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First Contact: Part 1

Date: 1,050 After Colonization.

Fourth Moon of Orion VII

“This is the CSS Marco Polo arriving in the Orion star system. This is Captain Johan reporting to command.” Said Johan as he looked out over the star system he had just arrived in. “Read you loud and clear Johan, looks good on our end.” Said the voice on the other end of Johan’s radio, Johan looked out over the stat system, a typical yellow star. “According to my scanners this system is mainly composed of gas giants. However they all have at least ten or more moons orbiting each of them.”

“Are you sure? A system with that many gas giants shouldn’t have that many moons altogether. Regardless, your to explore that system, and check out everything of interesting. Start with the outermost planet and going closer into the system from there.” Said the radio, several weeks passed as he explored the outer planets of the system and their moons. “I found few moons around Orion IX and VIII that would be suitable for mining… nothing for long term colonization though.” Johan said disappointed. “Still upset that you haven’t met any aliens yet aren’t you?” The radio voice asked. “Elizabeth I joined this job so that I could meet aliens, but ten years later we haven’t found anything, and we are the most powerful species in the universe but after millennia of ruling our own galaxy we still haven’t found any other intelligent life.” Johan complained.

“Johan, I’m as disappointed as you are that we haven’t found alien life yet, but the Colonial Exploratory Fleet isn’t about finding alien civilizations. We lost contact with the Milky Way weeks ago, so they can’t send anyone to help with further colonization efforts.” Elizabeth said. “I understand that, look I’ll look over the moons of Orion VII and I’ll call you back with anymore findings.” Johan said as he turned off his radio. “Okay, scanners are picking up mineral deposits on the first moon… no atmosphere or ecosystem. Second moon… also nothing but minerals and basically moon number one. Third moon is just your average dead barren rock, nothing of interest. Moon number four has high readings of vegetation, mineral deposits, and biological readings… wait?” Johan said as he looked over the readings of the fourth moon. “Command, I got some bio readings on one of the moons, it may be suited for colonization.”

“That sounds good, at the least we will not have to try to terraform it.” Elizabeth said. “Okay, I will go onto the planet and explore it myself.” Johan said. “Johan that’s against protocol for you to personally explore planets and you know it.” Elizabeth said. “Well I’ve been stuck on this ship for weeks and I’m going stir crazy!” Johan said as he turned off the radio, and piloted his ship to the fourth moon of Orion VII. “Looks like the atmosphere is breathable, still I shouldn’t take any chances out there.” He said as his ship landed in a jungle clearing. He exited his ship wearing a typical space suit with hoses connected to his helmet from his back. “This planet is… amazing.” He said as he stepped out of the ship, and saw the purple sky over his head, and the vast forests, and then he heard a loud shrill noise. “Okay enough sightseeing back to the ship.” He said as he rushed back to the Marco Pollo. The ship only got a few feet off the ground before it jerked and began to move erratically. “What is going on?” Johan said as he was thrown around the ship.

Then without warning, he was thrown out of the ship. Johan saw that a massive alien creature held his ship in its massive jaws. He pulled out his gun and fired at it, unfortunately it was a pistol so it didn’t really catch the attention of the beast let alone harm it. Several minutes passed and nothing improved, the beast still had the Marco Pollo in its mouth and Johan’s laser gun was running low on energy, then several smaller creatures came out of the jungle and attacked the huge creature. In the confusion Johan quickly got back on the ship. “Mayday! Mayday! This is the CSS Marco Pollo, I am under attack by indigenous fauna, and this ship has been disabled.” Johan said into his radio. “And this is why it’s against protocol to land on planets, don’t worry we’ll get a ship to tow you back soon enough.” Said Elizabeth over the radio, then the ship rocked again as the feral roar of the beast outside died down. Reluctantly, Johan went back outside of the ship, and saw the tiny creatures eating the massive beast that attacked his ship.

He approached them cautiously. “Uh… hello?” He said as the tiny bug like creatures just ate on the monsters carcass. The largest of them, a beetle like creature about the size of a dog came up to Johan. “Greetings, I am an Alpha of Queen Utylis. Who are you?” The Beetle asked; Johan was taken aback by the giant talking bug. “WHOA! An alien!” He said in a mix of shock, surprise, and a little bit of excitement. “An alien? What is an ‘alien’?” The beetle asked. “Well... look what do you call yourselves?” Johan asked. “I am a Thallatite, what are you?” The Thallatite asked. “I am… I am a Human!” Johan said excitedly. “I am the first Human in history to meet an alien!” He said jumping up and down, the Thallatite just looked confused and he and his drones just went into the jungle. “Wait where are you going?” Johan asked as he noticed that the Thallatite’s leaving, and followed after them. Several days later another ship arrived, a woman with blond hair in a suit exited it. “Okay Johan, I’ve got the parts you should need to fix your ship.” Said Elizabeth not realizing that he wasn’t there. “Johan?” She said as she looked inside of the Marco Pollo for him. “Computer, track Johan Kinndermen.” She said into a small device it beeped and she went off into the jungle.

Several hours later she found herself standing in front of a large, seemingly deserted hive. “Please let him be alive.” She said worriedly as she went into the hive, she went deeper and deeper into it as the beeping from the device grew louder and louder. Eventually she found a massive chamber, filled with large bugs, and at the center and drawing the most attention was Johan. “What is he doing?” She asked herself, not noticing that a Thallatite was standing right behind her. “Greetings.” Said the small Thallatite, Elizabeth turned around, and noticed the small bug like alien. She then fell down towards Johan in shock after realizing what it had just said. “Elizabeth! I’m so glad to see you!” Johan said as he ran over to hug the woman. “Johan… what is going on?” Elizabeth asked. “I made First Contact with aliens!” He said excitedly.


“Well when I landed my ship was attacked by some kind of large alien, but some of these Thallatites killed it, and I spent the last few days telling them all about humanity.” Johan said. “What? Why?” Elizabeth asked. “This is the first alien civilization humanity has ever encountered, I wanted to make a good impression.” Elizabeth simply looked bewildered by everything that was happening. “It’s… well for one thing how have these things been able to speak English? Did you teach them?” Elizabeth asked. “No, they somehow knew when I got here, believe me I’ve asked them, I haven’t been able to get much of a straight answer as to why though.” Johan said, just as surprised as Elizabeth that the aliens could speak English

“So… how would we go about telling our superiors about this? This is big news and were still cut off from the Milky Way.” Elizabeth said; the Thallatites just looked at the Humans. “I do not wish to seem intrusive. But may you please leave?” Asked a large Thallatite, who was presumably the Queen of the hive they were in. “Yeah that’d be alright with me, I’ve been meaning to get back to my ship anyway.” Johan said as both he and Elizabeth left the hive for the ships. “Anyway, I thought that we would just tell them about the talking alien bugs, I mean it sounds so crazy that they would have to believe us.” Johan said.

Many days passed before the two actually did tell their superiors in the Colonial Exploratory Fleet about what they found on the fourth moon of Orion VII. At first they did not believe them, but after sending a fully equipped ship to better explore the moon, (which as it turned out was called Tisillius by the Thallatites) it was declared that they were the first sentient alien species ever encountered by mankind. Unfortunately the Milky Way galaxy had already been over taken by the Plague. The lack of a proper independent infrastructure led to the Colonial Government having to effectively enslave the Thallatites. Eventually humanity would come into contact with another alien race called the Vaalations, but that is a story for another time.

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