OmniWar: Omicron

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Chapter 15: ON THE HUNT

Back in 3001.

“Then I travel here,” Stuart said, “I get my job and I meet Stacy.”

“So, Stacy is a part of Raven’s Eye?” Brad asked.

Stuart nodded, “This whole facility is.” he answered.

Quinn inspected the cell, “Why tell us this?” he asked, “And when you say ‘This is a specialized cell developed by us’, you mean Raven’s Eye made this.”

“Gina basically said tell you everything,” Stuart said, “Yes, Ravens Eye made that cell. Plus, I figured we may all die down here so, what’s the point of secrets. That and Brad asked.”

“Good going, Brad,” Kimberly said, “Now, even if we somehow make it out of here, Raven’s Eye will probably kill us.”

“Easy, Kim,” Brad said, “One thing at a time. Let’s concentrate on getting out of here.”

Kimberly walked over in front of Brad, “Think about it,” Kimberly said, “You’re going to say you’re not worried?’

“Of course, I’m worried,” Brad replied, “This an extreme situation and Gina gave her blessing. I’m trying not to think about it and hoping they make an exception in this case.”

Stuart pat Kimberly on the shoulder and said, “I’m sure if you help me recapture them, Raven’s Eye will make an exception”

Quinn stepped forward, “How do we do that?” he asked.

“Also,” Brad added, “Why go after them? Let the AFU deal with them. I’m sure those Anunnaki will wipe the floor with them.”

Stuart walked toward the room with Stacy but, stopped just short of entering, “Stacy and I may have something that will help. Going after the Anunnaki is very much in our best interests, they can compromise our security and then we’ll really be screwed.”

Brad walked over to follow Stuart, “Lead the way!” he said.

Stacy was looking over her map on the giant monitor/table.

“Anything?” Stuart asked.

“I may have found them,” Stacy answered, “The building’s sensors aren’t affected by its signal scrambler. I’ll tie it into human suits so, you can use it. One is in R&D and the other is at the lockers by the gym, moving toward one of the barricades.”

Brad stood behind Stacy, “Stuart says you may have a weapon.” he said.

“We did develop something,” Stacy answered, “In the next room. Follow me.” She stood up and walked to a room lit normally. Everyone eagerly followed.

“Are these the thirty-eights?” Stuart asked.

“Yup,” Stacy answered. “I made a few just in case.”

Quinn had no idea what Stuart and Stacy were talking about when he said, “Those sound good.” As an alien, he knew the threat was greatest to him.

Everyone eagerly stood by Stacy as she pulled out a long box from the wall and unlocked it to reveal the .38s, an old style small revolver. These were mostly silver with a black handle.

“You tested these?” Brad asked, picking one up.

“Of course!” Stacy answered, as Stuart and Kimberly grabbed one.

Quinn saw that there was plenty left so he grabbed two, one in each hand.

“Wait,” Brad said, “You caught two Anunnaki and we’re looking for two Anunnaki. How did you test these?”

“Empirical evidence,” Stacy answered, picking one up for herself, “We took samples, grew them and tested old style weapons against them.”

“How old?” Brad asked.

“These were introduced in 1898.” Stacy replied.

Brad sighed in frustration, rolled his eyes and casually pointed his .38 at Quinn and pulled the trigger.

The loud bang startled everyone and the bullet entered Quinn harmlessly.

“Relax, Quinn,” Brad said, “Unlike us, these won’t even harm you.”

“Hey,” Stuart said, “Be careful, these things only carry six rounds.”

Brad held up his .38 for Stacy to look at, “How is this going to help?” he asked.

Quinn shapeshifted the undamaged bullet out of his chest.

Brad grabbed the projectile from his friend and showed it to Stacy, “See,” he exclaimed, “Nothing! These won’t even do anything to Quinn.”

“It took a while,” Stacy said, “However, we asked ourselves why our ship’s ballistic weapons worked but not our handheld ones, the answer was stumbled upon by another scientist who found that old style weapons will work. The handheld ones we have now won’t work because even they have too much technology behind them.”

Brad calmed down and asked, “You mean it’s different settings?”

“Yes,” Stacy answered, “You can program them on the fly to explode, stun or for armor piercing. That was the difference between the ships and your handheld ones. Just keep your suits off and aim for the arm or leg, we’re trying capture them not kill them.”

Brad studied his .38 and sighed again, “At least they can’t harm us, unless they got smart and picked up one of your weapons. Quinn, you should go back and guard the survivors. The rest of us are human so, we’ll go after the Anunnaki.”

Quinn held up his .38s and said, “Right.”

Stacy closed the box, placed it back and stepped over to a monitor, “Bad news,” she said, “We’re missing two rifles?”

“What?” Brad said, “How did they get weapons and how are they using the doors?”

“Easy,” Stacy answered, “Our scans indicated their suits were connected at a biological level, meaning if we took it off it might kill them. A specialized interrogation revealed you need specialized equipment to safely remove them, equipment only they have. Now, they’re probably using them to hack their way through everything. The cell prevented that so, we only let Stuart take them out when we needed to.”

“Fine,” Brad said, “Let’s get to it.”

“Stacy,” Stuart called, “You should go with Brad. Kim, you’re with me. Each team should at least have someone who knows the place.”

“That make sense.” Kimberly said.

Brad walked away with Stacy, “Everyone, be careful.” he said.

Stacy turned to face Stuart, “We’ll go after the one in the lockers,” she said, “You get the one in R&D.”

“Sure thing.” Stuart replied.

Brad and Stacy continued on, down several halls and entered the gymnasium. They both crept along a wall.

“Nice,” Brad said, “You even have your own gym.”

“That’s not all,” Stacy replied, “Our cafeteria has an all-you-can-eat bar and we have twenty holo- lounges.”

“Holo-lounges,” Brad said, “Are you kidding?”

“Nope,” Stacy answered, “So, you and Kimberly are going steady?”

“I’d like to think we are,” Brad replied, “Truth is we just met before the attack. We only managed one date?”

Both came to the doors going to the lockers. Brad phased on his suit to check his radar.

“Still there?” Stacy asked.

“No,” Brad answered, phasing his suit off, “Looks like he moved on further.”

Stacy’s shoulders drooped, “The only thing beyond that is the barricade,” she said, “We better hurry.”

They entered the locker room and began to hurry through.

“Just one date,” Stacy said, “That technically doesn’t count as dating.”

Brad began to enter the next door, “Well,” he began, “It’s not like we had a choice.”

Stacy entered next and she along with Brad began searching. It was a large hall with lots of debris in the way. There was a huge gap in the debris that made up the barricade but, that was the way it was setup, more like an obstacle course. There were huge piles of debris for covering the auto-turrets and some of the turrets sat atop the debris.

“Whatever you do,” Stacy said, “Don’t start digging your way through.”

Not a moment later an energy blast came from behind a counter that almost struck Brad. Both humans ducked for cover behind various pieces of the debris laying around.

“Watch out,” Stacy yelled, “That wasn’t an Anunnaki blast.”

Brad peeked out to spot where the enemy was before having to pull his head back into hiding from incoming fire.

There was a constant barrage of energy blasts on both positions. Stacy soon recognized the type of energy blasts visually and acoustically.

Brad returned fire five times in a rapid succession without thinking of the limited ammo. In cover, he shook and hit the gun hoping to get more bullets, only to learn when he tried to return fire that it didn’t work.

“Brad,” Stacy yelled, “Phase your suit on and go grab’em.”

“Are you nuts!?” Brad asked.

“Trust me,” Stacy answered, “These can’t hurt you with your suit on.”

Brad put his gun down and phased on his suit. He quickly grabbed his gun and ran out from cover. This when he spotted Zepas duck out and start firing over and over at him to no avail. With no ammunition left, at the last second, he violently threw his gun at Zepas, causing her to flinch as he fell on her and phase off his suit.

Zepas lost her rifle with Brad falling on top of her but, quickly gained the upper hand by grabbing Brad by the throat and lifting him off the ground as she pinned him against the debris pile.

Brad couldn’t believe how strong Zepas was.

Stacy took aim, “Put him down, now!” she said.

Kascor emerged from hiding behind Stacy and placed a gun in her back, “You put your gun down.” he said.

Stacy reluctantly raised her hands and dropped her gun.

Stuart grabbed Kascor’s gun from behind and took it away with one hand and used his other hand to turn the Anunnaki around to grab him by the throat to lift him off the ground to pin him against a pile of debris, “You didn’t think that would work twice, did you?” he asked.

Kimberly ran up to Zepas and at nearly pointblank range, she aimed her gun and managed to hit Zepas in the leg.

Zepas immediately winced over in pain, releasing her hold on Brad. Never thinking the humans could devise such a weapon, she almost couldn’t believe the amount of hurt she felt.

Brad composed himself and took hold of Zepas as his prisoner. “Great timing,” he said, “How did you know?”

Stuart placed Kascor down and turned him around, “Besides them doing it on Terex’s moon before,” he said, “The reading in R&D wasn’t moving at all so I figured it must have been the same thing. It’s small enough that he probably kept one somewhere in his suit since we couldn’t remove it.”

Zepas cradled her wound. She walked with a limp as Brad escorted her.

“Let’s go back to my lab,” Stacy said. “I can patch her up.”

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