Eden Solaris

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Dynasty: Part 1

This is the story of a man, a man who would change the lives off every man women and child in Eden Solaris, a man who would overturn a corrupt government that cared nothing for its people, or for the betterment of humankind. This is the story of Emit O’Mally, the first President of the reformed colonial government of Eden Solaris.

Our story begins three-thousand years after the colonization of the Eden Solaris Star-Cluster. And the independent government was failing its people… intentionally. The leaders of the colonial government were selling out to corporate powers seemingly overnight. They grew fat and arrogant under there delusional perceptions of power. The people rebelled and protested there leaders stupidity, but they were stamped out quickly by mercenaries, either employed by the corporations, or Ulagraag Warrior Guilds that cared nothing for who they killed.

Emit O’Mally was twenty-five when he started his career; he was regarded as the only honest politician in the entire sector. However, what many people did not realize was that he had rage issues, especially towards his colleges in the Colonial Senate. Over the years he grew more and more bitter as things only got worse for the people. As the poverty became more and more obvious for him, he only grew madder and madder by such brazen injustices. Ten years after his career started, he met a robed figure in a dark alleyway.

“So you made it, over the communication channel you said that this was important. What is it?” Said the robed figure. “I only have one question, are you the guild-mistress?” Emit asked. “No, I am not Guild-Mistress Yheerus Offlashius. I am simply an Emissary.” Said the figure as it took off its hood. It was an Ulagraag; it bore a large scar over one of its eyes, and another encircling around the width of its snout. “Then I need to see her as soon as possible.” Said Emit. “But I must ask; why do you seek the Undaunted? Why would you, who is considered a great man even among his enemies would seek to employ common sell-swords?” The Emissary asked. “First, you are not common mercenaries. And second, take a good long around us.” Emit said, in the alley were some clearly homeless people, along with a few women wearing scanty clothing. “These people deserve better than this, they deserve a roof over their heads, and some way to make ends meet without compromising principles. The Senate could actually do something to help them. But as far as the government is concerned being frigid and mean to anyone who isn’t born among the ‘Great’ Families is better.” Emit said bitterly. “The cruelty of the Human rulers is infamous, that is no secret.”

“I mean, this planet endured the worst of the Thallatite Wars, every city on this planet was devastated by the Thallatites. And when the war was over did they get rebuilt? No! The politician’s apparently thought that building news cities OVER the ruins would be a better idea.” Emit said, looking up at the bottom of one of the over cities. “I understand your point, now please my ship is nearby.” The Emissary said as Emit ranted “I checked the numbers, if they had bothered to rebuild the cities then building new cities like that from scratch!”

“Listen, you can regale the Guild-Mistress with the misdeeds of Colonial Senate when we get to the Guild Fleet. For now please stop ranting.” The Emissary said as he picked up Emit and slung him over his shoulder. Several hours passed as the ship flew through the void of space. Emit either unaware or completely ignoring that he was onboard an alien spaceship just continued to rant on and on and on and on about how much he hated the government. “And do not even get me started on the drinking water! I shouldn’t have to pay 2500 Credits for water that doesn’t taste like copper!” Emit said, the Emissary just looking annoyed with the Human’s seemingly endless ranting. Eventually the ship had arrived at a small cluster of ships; some of them looked positively ancient. “Honestly why is that sort of thing so hard for those idiots to understand- how old are some of those ships?” Emit asked. “Many of the Great Dreadnaughts date back from the fall of the Imperium. When our people were made weak by hedonistic selfish fools, much like your own people in fact.” Said the Emissary. “But how many years ago was that?” Emit asked. “Nobody truly remembers anymore, only that once we ruled a huge chunk of the galaxy long ago. And now among many we are only myth and legend.” Said the Emissary as the small ship began to land in the hanger of the largest of the ships.

“Now we are aboard the Scion of Valor, Yheerus will be waiting for you onboard the bridge.” Said the Emissary, several minutes later Emit had arrived on the bridge of the ship, on it were several dozen Ulaagrag working at terminals, several others were standing guard. And at the center of the room was a shriveled old alien woman, her skin was a bright shade of brown, and covered in so many wrinkles that she looked like a rotten prune. “Greetings… young Human.” Said the elderly alien women. “Please… speak your case, and we shall see if it worth the effort of my warriors.”

“Guild-Mistress, I need your Warrior’s to overthrow the Colonial government.” Emit said bluntly, Yheerus looked mildly confused as she rubbed her chin. “I see… why do you wish for my help in this?” She asked. “Because, I know your Guild’s reputation, you fight for anyone who can’t defend themselves. And I want to defend my people from something far worse than Space Pirates and rogue alien raiders, greedy politicians.” Emit said.

“I see… we will help you.” Yheerus said Emit looked both surprised and relieved. “What? Guild-Mistress you know nothing about this Human, for all we can know he could be lying!” Said an Ulaagrag warrior. “He is honest, he as an honest man’s face, and an honest man’s voice. That, and the Emissary that brought him hear called ahead and said that he spent the whole flight ranting about what his colleges had been doing.” Yheerus said. “Yeah… aside from my immediate family I’ve never really got the chance to get what was happening in the Senate off my chest.” Emit admitted. “Regardless… we will help you in your quest to bring justice to your people.”

“You mean it?” Emit said hopefully. “Son,” said Yheerus as she stood up, clutching onto her cane, “we are the Undaunted. We have faced some of the worst horrors this galaxy can throw at a warrior, and have stood tall. Where the meek are persecuted, we will be there. Where the innocent are abused, we will be there. Where the merciless make war, we will be there. Where the liar and the cheater prosper, we will be there.” Yheerus said, followed by every Ulagraag on the bridge uttering a loud triumphant ‘Klavata!’

“Excellent, but I’m afraid I need to ask another favor from you altogether.” Emit said. “What exactly?” Yheerus said. “Well… I need transport to Vaalation space.” Emit said. “And why would you need those birds?” Yheerus asked. “Let’s just say I have some long term plans regarding overthrowing the government… and the Vaalations are in the best position imaginable to help with them.” Emit said. “Very well then, I will have the Emissary deliver you to the planet Ziil’Kyar.” Said Yheerus. “I want the Emissary to keep a close eye on his dealing with the Vaalations, I trust this Human but not the Vaalations.”

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