Eden Solaris

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Fall of Ulaa: Part 1

Tens of thousands of years before Humanity ever came to the Hyperion Major Galaxy, the Ulaagrag ruled a vast empire on the opposite end of the galaxy from what would be known as the Eden Solaris cluster. This was an empire that had ruled entire star systems that numbered in the tens of thousands. They had created advanced ships that were all but invincible to harm, and possessed what the Humans would call BAW’s (Biological Augmented Weapons) but the Ulaagrag themselves called Deek’zhaal-Cuuc, roughly translated as ‘the gods will’ from their native language.

From there home world of Ulaa there Emperors ruled over the vast and varied tribes of the Ulaagrag with wisdom and honor for generations upon generations… but this story is not about the lofty heights of the Ulaagrag Imperium. This story is about how this glorious interstellar empire came crashing down, forcing the Ulaagarg to wonder across the galaxy in their old warships.

For today, on Ulaa, the planet was being overrun by an enemy that by all rights the Empire could have dealt with swiftly before they even came this far. But instead of leading from the front lines beside his men, the Emperor Neeosis Gluut was in his palace in panic. In the last few days his sons were slain, one in the arena by the gladiator V’trasnir, the other was brutally assassinated.

The statue of himself in the throne room that was recently put in there was crumbling as explosions went off outside. Gluut then went up to the front most balcony of the palace. “Defend! Defend your Emperor! I am Neeosis Gluut the wise, and I demand that you defend me!” Gluut whined, his pleas were ignored by the warriors below as the fought there enemy. A race of insectoid’s and renegade Ulaagrag were overwhelming the defenders of Ulaa as they ignored Gluut’s whining.

On the battlefield an Ulaagrag warrior cut down at least twenty of the bug aliens, called the Nihl’rajr, and renegade Ulaagrag. This was General K’sar, who would be remembered by the surviving Imperial Tribes as the savior of the entire Ulaagrag species. “Commander Jylis, take this sack up to the highest point you can find. When the renegades see it, there morale will plummet.” K’sar said to a subordinate as he threw a bloody bag to him. “What of the Nihl’rajr?” The commander asked. “Those monsters know no fear, the only thing it will do is deny those bugs an ally in this battle. Just ensure that we buy the refuges enough time to get off of Ulaa.” K’sar commanded.

“Yes sir!” The commander said as he ran off. “General K’sar! The renegades and Nihl’rajr are overrunning the palace defenses!” Shouted a warrior over the com channel. “Very well, I’ll be there shortly.” K’sar said, he mounted a strange ape like creature. “Hya Tal-Ori!” K’sar said as he rode on the ape like creature. He then turned his sword into a blaster gun and fired upon Nihl’rajr, and Ulaagrag renegades alike. Rebel Ulaagrag dressed in primitive and rough cloths, fed up with the corrupt and incompetent rule of Gluut.

K’sar shot at Nihl’rajr and renegades alike, charging through the scattered debris of Ulaa’s once mighty and beautiful cities. Eventually he arrived at a barricade in front of the Emperors palace. “What is the situation here?” K’sar asked. “Sir, we’re holding the line. But there numbers are simply overwhelming our position.” An Ulaagrag warrior said. “What are your defenses?” K’sar asked. “We’ve set several fuel barrels along choke points. We also have several working anti-infantry guns, and a working artillery gun.” The warrior continued.

“I see we have little to really counteract there numbers, we need to hold the line here. Force the Nihl’rajr and the renegades to fall back. I’ll get on an anti-infantry gun, everyone else get ready for when the enemy comes.” K’sar said as he got on an anti-infantry gun. Around the front of the palace were narrow bridges over the vast canyons of the vast capital city of Ulaa. There were other attacks occurring across the entire planet, the Ulaagrag holding the line in order to allow refuges to leave the planet.

Eventually the renegade Ulaagrag began their attack beside there Nihl’rajr allies. “Death to the Emperor! We bleed for the Har’voth tribe!” Shouted a renegade Ulaagrag as they and the Nihl’rajr began to charge over the bridges. K’sar simply rolled his eyes. “You could have stayed on Brodier, I would have handled that sniveling cowered by my lonesome and without putting our entire species at risk.” K’sar thought to himself.

“Open fire!” K’sar ordered, every weapon that had opened fire onto the horde, explosions went off on the bridges as the barrels were shot. “Sir! The barrels have all been blown!” A warrior said in panic. “Calm yourself, with or without explosive traps we will hold out!” K’sar said, nearly an hour passed by before the Nihl’rajr and renegade Ulaagrag turned tail and fell back beneath the relentless fire of artillery guns and weapons fire.

“Sir! Some of the enemy managed to get inside of the palace!” A warrior said, K’sar jumped down from his gun. “Stay here and maintain the line, I’ll handle this personally.” K’sar said in a dangerous sounding tone, he entered, and was promptly met with the Emperor. “Help me! Are you here to help me?” Gluut asked in a panicked tone. “The palace has been breached Emperor Neeosis.” K’sar said. “Forget the traitors and aliens! I’m more worried about V’trasnir!” Gluut said, referring to the gladiator that killed both of his sons.

“Calm yourself, I’ll get you somewhere safe personally.” K’sar said. “Nowhere is safe from that monster!” Gluut contradicted. “Focus your highness! Are you chambers safe?” K’sar asked. “No… but the vaults, we can hide out there until this blows over!” Gluut said, unaware of what was happening outside. “Understood sire, lead the way to the vaults. But be wary, the enemy could be lurking in the shadows.” K’sar said, as they went further in they came across a band of renegade Ulaagrag. “The Emperor, burn his hide, In memory of Chieftain Oz-Loi and lady Oz-Buu!” The renegade said as he threw a grenade that ignited a plasma spill on the floor.

K’sar went through the renegades with ease. Then he and the Emperor arrived at the throne room. “We’re here,” Gluut said as he typed into a keyboard, “come on… come on…” Gluut said as eventually got the door to the vault open. “I’ll take the lead your highness.” K’sar said as he entered the vault first, and lit a torch like device. “V’trasnir, the lord of vengeance is after me!” Gluut said as he followed K’sar down. “Relax, V’trasnir is simply a myth. Only mortals can kill one another.” K’sar said dismissively.

“Our gods may guide the sons and daughters of Ulaa. But they only interfere with our affairs when they feel we have slighted or offended them.” K’sar said. “Oh, what great Shaman told of this General?” Gluut asked, K’sar looked back at him with an obvious sneer. “My father.” K’sar said as they reached the vault. “Yes this… yes this is safe. At least I think that this is safe. I pray to the gods that the vault is safe.” Gluut said in obvious fear.

“Oh we’ll be safe in here, as safe as we can be.” K’sar said as he turned on some lights. “If you don’t mind me asking… who are you? What is your name, what tribe and family are you from?” Gluut asked. “K’sar, but that is not important. However… I’d like to tell you a story. One of betrayal, one of heroism, and vengeance.” K’sar said ominously. “Are you serious?” Gluut said. “Yes, do you have a better idea on how to pass time until the Nihl-rajr and the renegades of Har’voth?” K’sar asked as the palace rocked from an explosion. “Fair point general, please begin.”

Several years earlier, a young K’sar was sword fighting with his father in the courtyard of their family home. “You’re getting better son, you’re holding a tighter grip on your blade.” K’sar’s father, Gar-Fnir said. K’sar then knocked Gar-Fnir’s sword out of his hand. “Finally! After all these years I’ve gotten the upper hand on you!” K’sar said in child-like glee. “It is a strange pride to be bested by one’s own offspring like this. But you’re going to be a true warrior, and finally get off of Ulaa like you always wanted.” Gar-Fnir said in pride.

“I’ll do you, and the Empire proud father.” K’sar said. “You don’t have to do anything for the Empire. Things have been stirring in the Tribunal of late. The Emperor has been vetoing every effort we’ve made to calm our relations with the Border Tribes.” Gar-Fnir said, referring to the Ulaagrag tribes living on the frontier of the Empire’s territory outside of the Empire’s rule. Living relatively primitive lifestyles compared to their Imperial counterparts. “Relax; I’ll be assigned to Port Hroshnaar. It’s probably the most boring place to be assigned to in the Empire save for Ulaa itself. Still, wish I could see some excitement, some adventure!” K’sar said.

“You should always be careful not to say such things out loud. It may very well happen… though not in the way you would want it to.” Gar-Fnir said ominously. “K’sar! How is my favorite son doing?” K’sars mother said. “Fr’wad, our son isn’t leaving for Hroshnaar for another few days.” Gar-Fnir said. “I know, but my little calf is growing up. You look so handsome in the armor of an Ulaagrag soldier.” Fr’wad said. “Still, you spent a long time away from home. After so many months away from you family, I think the Empire can wait before you serve her in combat.” Gar-Fnir said.

“I feel a little tired anyway.” K’sar said. “A fair point, but before we do anything there’s something I’d like to give to you.” Gar-Fnir said, he then handed K’sar a ceremonial looking dagger. “Your dagger, but why?” K’sar asked. “This is a dagger of V’trasnir, the Lord of Retribution. His generals, those who had sworn to serve him and stand by his side to the bitter end, betrayed him and left him for dead. He was brought back to life by Groor-Tal’mira, god of oaths to avenge his betrayal. Then his traitorous generals were hunted down, one by one without mercy or pity.” Gar-Fnir said.

“Why are you telling me this father?” K’sar asked. “Not all of your enemies will be out in the open K’sar. This dagger is a symbol of the consequences of betraying your fellow Ulaagrag. As for why I’m giving you my dagger. I want you to think about V’trasnir as often as you can.” Gar-Fnir said. “I would never betray the Empire or our people father.” K’sar said. “I know, but no one, not even the Emperor and his brood are above treason of any sort. Always be on the lookout wherever it may be.” Gar-Fnir said.

Later that night, K’sar was fast asleep. However, his slumber was interrupted by the distinct sound of an explosion. K’sar then rushed to put on his armor, grabbed his blade and shield, and ran to the noise. He found his sister forcing her back against the front door. “Tynil! What is happening?” K’sar asked. “Tribal’s! There attacking the entire district!” Tynil said in a panicked tone. “Are you sure of this?” K’sar asked.

“Look for yourself!” Tynil said as she showed her brother a communications device. “-repeating our top story. Unidentified Border Tribesmen have invaded the Western District of the city of Rho-Meesak. All residents are to be kept on high alert, and we have just received word that the city guard is being dispatched to handle the unexpected uprising.” A voice on the device said. “Blast! I have to wake mother and father!” K’sar said.

“Good thought of you! But were both already awake.” Gat-Fnir said. “What do we do father?” Tynil said. “I want you and Fr’wad to keep the door barricaded against the Tribals. K’sar and I will go outside and deal with the Tribals ourselves.” Gar-Fnir said, he and K’sar then left through a window, and encountered some Ulaagrag Tribal Warriors.

“I am Gat-Fnir, of the House Hoondar of the Tribe of Ind-Oomnuz. I offer you only one chance to leave my family alone and leave this city alive. It’s your choice.” Gat-Fnir said, the Tribals chose poorly as they charged the two soldiers. They were no match as K’sar and Gat-Fnir slew the warriors one by one. This lasted until the doors to the Hoondar residence were broken down, and when City Guards arrived to drive the Tribals off. “NO!” Gar-Fnir yelled as he burst through the Tribals barring his way. Finding his wife and daughter gruesomely slain.

In his moment of grief, a Tribal Warrior got a lucky hit on Gar-Fnir. The Tribal was quickly dispatched by K’sar. “FATHER NO!” K’sar in shocked surprise. “I… I thought I had more time… K’sar. Save the Empire!... avenge us…” Gar-Fnir said, succumbing to his injuries. K’sar roared in unbridled rage at the sight of his families corpses. Then another Imperial Ulaagrag in armor showed up, he was clad in armor of silver and orange.

“Are you the first born?” The armored Ulaagrag asked. “Yes, who are you?” K’sar asked. “I am General In’vic, leader of the 42nd Pack. I served under your father in days long past.” In’vic said, tears were in K’sars eyes. “You want revenge for this outrage don’t you?” In’vic asked. “Yes… I want the Tribals to suffer, every single one of them for this!” K’sar said.

“Then I promise you, you’ll get all you can stand in slaughtering Tribals.” In’vic said. “What are you talking about?” K’sar asked. “We know where these renegades came from. We know that these renegades came from Brodier, that there in the service of the Har’voth tribe.” In’vic said.

“I will join you, the Tribals will have no idea what’ll hit them.” K’sar said, standing up and his eyes ablaze with fury. Little did anyone know that, within the next decade or so that the Empire would be brought to its knees. Broken, and the remaining Ulaagrag forced to wander the galaxy in order to survive.

But this story is far from over by any stretch of the imagination.

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