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Colonial Marines: Part 2

Date: October 27th, 1587 AC.

Location: Tisilius, fourth moon of Orion VII.

It had been two months since we discovered that we had been betrayed by Colonial High Command, left for dead to the Thallatites. But thanks to the leadership of Sargent Anya O’Brian we managed to pull together and resist the alien bugs. Now we are on the war path to the main hives of the Thallatite Queens, our mission, destroy or capture the Queens.

However, because of our two months of marching, many of our tanks and heavy ordinance had been destroyed and depleted by the time we had reached the tower hives of the Queens. The things stretched up for what seemed to have been for miles, with thick clouds forming over them, I assume those are actually Thallatites flying overhead. “Finally, now comes the really hard part.” Anya said as we looked over the dauntingly tall towers. “Full on assault?” Asked Vinnie stroking his assault rifle gleefully before Anya nudged him in the shoulder. “Don’t be stupid, they outnumber us over a thousand to one. We’re going to have to sneak into there, find the Queens, and try to survive long enough to get off this rock.” Anya said, over the rest of that day she had everyone in the convoy prepare to fight. Mainly by reminding everyone on how guerrilla warfare and stealth works.

By nightfall the attack had started. Anya led a squad, including myself, Vinnie for some reason, and several other Marines inside while the rest of the convoy started attacking the hive directly. Many hours passed as we snuck past large swaths of Thallatites, and just barley avoiding the larger and more dangerous varieties of Thallatites. We could hear the explosions of the tanks firing from inside, along with the sounds of Thallatites wailing and screaming. “Hard to believe we was losin’ on da homefront.” Vinnie said butchering the English language at the same time. “Well the whole thing did catch us off guard, nobody expected the Thallatites to rise up, and that they managed to absorb genetic material from just about every species of dangerous native fauna in the entire sector.” Anya said. “Well to be fair we did kind of treat them like dumb animals.” I said. “A fair point private, but we still have a job to do.” Anya said; several hours passed for what seemed like an eternity as we climbed higher and higher to the uppermost levels of the hive spires.

“Okay, we are now at the top of this spire, there should be a chamber where the Queen lives behind this door. We go in, arrest the Queen, force the Thallatites to surrender, and we then contact home to get us out of here.” Anya said as she slapped a breach charge onto the door. “Charge is set, get ready.” She said as the door exploded. We charged in to find not just a Queen, but dozens, maybe even hundreds of Queens, huge spider like monsters at least the size of rhinos. “Greetings Humans, we would applaud your perseverance. If it were not on behalf of a horrible evil, you Humans came to our world, and enslaved us for reasons your kind have not bothered to share with us. Now we will strike back at our oppressors, and take back our freedom.” Said one of the Queens, suddenly the tower began to shake, at first I thought it was from the tank fire. But then a large worm like creature with arms burst through the floor and it clung to the ceiling. “Behold, the great beast your ‘government’ created to control our people. At first the Great Adjutant bound our will to the leaders of your people, but through our will we have broken it free from there control.” The Queen said, the massive worm like creature roared loudly at us. “Everyone, move and throw that huge worm off!” Anya said as we jumped out of the way of the Adjutant’s maw striking at us.

We shot at some of the Queen’s, but this did not detour the Adjutant. Several Minutes passed as the number of Queens decreased, either from genuine kills or from them leaving the room without us noticing. Then when the room was empty except for us, the Adjutant, and several dead Queen’s lying on the floor. “You think you have won?” The Adjutant said, large globs of mucus like saliva dripping from its mouth. “You think you have won this war? Believe me when I say this Human’s, this war has only just begun.”

The Adjutant then grabbed me, and then stuffed me into its mouth.

“And that’s the last entry in his journal.” Anya said, standing before a military tribunal three months later. “And you and the remaining Marines under your command retreated away from the capital Spires?” Said one of the men that was debriefing her. “Yes, we were betrayed by our commanding officers and left to fight for ourselves, and as far as I could tell we could only make a dent into the Thallatites hierarchy. Apparently they managed to take control of the Great Adjutant organism that was created to keep them docile.” Anya said. “So why didn’t you or anyone other than Private Saturn keep a record of what was happening on Tisilius?” Asked one of the men presiding over the tribunal. “I don’t know, every else was just really busy with everything that was going on.” The tribunal went on for several minutes as the officers proceeding over the military tribunal continued.

“In conclusion, we will investigate Brigadier General Herman Irving Quincy. However, it will take time as we are still under siege by the rogue Thallatites.” Said the head of the tribunal, Anya left the hall to see massive Thallatite creatures ravaging the city, she looked disappointed and sad as she looked down at the holographic dog tags that were the only thing that they could recover of Avery.

“So, you had a crush on me Avery?” Anya said to herself, looking somberly upon the dog tags. “I wish I could say I felt the same after what happened to you… but I don’t, you were just a halfway decent guy who knew better than to just blindly follow orders like I was.” She said as she put the tags into her pocket. She then pulled out her assault rifle, and charged off towards the huge alien bugs, with the glare of a single blue sun shining in the bright pink sky.

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