Eden Solaris

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Happy-Go-Lucky-Land: Part 3

Almost a year later, Daniel Lionblood stood on the foundation for his amusement park. Happy-Go-Lucky-Land. “I’m impressed, I thought it would take even longer for a ring this large to be made.” Daniel said to a Y’l-Naka, and wearing a breathing apparatus. “We are thankful for your compliment. Though we are sorry we have not yet installed atmospheric systems on this ring yet.” A Y’l-Naka Drone said. “Well were not only ahead of schedule, but were still under budget, and you’ve actually managed to maintain Mr. Lionblood’s quality standards.” Chloe, Daniel’s assistant robot said.

“Yes, this is going better than I could have hoped for.” Daniel said proudly. “Will that be all Mr. Lionblood?” The Y’l-Naka Drone asked. “Well I wouldn’t mind staying, but we’ve got other appointments to see to.” Chloe said, the two then entered there shuttlecraft, and left the ring. “So, who do we see next?” Daniel asked. “We’ll be seeing the architects for the new rides and attractions. Some pretty interesting characters if I do say so myself.” Chloe said.

An hour or so passed before Daniel’s shuttle landed on the roof of a skyscraper. The two went inside, and met with a Vaalation, an Ulaagrag, and a Human in an important looking room. “So I hear that you three are the best architects in the entire sector. Tell me, what ideas do you have for attractions?” Daniel said.

“I have an example of ancient Ulaagrag art in this… I don’t rightly know what your people call these things. But I assure you that this will be something of worth in your amusement park.” The Ulaagrag architect said in pride as he presented his rollercoaster blueprint. “Looks interesting, but there is one small problem… I have no idea what Ulaagrag architecture really looks like and these don’t explain anything to me.” Daniel admitted.

“What? Hold on, give me that holographic display.” The Ulaagrag architect said, he fiddled with some buttons, and plugged it into a larger display. “Does this answer any questions you have?” The Ulaagrag architect asked. “Well it’s… it’s big. I can’t read of these Ulaagrag runes but I assume that it’s very large?” Daniel asked. “In Human measurements, I believe that its five-hundred feet tall, and eighty-five hundred feet long.” The Ulaagrag architect said. “You believe?” Chloe said.

“I’m not entirely familiar with Human terms for measurement, but from what my serfs have told me. That is very big.” The Ulaagrag architect said. “It is indeed, though I want some people to look over this. Nothing serious mind you, but just to make sure that this meets basic safety standards, and to add any that your design lacks.” Daniel said, the Ulaagrag architect grumbled. “Fine… but if any part of my design is tampered with. I will know.” The Ulaagrag groused.

“Dually noted and thank you Mr. Jaal’ias for your time. Now, Ms. Thuq-Blar, what do you have to present?” Daniel asked. “Nothing as impressive or as gargantuan as the rollercoaster, but I assure you. You will love this.” Thuq-Blar said as she presented a hologram. It was a series of large enclosures, and great towers. “What is that?” Daniel asked. “Your proposal was reviewed by the Protectorate government, and they have authorized my designing of an interstellar zoo and interstellar gourmet restaurants.” Thuq-Blar said.

“What exactly do you mean?” Daniel asked. “It’s a facility designed to contain populations of non-sentient creatures. Calling it a zoo should have made that clear. As for the restaurants, it will offer exotic alien cuisine from across this region of the galaxy.” Thuq-Blar said. “So Vaalation and Ulaagrag food?”Daniel asked. “Not just that, believe or not, there are other races in the Vaalation Protectorate.” Thuq-Blar said.

“Well nobody has ever seen any of these other races.” Chloe said. “There homeworlds are on the other end of Vaalation space from Eden Solaris. They usually keep to themselves unless a threat presents itself to their civilizations. Though more on topic, these restaurants will provide only the finest of non-Human foods and drinks that aren’t lethal to Humans.” Thuq-Blar said. “Beg pardon?” Daniel asked. “Well… it’s a bit of a long story there, basically most of the client species have… adventurous tastes. Most of which have been discovered by the Vaalation Council of Food and Drugs that most of them are… well they don’t agree with the Human digestion system.” Thuq-Blar explained.

“Okay… now about this zoo.” Daniel said. “Ah, that this’ll be something to be proud of, this zoo will contain the most complete collection of indigenous species in and around Human space.” Thuq-Blar said. “So any animals we imported from the Home Galaxy?” Daniel asked. “Won’t be included yes, nothing personal but it is an alien zoo you wanted yes?” Thuq-Blar said. “I was only asking. But what specifically will be in the zoo?” Daniel asked.

“Yes, we’ve already got contracts to humanly acquire, among other species. The Invictus Cerberus Condor, the Yakovian Ant-Wolf, the Mastodon Titan, the Novorian Spider-Gorilla, the Cyprus Giant Platypus, the Babylonian Flying Jellyfish. Among other such creatures.” Thuq-Blar said. “I see, but what about animals from other worlds? Like Sahara Omega?” Daniel asked. “We tried talking to the Thallatite Hierarchy, but they were adamant against anything being taken from the desert planet. Besides we couldn’t fit in an enclosure big enough for even Titan Crabs, let alone a Centimane Worm or more onto the ring design, not ones that would be big enough for either species to live comfortably anyway.” Thuq-Blar said.

“What about uncomfortably?” Chloe asked. “Of course an android would ask such an inane question. That would be unacceptable treatment to the Vaalation government as a whole. All life, be it intelligent or not is sacred to the Vaalation people. To treat any lifeform poorly without justifiable cause is heretical to our entire culture!” Thuq-Blar said. “Well what about-”

“Chloe, don’t antagonize the Vaalation, and just agree to disagree. If we can’t fit in an exhibit for Sahara Omega animals to live in to satisfy the Vaalations now, we’ll find space for it later.” Daniel said, defusing the angry Chloe. “Very well sir. We won’t press the issue about a Sahara Omega animal’s exhibit… for now.” Chloe said in a resigned tone. “Good, so the alien zoo and restaurants are a go. Now Thaddeus, what do you have to present?” Daniel asked.

“Spaceport and tram systems.” Thaddeus said plainly. “Okay… but we’ve already got plans for that.” Daniel said. “I know, but my firm is ready to outsource construction of your spaceports and the inter ring tram system.” Thaddeus said. “Give us the data on these plans.” Chloe demanded, Thaddeus then gave Chloe a flash drive which she plugged into a slot at her temple. “Hmm… these schematics look sound, but something about them seems… off.” Chloe said. “What do you mean Chloe?” Daniel asked. “Well, these blueprints actually look superior to our existing designs. But I know the reputation of the Icarus Construction Firm. There work is cheap, and consequently subpar and dangerous. This data has to be a forgery.” Chloe said in disbelief.

“Well Thaddeus, is what she saying true or not?” Daniel asked. “Well… yes it is true that my firm has a less than stellar record with construction. But the Icarus Construction Firm wants to make amends for our long history of poor construction projects. By investing completely in Happy-Go-Lucky-Land, and I swear that my company will provide these services as you see fit.” Thaddeus said, Daniel and Chloe looked at each other in concern. “We’ll… keep your offer in mind. But I’m not going to promise anything.” Daniel said.

“Well unless anyone has anything to add, this meeting is over.” Chloe said, several hours later. Daniel and Chloe had returned to their apartment on Invictus. “So aside from the offer from the ICF, that meeting went swimmingly.” Daniel said. “Yes, and that comment from Thuq-Blar raddled me a bit.” Chloe said. “Well to be fair, you did phrase that question about Sahara Omega… poorly. I mean ‘what about uncomfortable?’” Daniel said.

“Yes… I did phrase that question poorly. You know that I’ve never really been good at interactions with humans… or other sentient races for that matter.” Chloe said glumly. “You’re still better than I am at times.” Daniel said. “Yes I know, but tact? That I’m still trying to master. But helping you with your social skills, that I can do without parallel. Weird isn’t it?” Chloe said.

“Not really, you’re a robot. Plus you’ve never had your memory wiped, not since I was a kid even.” Daniel said. “Yeah, it’s been quite a crazy few years hasn’t it? Still remember when you started this little entertainment empire from nothing more, then a goofy little show about penguins fighting terrifying monsters dubbed into english.” Chloe said. “Hey, everyone likes penguins. I just found an opportunity and took it. Still bitter about Sigmund the Screaming Goat though.” Daniel said.

“Yeah, still don’t remember why I thought a tv show about a screaming goat would have been a good idea. Or why bombarding entire worlds with screaming was even considered for advertising. Still, it’s good that only one world was destroyed. A deserted moon but all the same, I should have known better all the same.” Daniel said. “We all make mistakes, but let’s stop rambling about the past. It’s the weekend; we don’t have any real work to do until Monday.” Chloe said. “Game night?” Daniel said excitedly. “Game night.” Chloe said holding up a video game controller.

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