OmniWar: Omicron

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Chapter 5: TRAP

The next day, Kimberly was sat in her office, manipulating her monitors as usual. When the time came, she brought up the necessary screens and asked, “Ready?”

“I’m ready.” Brad answered, “I just hope this works.” He stood in an empty, dark office behind a door.

“Don’t worry,” Kimberly said. “I’m done rigging it so if the signal is sent, an alarm will sound in both rooms.”

“I just hope Quinn hears it.” Brad said.

Kutter got up and left as he usually does. Shortly after he left, a humanoid alien walked in casually.

“Welcome, Harlok.” Central said.

Harlok stood almost as tall as Brad and had scaly blue skin with yellow spots. He was dressed similarly to Kutter, in a company work shirt and dress pants. “Central,” he said, “Lock this door and don’t open it until I say so. Then run wipeout protocol. Authorization Harlok.”

“Locked,” Central replied, “Door will not open unless you authorize it.”

Kimberly and Brad waited in their respective positions.

“I forgot to ask on our date” Kimberly started, “What are you going to do to settle down?”

“I need to get my own place first,” Brad answered, “Right now, I share a room at the Ludmille with Quinn.”

Harlok sat at the desk and began manipulating its monitor, oblivious to anything in the room. He made a few more touches and then hit the send button.

The signal went and an alarm sounded in both rooms.

Brad immediately opened his door to reveal Kutter’s office a few steps away. To his surprise the door didn’t open.

“Kimberly,” Brad called, “The door won’t open!”

“That’s odd,” Kimberly said, furiously manipulating her monitors, “I set all the doors to recognize police.”

Harlok was panicking as he looked around for a way out. He was somewhat shocked to see an empty trash bin suddenly morph into Quinn.

“You’re under arrest!” Quinn said.

Instead of freezing, Harlok tackled Quinn over the desk. An electric current ran through Quinn which rendered him completely solid.

Brad could hear the tussle through the door, “I hope you guys are insured.” he said, then charging the door. Even with his suit, he only partially broke though. ‘One more.’ he thought. He prepped himself to go again when four others who were the same species as Harlok came running down the hall and tackled him.

It was Harlok channeling the electricity like an eel. The electric current running through Quinn wasn’t enough to kill him but, it was preventing him from shapeshifting and weakening him to the point Harlok could throw him around like a ragdoll.

Brad easily got back to his feet. He grabbed an attacker in each hand and held them up to the walls on his side with the two other attackers hanging on his arms, “Come on guys,” he said, “Let’s settle down. I’m trying to go easy on you.”

Brad could easily kill all of them but, as a police officer, he had to exercise incredible restraint.

Harlok grabbed Quinn with both hands fully charged with an electricity and violently threw him through the window.

Quinn was still unable to shapeshift as he fell and by the time he could, he landed on the ground with a splat. It terrified everyone in the area to see what looked like a person turn into a big pool of liquid as he hit the sidewalk.

Brad heard the glass shatter and knew it was time to get to his friend. Still being attacked by Harlok’s men, he used his HUD to select the Riot Control option on his visor. The suit could be heard charging something briefly before a ball of electricity emanated from the suit. Harlok’s men immediately gave up all resistance and fell to the ground unconscious.

Harlok’s hands formed suction cups as he stepped out the window and then start climbing to the roof.

The pool of liquid on the sidewalk began to pull itself together, frightening and confusing the surrounding crowd. Quinn had reformed himself and shapeshifted his arms and legs into suction cups which he then used to ‘cart wheel’ himself back up the building.

Brad plowed through the door this time and quickly got up to find the room was empty. After checking with several vision modes to be sure, he ran over to the window and leaned out. In one direction, he could see Quinn coming back up, in the other he caught a glimpse of Harlok’s feet as he reached the roof. Brad grunted in frustration, “Never easy.” he said, then running for the nearest stairwell.

On the roof, Harlok ran behind a ventilation shaft and pulled out a gun.

The door to the roof slid open for Brad to go through with no problem. He looked in all directions and found nothing. As he looked again, now switching vision modes as he double checked, Harlok ducked out and began shooting.

A tree round burst hit Brad and staggered him slightly. It was more of a flinch really from the surprise of being shot at. The suit had a shield system which easily absorbed the shots.

As Harlok kept firing, Quinn came up from behind and knocked him out with a hit to the head.

Brad ran up to his friend, “Are you alright?” he asked.

“Never better.” Quinn answered.

Back at the police station, Harlok sat in an interrogation room with the policemen. Brad had his suit on while Quinn simply sat there studying Harlok.

“So,” Brad began, “My name is Brad, that’s Quinn. I now know your real name isn’t Harlok,” he said armed with the information on his visor, “It’s Orox, you’re a Ketite”

Quinn grunted, “A Ketite,” he said, “That explains a lot. Your kind have certain abilities because you’re genetically modified before you’re even born.”

“You are part of a splinter group that still calls itself the AFU,” Brad continued, “You don’t recognize the NAFU and you guys still consider humans a grave threat.”

“Haven’t you heard of the Anunnaki?” Quinn asked.

“The Anunnaki are just victims of circumstances,” Orox said, “Human’s created them as convenient scapegoats to explain away the prophecy. That’s why they look so similar.”

“I think your history needs a revision.” Quinn replied.

Brad phased off his helmet, “Humans were created to fight the Anunnaki.” he said.

Orox leaned forward, never breaking his stare at Brad and said, “That’s what you’d like everyone to believe would you,” he then looked at Quinn, “Fool.”

Quinn had his arms crossed, never changing his expression.

Brad leaned back and phased his helmet back on and said, “I also see here you’re a captain in the AFU special forces. Is that who those other guys are?”

Orox leaned back too and said, “I don’t speak to dead men. Especially humans.”

Quinn smacked the table in frustration, “Then talk to me. I may look human but, I’m not. I’m an Odian, a shapeshifter. You saw.”

You have a chance,” Orox said, “This human doesn’t.”

Brad got up and calmly exited the room just outside where Kimberly waited in a chair.

“Anything,” Kimberly asked, “My boss expresses his apologies. These guys seemed to have valid credentials and their work was exemplary.”

Brad phased off his suit and sat next to Kimberly, “It can happen to anyone I guess,” he said, “How about you? Did you guys learn anything?”

“We checked their work spaces,” Kimberly replied, “All we found were some locator beacons.”

“I wonder why,” Brad said, “What would they use those for?”

“Not to break your concentration,” Kimberly said, “What did you have planned for our date this weekend?”

Brad smiled and stretched in his chair, “Well,” he began, “I was thinking we could go have dinner at Dotys. Then, go to Garinol’s wax museum.”

Kimberly grabbed Brad’s hand, “I can’t do Dotys,” she said, “Their food doesn’t agree with me.”

“That’s fine,” Brad said, “We can go somewhere else. I was planning to finish the night off at the beach.”

“That sounds great!” Kimberley said.

Just then, Quinn came rushing through the door, “We’re in trouble.” he said.

In another office in the station, Quinn sat with Brad, Kimberly and Carter. Quinn was obviously distressed and more animated than usual as he spoke, “Now, I don’t know if he was telling the truth,” he began, “Everything he said fits with who he is and what he’s done. I’m telling you, an invasion fleet is on the way!”

“Is that what the signal was?” Brad asked.

“Yes!” Quinn answered.

“Omicron is no big secret,” Kimberly said, “However, it does contain top-secret facilities that if Orox and his men found out about, they’d send a signal that this is the place to attack.”

“Exactly how would you know this planet has such top-secret facilities?” Carter asked.

“I’m a communications engineer remember,” Kimberly replied, “Monitoring communication quality also let me see the type being sent and I can tell you there was some heavily encrypted ones. The kind you only get from such facilities.”

“Aliens would be allowed to leave,” Quinn continued, “Humans cannot.”

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