I got in?” Emit asked, his voice sounding deep and mechanical due to the armor. “Well I was telling the Emissary, we didn’t realize that this suit didn’t have any pain dampeners until after you got in.” R’haara said. “It felt like my skin was being roasted. I smell like a glazed ham in here. Also why would pain dampeners of any kind be optional in a suit like this?” Emit said.

“Statement: Sir, our ETA to Invictus is approximately one half-hour. Recommendation: It would be wise for you to learn how to actually use your new armor before we arrive and make planet fall.” Said Carol. “No need to tell me twice.” Emit said, a half hour later the fleet was over Invictus. “Declaration: Chairman O’Malley, we have arrived in the Invictus system.” Carol said as Emit was training in the Bela’toraga armor. “Good, ready everything we have for planet fall. I’m going to lead from the front lines.” Emit said boldly as he was finishing up using the suits built in plasma blaster.

Several minutes later he was in a Normandy-class dropship alongside the elite Marines of the Coalition. “Marines, whatever happens down there, fight with honor, and fight to free our people.” Emit said. “Sir! We’re taking anti-air fire from the upper-city defenses!” Said the dropships pilot. “What? I thought the AA defenses were offline?!” Emit said in surprise. “There is an AA missile on our course! Redirecting to the under-city!” Said the pilot, and she did so, landing in the under-city of the capital. “This is Chairman O’Malley, the anti-aircraft defenses are not offline. I repeat, all forces are to redeploy to the under-city!” Emit said.

Eventually the dropships arrived, bringing more men and material to the ruined under-city. “Men! We march for one of the elevators to the upper-city! We wait until we can get a large enough force down here; I want a base established here. A defensive position while we rally our strength.” Emit ordered.

The Liberation of Invictus has begun… and unlike the Battle of Refuge it will actually last longer.

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