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By James Kennedy All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Scifi

Short Story

It was in the outskirts of the Sigma galaxy where it happened. A Tribunal border patrol ship had found a cargo ship a drift in space. The Tribunal ship had docked with the freighter and boarded with four soldiers securing the area around the hatch. It was later that when the boarding party inspected the computer mainframe to find that the freighter had eight registered families in the system. The freighter had departed from Simeon and was destined to arrive at Levi but questions still arose of how a freighter such as this one could be off its course and found on the outskirts of space. The border patrol had found no signs of the missing eight families and no signs of blood or a struggle. The ship seemed be completely deserted. The only thing that seemed unusual was that the word “Sinner” was written on the side of the ship with human blood.

The officer finished reading the report as he concluded that the border patrol had found this ship to be under attacked by something called a sinner. Judge Havoc sat in his chair twiddling his thumbs with a very concerning look on his face.  With the reports of creatures called sinners, space outlaws, and whispers in the galaxy, Judge Havoc could only figure what is next for their proud government, however, the judge only interested in finding possible living breathing whispers that he could put a science lab for study. The rumors of whispers having great power within them were just too intoxicating to ignore.

Havoc made a hand gesture to send away the officer and to file the report as nothing more than pranks from local rebels as he stared deeply outside his window trying to figure out what to do next. The only thing the old judge cared about was keeping an iron fist toward the people who make up the Tribunal.

Though their job was complete, captain Walker of the border patrol that found the empty freighter still felt a slight unease from when his report about the freighter was dismissed as nothing more than a prank made by local renegades.

Walker heard reports before of missing family and empty freighters with the name “Sinner” painted across the hull. Some say that it was the working of a man with the name “Cross” whom wandered on the outskirts but others say the opposite of that rumor in which the sinners are nothing more but evil blue-eyed creatures that feed off the flesh of the living. Most people did not believe in either person or creatures and that they were made up a bunch of old spacers in the galaxy.

Walker and his crew were given new order to patrol space between planet, Joseph and planet, Simeon. Walker thought that maybe this had something to do with the freighter and saluted before rejoining his men waiting for him outside the building. 

The mission was simple, An Archangel class Tribunal cruiser was to patrol the border between Joseph and Simeon and make sure nothing abnormal happens. Walker told his men to get the cruiser supplied and ready for before he returns to the ship. As his men went to the nearest supply depot, Walker felt the need for a drink at his favorite bar called White Haven. Its only three blocks away from Tribunal HQ so he wouldn’t need a transport. Once Walker gets there, he is immediately greeted with the White Haven’s usual smoky and dark atmosphere. The red lights hung from the ceiling in the bar area burns his eyes until he adjusted. He gets to the bar and orders a beer. While he waits, a nearby deep voice tells him that he not to go on this mission.  Walker turns around to see who is talking to him but find nobody was behind him. Then he hears the same words again, except this time it comings from his left side. Walker looked over his left side to see a man in black wearing oval shaped that in darkness, hid his face in the shadows of that. Walker asked the stranger on how he knew that he was about go on a mission. The stranger only grinned as he said that he could tell when captains and crewmen were about to go back in space for some rowdy Tribunal mission by the expression on their face. Walker only grinned as he drank from his beer and told the stranger that he should worry for his own health since these days, a man can get shot for saying the wrong things to the wrong person.  The stranger only smiled as he got up from the bar stool and paid for his drink. Stranger insisted in paying for Walker’s drink. Walker shook the stranger’s hand and asked for his name before the stranger went on his way. Stranger said his name was Del and hopes to have another drink with Walker in the near future and then walked out of the bar. Walker had thought the same thing as he soon finished his beer and left the tavern.

Fifteen days later since then, Walker and company enjoys a hot meal in the lounge. It had been ten days since they been watching the border and no signs of activity, hostile or abnormal. Walker was about to call it quits and return to Levi to present his report. But in the middle of their meal, the proximity alarm went off. A giant colony class ship of unknown origin had appeared out of nowhere. Walker assumed the helm as he immediately and began to try to steer out of the way of the ship. Crewman Harper was shouting proximity numbers of how close the ship. The other three crewmen are strapping themselves in their designated seats to brace for possible collision. With a quick jerk of the wheel, Walker was just barely able  to steer the cruiser to escape the collision with only just a brief damaged to the outer hull. Once the danger was over, Walker immediately turned the cruiser around where it was flying right beside the colony ship. Crewmen Henson immediately hailed the ship on communications but there was nothing there but static. The crew waited twenty minutes with nothing but static on the receiver. Walker decided that it was time to suit up and board the ship and advised that all crew members were going aboard and arms them for the worst.

Another hour had passed and Walker finished debriefing the men. Walker and Harper were to inspect the bridge and find out why the two ships were about to collide. Henson was to go to engineering to secure the core of the ship. Creid and Wallace were to inspect the crewmen quarters and lounge. All men were to carry a 9mm automatic assault rifle but limit firing to a minimum so not to pierce the outer hull and if any members of the crew on the colony ship were found was to be placed in custody immediately. After they docked, the crew began the inspection of the ship and just like that freighter, there were no signs of blood or struggle and the ship was on low power with working life support. Because all lights were out all over the ship, the crew used flashlights on the rifles to guide them in the dark passages.  “Was this Just another ship with no crew?” Thought Walker. All teams had checked in and no one was aboard. Harper checked the star maps and found that the ship had been to places that are not even listed in Tribunal star maps. Walker checked the recent captain logs and found nothing but incoherent talk and screams in the background. The sound horrified not only Walker, but Harper as well while Wallace walked down the empty hallway of rooms that belonged to more members of the crew until he heard a crunching sound from within a room on his right side. Wallace entered the room with his rifle pointing at anything that moved and whispered hello to see if anyone was around. The crunching noise seemed to get louder from the bedroom and so that is where Wallace headed to. In every horrible space mission that Wallace had been through, he remained calm and in control but right now he was such a bad feeling about this ship that even he was starting to get nervous and jumpy. Wallace slowly stepped into the bedroom where he saw something on the ground moving, something that looked like it was eating something. Wallace flashed light toward the thing once again said hello to see if this human-like figure would respond. The creature stop moving and looked over its shoulder at Wallace with its icy glowing blue eyes and snarled at Wallace. Wallace fired several shots into the beast but it didn’t stop the beast from striking Wallace down with its claws. Wallace screams could be heard from all over the crewmen’s deck from where the beast was tearing into his flesh. Creid also heard the screams and starting running toward Wallace location, screaming if he was ok. Creid just stopped ten feet from the room that Wallace entered, only to be greeted by the same beast that killed Wallace. Creid pulled his rifle aiming at the beast and demanded that the beast do not move. The beast only growled snarled at Creid as he kept his attention on the creature until he heard the same sound from behind him. Creid began to shake violently as he partially turned before something ripped its arm through his chest. All Creid did in his final moments, was to die slowly in horror as both creatures began its feeding into his flesh but before he finally died, Creid saw the face of Wallace with his glowing blue eyes ripping into his flesh. 

Walker and Harper had heard the screams from their own comm unit and immediately called back for all three members to report back. But the only thing that could be heard from Wallace and Creid was sound of screaming and growling and the sound of flesh being torn while there was no response from Henson all together. Walker sealed the doors to the bridge as sounds of things running and loud thumping noises could be heard outside if the doors. Walker had his rifle ready for anything that came through that door and asked Harper if he was ready if anything punctured the door. Walker heard Harper say that it was better to die than face what is out there and a loud bang followed. Walker looked back to see that harper had shot himself in the head and that the loud thumps were getting worse until giant dents could be seen. Walker prayed that this will end fast but all of a sudden the noise had stop and was replaced with the sound of a blade slicing into something. 

Walker slowly walked toward the door wondering if it was Henson and was he able to get to the bridge. Everything seemed to be calmed until the doors came flying off their hinges and a man in black wearing an oval shaped hat walked into the bridge. The man held in his hand a type of sword with three notches on the handle which was covered under in blood. Walker demanded that the man identify himself. The man said his name was Del Cross and that he told Walker not to take the mission but apparently Tribunal soldiers never learn until they face darkness themselves. Walker laughed insanely until stress and somewhat fear had overcome him and caused walker to fall to the ground out cold.

Thirty days later, a high-ranking officer read his report to Judge Havoc, the report stating that a local border patrol found an Archangel-class cruiser floating in space. Upon entering the vessel, there appeared to be no signs of struggle or blood. There was no crew to be found or why the vessel had been abandon. The only thing that appeared out of place with the cruiser is that the word “Sinner” was written on the hull of the ship with human blood. Havoc dismissed the report as a prank caused from local renegades around the planet, Joseph.

A Seraphim-Class cruiser will be sent to the Joseph territory to patrol the area for any  unusual  and hostile activity.

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