Eden Solaris

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First Contact: Part 2

Date: 1,150 After Colonization.

It had been one-hundred years since the Colonies of Eden Solaris were cut off from the Home Galaxy, without aid from the Home Galaxy the Colonial government had been forced to use the recently discovered Thallatites as slave labor to maintain their society. The Thallatites suffered greatly under the Colonial government, the Queens were forced to breed to provide the Humans food and labor. However, this would change, though slowly. For there existed a race of beings, they were called the Vaalations, beings that bore close resemblance to that most adorable of animals, the Penguin.

Anyway, onboard a Vaalation ship, which was fashioned into the shape of a giant fish. It came across the fourth moon of Orion VII, known to the Thallatites as Tisilious. “Captain Mythrik! The sensors are picking up life forms in this system, and sentient ones at that from the looks of it.” Said one of the crew members at a terminal. “Then let us make contact with these life forms.” Said Mythrik, and the ship descended to Tisilious, it landed in a clearing and Mythrik and his men departed from the ship, clad in environmental armor that was designed to keep their body temperatures cool at all times, which in the hot and humid climate of Tisilious was especially important. “Captain are you certain that this planet has sentient life? This planet looks almost deserted and there nothing in sight to confirm any sort of civilization on the world.” Said a Vaalation soldier. “We will see soon enough I think, men turn on your targeting equipment. Start scanning for any alien life forms.” Said Mythrik, several minutes passed as he and his men walked through the dense underbrush of the jungle moon.

“I got a fix on something, it’s organic but there is no way if it’s intelligent.” Said a soldier. “Only one way to find out then. Which way is the signature pointing towards?” Said Mythrik. “It is that way Captain, but all the same we should be cautious.” Advised a concerned soldier. “Duly noted, move forward and make sure that we are not caught off guard.” Mythrik said as he and the other soldiers moved forward into the jungle several more minutes passed before they managed to find a large sleeping creature. “Is this the life form?” Mythrik asked. “Can’t say for certain, it wouldn’t be beyond question to say that this is a sentient life form but we don’t have the equipment to prove that.”

Then the large beast rose from its sleep, the Vaalations held fast as the great beast opened its mouth and simply emitted a bellowing yawn. Then it looked at the Penguin like aliens with confusion. “Great, more off-worlders, as if the humans weren’t bad enough,” said the huge beast, “my Queen will know about this. Give her a heads up and prepare for the inevitable.” Said the huge creature as it got up onto its huge hulking legs and trudged off into the jungle. “Wait! We come in peace!” Shouted Mythrik. “That is what the first outlanders said; they only brought suffering to us.” Said the great beast. “Should we follow it sir?” Asked a soldier. “Of course! Follow that… whatever it is!” Said Mythrik, a few hours passed as the Vaalations franticly tried to keep pace with the huge Thallatite creature. Eventually the Thallatite Titan had arrived at a Thallatite Hive. “Sir, our coolant is running low. Should I contact the ship to fly to our position?” Asked a soldier. “Of course! We need cryo fluid to survive here! Now call the ship before we pass out.” Mythrik said as he could barely stand from exhaustion.

Several minutes later the ship parked in front of the hive. Mythrik and his men returned aboard to the cold interior of the ship. “Sir, what did you find out there?” Asked a feminine looking Vaalation. “We found a manner of giant insect.” Mythrik answered. “It spoke of off-worlders, probably aliens that have come to this moon before us, and that they apparently have caused harm to their species.” Mythrik said. “Oh… that sounds terrible, what should we do?” The Vaalation asked, for the Vaalation’s are an empathetic species. They are highly sensitive to the pain, sorrow and depression of other life forms, much of their society is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of others.

“We must inform the Council of Matriarchs of this, we can figure out what to do from there.” Said Mythrik as he returned to the bridge. “Drop a beacon, then set course for Zill’Kyar.” He said, the ship then dropped a large spherical object, and then took off into the sky. Several hours passed and the ship had arrived in orbit of the artic planet of Zill’Kyar. It was a recently colonized planet, settled specifically because the environment allowed Vaalations to live without any sort of aid. Eventually the ship landed outside of a large ice palace. “Scion Mythrik, you were supposed to be charting the Wilderness Systems for another month. It has only been six weeks since your assignment began.” Said a Vaalation that greeted the disembarking Mythrik. “I found something that has to be brought to the attention of the Council.” Mythrik said, latter inside of the planets capital he was standing before a room filled with seated, elderly Vaalations.

“Mythrik, Scion of House Urubus, what brings you to us this day?” Asked an elderly Vaalation seated at the head of the council. “I have recently encountered a primitive species on my latest travels; from what I could gain they had apparently been visited by some other species before, and have been gravely mistreated by them. I didn’t get any further details when I arrived, but I came to ask for a better qualified team to find out more about these aliens.” Said Mythrik, the Vaalation Matriarchs then began to mumble amongst themselves, eventually the head of the council delivered her judgment. “Your humility in this matter is impressive; usually Scion’s that encounter these sorts of situations immediately rush off to fight for causes without any real context. Primarchs know I used to do that almost all the time back when I was your age.” Said the head Matriarch.

“So you will look into this?” Mythrik asked. “Of course, we will send a team to investigate your last coordinates.” Several days passed as the Vaalations studied the Thallatites. In that time they had learned about how humanity came to there homeworld, and effectively enslaved there species. Eventually a large ship had arrived on the plant; it was a cargo ship from the colonies sent to get more Thallatites. Its crew was arrested by the Vaalations and its navicomputer was accessed so that the Vaalations could make proper contact with the Thallatites persecutors. Eventually the Vaalations arrived at the capital of the Colonial government.

The Vaalations demanded that the Humans free the Thallatites from there forced labor. But the more diplomatic members of the government informed the Vaalations of there extra-galactic origins, and how that being cut off from the Home Galaxy they couldn’t get the resources to properly maintain their society properly. Initially the Vaalations were highly skeptical of this explanation. But after some research and experimenting, it was proven to the alien Penguins that humanity did in fact come from another galaxy. Eventually the two species agreed to a compromise. Humanity would leave the Thallatites on Tisilius alone, and grant proper rights to the Thallatites already within their space. Or they would risk war with the Vaalations.

The colonial government was in no position to refuse the Vaalations as they had highly advanced weapons, and a sizable military fleet. Relations between the two species from that day on were lackluster at best. Also the colonial government never bothered to give more humane treatment to the Thallatites, they did more to hide the Thallatites altogether. In time this led to the creation of the Great Adjutant, a hulking worm like abomination designed to bring the Thallatites under humanities control. Some four-hundred or so years latter this treatment would lead up to Thallatite War.

But that is a story for another day.

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