OmniWar: Omicron

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Chapter 8: INVASION

The fires on the cruzer had died down by the time it returned to the police station. All four occupants quickly exited. Brad, along with the others, ran inside to their waiting chief.

“I got your message,” Carter said, “That planet wide warning has been upgraded from possible to likely. Our tactical experts surmised that the soldiers you encountered used a troop transport disguised as a trade ship to get here.”

“There could be survivors,” Reeves said, “We should go back.”

“Not likely,” Quinn replied, “They’re all probably dead. This AFU group still believes in humans being the biggest threat to this universe and last I checked, the employees and repair team were all human.”

“Then what do we do?” Deekon asked.

“We can’t see any ship entering the system,” Carter said, “All we can do is start prepping every police officer and then wait and see what happens. We’ve sent out a distress signal to the UED updating them on the situation. They said the expedition team will handle any problem.”

“What about that sensor station,” Reeves asked, “Are we just going to wait for the expedition team to take that back for us?”

“My hands are tied,” Carter answered, “My orders are to wait for the expedition team and assist them anyway I can.”

Out in space, various AFU ships began to appear by graviton drive, which made them appear with a shimmer of electricity coursing through them like they’d just been hit by lightning. They immediately began to fire on the smaller trade ships. A trade station in orbit took several volleys of weapon fire before exploding.

Carter was still in the middle of speaking to Brad and the others for a few minutes when a woman came running up to him and stood at attention, “Sir,” she called, “Communications officer Lany reporting. Sir, we just received a transmission from the trade station, Venice. It says they came under heavy attack by alien forces. There’s now an incoming transmission on all bands identifying the aliens as the AFU.”

Carter and the others followed Lany back to her work station. “The transmission is ongoing and repeats.” Lany said as she brought the information up on her monitor.

“This is the AFU,” a voice said, “This planet is to be cleansed of the human scum. Any nonhumans will be spared and may leave. You have twelve hours of guaranteed safety. After that, I cannot ensure your safety from the flame.”

“That’s it,” Lany said, “Message repeats. Here’s Venice’s last transmission before we lost contact.” She manipulated her monitor a bit more to bring up another transmission.

“This is Venice,” said a frightened voice, “Large alien ships. There’s hundreds of them. They keep coming in. No response to hails. They’re firing! Damage sustain…”

“The message cuts off there.” Lany said.

Carter thought for a moment then leaned in toward the monitor and touched a button, “This is Chief Carter to all officers. Prepare for an attack by incoming enemy forces. Secure all citizens and high-level buildings. Any officers located in or around a police stations are to set up a strong hold. This planet is now under martial law.” he touched the button again sighed heavily before touching it again, “I’m asking you all to become soldiers. We’ve confirmed that a large enemy force will attack in twelve hours. We don’t know where or their exact numbers but, be ready for anything. Unfortunately, this is not a drill.”

“Not waiting the expeditionary force?” Reeves asked.

“Hell no,” Carter answered, “Lany, send out a planet wide message informing everybody of the situation and asking anyone to help. Send out an SOS to the UED. It may be jammed so keep trying.”

“Help?” Quinn asked.

“Of course,” Carter replied, “I’m not taking any chances and I intend to fight back with everything we have.”

Brad wrapped one arm around Quinn, “Sounds like you’ve got quite a bit to learn about humans. When faced with this kind of situation we’d rather die fighting than on our knees.”

Quinn crossed his arms, “I suppose you don’t have a choice.” he said.

Twelve hours came and went. There were no cruzers or people out. Some had taken shelter in their homes. Many people had volunteered to help defend the planet with the police. Barricades and foxholes littered many places. The police station had become a fort with only one place to enter or leave. Sandbags were placed along windows and various sensitive areas as well as a maze outside.

Brad and Quinn walked into Carter’s command center in the basement of the police station. It was dimly lit with work stations and their workers all along the walls. The center had several monitors coming from the ceiling around Carter.

“What is this place?” Quinn asked.

“Emergency command center,” Brad answered, “Every police station has one in the…”

“The event of an emergency,” Quinn finished, “You learn about these at the academy but, that one was a little different.”

Carter turned around to face them, “Brad, Quinn,” he called, “Come on over, there’s an update.”

The men walked over.

“What’s up?” Brad asked.

“It’s begun,” Carter answered, “Reports are coming of confirmed sightings of troop transports.”

AFU soldiers approached one of the guard posts, a defensive position surrounded by sandbags.

The two policemen inside weren’t going to waste their breath on talk. They could see the soldiers visually but, not on their radar. They should have been able to but, couldn’t. They couldn’t see if there was a jammer or find a reason for the problem so they phased out their rifles and began firing on the incoming soldiers.

The AFU soldiers, dozens of them, scattered for cover. One pulled out a small hand-held radar and used it to mark the policemen’s position. He then indicated with his head for his partner to take over. This second soldier had a large weapon he pointed without aiming and fired. It’s projectile, a casing seething with energy, followed the path marked on the radar and struck with enough force to blow apart the guard post.

The policemen suffered little damage with their suits on but, their shields had absorbed too much of the explosion to remain active. The officers couldn’t find cover fast enough before they found themselves overwhelmed by energy blasts.

Some people took refuge in the countryside. A family in their cruzer traveled down a designated pathway before the driver spotted an AFU checkpoint up ahead.

The AFU soldiers allowed an alien family to pass before spotting the cruzer attempting to avoid them. Their radar told them humans were its occupants. Two AFU raptors, human names given to cruzer-like fast moving vehicles, like motorcycles, only these were armed, gave chase. They caught up to the fleeing cruzer in no time and immediately open fired.

The cruzer didn’t last two shots before it exploded into pieces.

A person looking out the window of a building somewhere in the country looked up at AFU bombers dropping their ordinance to then completely devastate it. It was only a school but, it did have humans.

Likewise, the CC was in trouble as an AFU ship, called a demolisher because of its specialty, began its decent over it.

“Everybody,” Kimberly called, “Go, go, go.” She was helping others evacuate through a door that led to its basement deep underground.

The demolisher settled in place above the building. Underneath it was a special projector that began glowing bright red and fired a continuous beam of energy down at the CC.

Kimberly went through the door after the last person and hastily began her decent as the entire CC above her caught fire. Even the door and its level caught fire almost catching her.

The demolisher then released an energy pulse that surged down the existing beam and caused the CC to explode into rubble and lots of debris.

Kimberly and the others felt the CCs destruction as an earthquake.

The basement was the CCs secret facility in case the top became inoperable, it had some of the equipment to maintain various operations. Kimberly sat down at one of the work stations unsure of what to do next.

The expedition fleet began to show up, consisting of a dozen ships. Even they couldn’t find anything suspicious as they traveled to Omicron. A counter AFU force emerged behind them from a planet to follow them. Upon seeing the rather large invasion fleet above Omicron they realized the radar they were using provided false information. Switching to their own radar, they found themselves surrounded.

A desperate fire fight to escape then commenced. The expedition force was outnumbered and outgunned. The battle lasted only for a few minutes before the expedition fleet was torn to pieces.

The AFU had mostly adopted an anti-scorched earth policy since there was no military and to avoid the hardships of an enemy holding out in the rubble. Only places marked as important or with a sizable number of humans, like sporting events or festivals of any type, would be bombed.

Back at the police station, Carter was monitoring what he could. The command center was filled with officers coming and going.

“Brad.” Carter called over the radio.

“Yes, sir.” Brad answered.

“Switch over to private channel.” Carter said.

Brad used his HUD to do so, “Done, sir.” he replied.

“Listen,” Carter began, “I’m going to need a team of people I can send out on missions. You’ve already been on an assignment to the sensor station and seen the beginning of this. I know you just started but, none of us have been through this before. I want you to lead a small special forces team on very sensitive missions. I have my SWAT teams but they’re on different assignments. I need a special team that responds directly to me. What do you say?”

Brad thought for a moment and said, “Yes, sir.”

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