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Robot Girlfriend: Part 2

The following Saturday, Lawrence sat outside of the place that he and Hope agreed to meet. It was a café called T’kin’s Café, obviously an independently run place, and also it was apparently owned by an Ulagraag… which was a little strange to him. As he never would have pictured the race of warriors doing anything other than fighting, at any rate he was glad it wasn’t a corporate run places. Aside from fast food restaurants those things always had lousy food. Anyway the clock that was over the main door way to the café showed 1:00, then as if on cue Hope was running down the sidewalk, and looking exhausted as she jumped across a street crossing and was panting heavily as she got to the café… followed by her crashing into several tables, nobody was hurt fortunately.

“Am I late?” Hope asked as she got up from under the pile of tables and chairs. “No, in fact you got here right on time.” Lawrence said as he helped the robot teenager get to her feet. “Why were you running anyway?” Lawrence asked he got Hope a chair. “I lost track of time, also my dad was experimenting on the car again, so I had to overclock my systems just to get here in time.” Hope explained. “What’s that? What’s overclocking?” Lawrence asked. “Basically, it’s were you modify a computer system to operate faster than intended, it runs the risk of melting or shorting out systems without proper coolant… which I forgot to get before leaving.” Hope said, as a waitress came up to the two. “And what’ll you be having?” The waitress asked. “I think I’ll just have water.” Lawrence said. “And I’ll have an ice tea, with LOTS of ice.” Hope said, about a minute later there drinks had arrived.

Lawrence just drank his water, while Hope downed her entire class of ice tea in one go. “That’s some good ice tea.” Hope said as she had finished her drink, now looking better after being properly hydrated. “So, what is it wanted to talk about?” Hope asked, looking more chipper then she was when she had arrived. “Well… we’ve been seeing each other for weeks, and… were are friends.” Lawrence said. “Yeah, we are friends.” Hope said. “And… I really like you.” Lawrence said, looking either constipated or like he was about to wet himself. “Well… I really like you to,” Hope said as she grasped onto Lawrence’s hands.

“So… do you mind if… what I mean to say is… would you mind if-” Lawrence’s babbling was then cut off by Hope giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. “Of course I would.” Hope said tenderly. “Really? You want to be my girlfriend?” Lawrence said. “Well duh, I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you for weeks, but for some reason I just couldn’t say it.” Hope admitted. “Oh… well do you know where else we could go out to?” Lawrence asked. “I know a few places, I’m mean, I don’t know if you would like them or not.”

“As long as it is with you, we could go to a run-down gas station and be happy.” Hope had no idea if she was supposed to find that line confusing, weird, or genially charming. She just smiled and hoped that he wasn’t being serious about the gas station. “So, is there anything else to eat here, or does this place just serve drinks?” Lawrence asked, then without warning, an Ulagraag walked out to see the mess Hope had caused earlier. “Ah T’kin good to see you, how’s life been treating you?” Hope said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, T’kin then began shouting in an alien language that mainly consisted of loud grunts, roars, and seemingly random noises. This caused Lawrence to fall over in fear of the massive brown lizard shouting in his language. However Hope was not as intimidated as Lawrence, and just argued with T’kin in the Ulagraag language.

About a minute or two latter T’kin just threw up his arms and stormed back inside the café. “Sorry you had to see that,” Hope said as she got Lawrence off of the ground, “T’kin has anger issues… lots of them.” She said as she and Lawrence sat back down. “Well… what were you two talking about?” Lawrence asked. “Well he was angry that I had totaled all of the tables, and then began yelling about how I should clean it up.”

“And what did you say?” Lawrence asked. “Well I told him that I’d be more than happy to put all the tables and chairs back… provided he pay me what he owed me from when I worked here.” Hope explained. “And he said no?”

“He said no.” Hope said; Lawrence then started giggling at this. “Yeah, it is a little funny. Right up until you remember that I’m a robot.” Hope said sadly. “Really?” Lawrence said as he stopped giggling. “Yeah, just about everyone treats me as if I’m just a robot, like I’m not as real as everyone else just because I’m a Y’l-Naka.” She said, now looking depressed. “Well, why not try to do something about it?” Lawrence asked. “Believe me I’ve tried, but my father insists that I just be myself.” Hope said. “Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.” Lawrence said sheepishly. “Thank you, but it isn’t necessary, because it doesn’t matter anymore to me.” Hope said. “Really? Why?” Lawrence asked confused. “Because aside from my father you’re the only one to ever treat me like a normal person. And that’s why I… why I like you so much, you haven’t shunned me for being a robot for any reason.”

“Well, you’re one of the prettiest girls I ever met, and you’re just as nice as you look.” Lawrence said, Hope just smiled, and gave Lawrence another kiss. The rest of the date on without a hitch, aside from one small incident were Lawrence got stuck in the bathroom for five minutes. As time went on the two went out more, about every Friday night or Saturday afternoon whenever possible. Every week the two fell deeper, and deeper in love with each other, but both were too nervous to ever admit it. Then one day posters began to appear all over there school, advertising for a dance. “Lawrence! Did you see the posters?” Hope said one day at lunch. “How couldn’t I? There are at least three of these things in any given room.” Lawrence said, pointing to three such posters on the wall.

“Well anyway,” Hope said sounding excited “wouldn’t be awesome if we went to the dance together?” She asked baring a huge grin on her face; Lawrence just looked a bit distracted. “Look, Hope, don’t take this the wrong way. But… I’m not all that into dancing, or for that matter any social event altogether.” Lawrence admitted, Hope’s perky grin then began to recede. “In fact, I don’t even really know how to dance at all, at least nothing that would be accepted for a prom.” Lawrenece said; Hope looked disappointed at this news. “Oh… I see.” She said looking downcast. “It’s just… I’ve always wanted to go to a dance, but nobody wanted to take an alien robot out, so I’d always have to spend the night at home with dad watching movies.” Hope said as she sat down. “I don’t really mind not going that much, just… I thought we could go together. But if you don’t want to go that’s fine, I won’t force you into doing anything you don’t want to do.” Then Lawrence just sat down beside her and gave her a hug.

“If you really want to go to the prom, then I’ll go with you.” Lawrence said, holding Hope’s hand in his. “You know it was funny at first when you detached your limbs, now it’s just getting kind of gross.” Lawrence commented as he returned Hope her hand. “Sorry, doing that always cheers me up.” She said she placed her hand back onto her arm. “So, are you sure you want to go with the prom with me?” Hope asked. “Well of course I would.” Lawrence said sincerely, the two hugged and proceeded to eat lunch together.

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