Legends of Amacia: The Gathering Shadow

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Chapter 19: Myra the Healer

Chapter 19

Myra the Healer

Forty minutes later, Xavier and his companions returned to the dining hall with Nathanael leading them. The dining hall was nearly deserted except for the kitchen workers and a small handful of people besides Hannibal and Selina, who were eating. Drew and Bruce had left Hannibal and Selina to tend to some other urgent business while they ate, promising to return. Nathanael quickly spotted them at one of the tables and led Xavier and his people to the table.

Hannibal saw them come in and immediately noticed one of Xavier’s companions was an incredibly beautiful, yet rugged woman. His eyes grew wide upon seeing the woman. “Whoa,” he whispered. “Look at her, Selina. She’s gorgeous.”

“Hannibal…I’m right here,” Selina whispered back in a condescending tone.

“You know what I mean,” Hannibal answered. “You’re the only one for me and you know it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of other women. Besides, there’s something about her that’s strange…something mysterious; enchanting.”

“I must admit she is beautiful,” Selina stated as Nathanael led Xavier and his companions across the dining hall. “And I can sense your attraction to her. You’ve always been attracted to beautiful things. But this is different. It’s like you somehow feel she’s family.”

“I can’t explain it,” Hannibal admitted. “Somehow she reminds me of my sister; however, there’s more to it than that. There’s much more to this woman than we’re seeing.” He groaned softly as a surge of pain from his ribs flashed briefly. “You might want to try to read her telepathically. This woman is different from everyone else and I need to know what that difference is.”

Selina patted Hannibal on the arm. “I’m sorry I became jealous, Hannibal,” she apologized. “I’ll see what I can figure out. Besides, those other two guys are really handsome. They project an aura of raw power and passion I can feel from here. It’s almost animalistic.” She growled seductively to show her appreciation of the two men’s attributes.

“Touché,” Hannibal replied. “I deserved that, princess. And you’re right. Those other two guys are magnificent. I could never compete with such raw power and passion. I’m nowhere near as buff as they are.”

Selina slapped him on the arm, chuckling. “And you don’t need to be,” she reminded him. “I didn’t fall for you because you were Mr. Universe, you know.”

“I know,” Hannibal returned, smiling. “You saw something in this old coot that even I didn’t see. It took you showing it to me for me to see it.” He reached out and grasped Selina’s hand. “Thank you for being my soul mate, Selina,” he whispered.

“You’re welcome,” Selina whispered back. “And thank you for being mine.” Hannibal smiled warmly and winked at her.

In moments, Nathanael, Xavier, and his companions had arrived. Hannibal let go of Selina’s hand and called out, “Sit. My table is open to you.”

Nathanael pulled up a chair beside Selina and asked her, “How’re you feeling, princess?”

“Really tired Dad,” Selina said softly. “And my chest and leg still ache. The healing kit still hasn’t finished healing us like it should. Only this wrap Arabella gave us has made the pain tolerable.”

“Don’t despair, princess,” Nathanael said while gently patting her on the shoulder, “The healing kit is taking longer because it’s working on both you and Hannibal at the same time trying to heal the severe injuries you both had. Just have faith. It’ll heal you eventually.”

“I hope so,” Selina murmured. “Being in constant pain despite the healing kit’s pain-killing ability is draining me.”

“I know,” Nathanael replied. “The pain will eventually go away. You’ll see.”

Selina smiled wearily at him as Nathanael patted her on the hand. “Okay dad,” she answered.

“Please forgive us for not getting up,” Hannibal said apologetically. “Selina and I are still suffering from some bad injuries received early this morning in a psychic assassination attempt by the Emperor.”

Xavier stood there for a moment with three other people who were just as wild in appearance as he was. One of the men who stood next to him was about six feet in height, dressed and armored similarly to Xavier. The man was bronzed skin, almost red like a Native American. He had a shield hung over his back and a massive axe in his hand. The other man stood head and shoulders over the red-skinned man at six foot eight. He was dressed and armored like Xavier as well with a huge broadsword hanging from his belt.

“That’s quite all right,” Xavier said. “Nathanael explained the situation to them and they understand. Hannibal…Miss Selina, I’d like you to meet my most trusted advisors. This is Myra, my wife and most trusted advisor.”

Myra stood next to Xavier, clad in skins and armor like Xavier and the other two men. She was an imposing figure, exotically beautiful much like Selina, standing a good six foot two. Her skin was smooth and tight, bronzed from years of living in the Highlands, yet she looked fairly young and strong with piercing ice-blue eyes. The woman had long jet-black hair streaked with gray that was nearly as long as Selina’s hair, coming down to the middle of her back. It was braided in a single long ponytail with gold and silver clips in it. The skins and armor she wore covered her modestly but allowed for maximum mobility. It was tailored to her personally and fit her like a second skin. She wore what appeared to be a leopard-skin shirt that came out beneath her breastplate, covering her to just below the waist and down the arms to just above the elbows. Thick leather arm guards protected her forearms and wrists. She also wore what a similar leopard-skin skirt that reached from beneath her three-inch leather belt with a griffin buckle on her waist to just below her knees. The skirt had slits on both sides up to her hips so her legs remained unencumbered. Her long legs were wrapped up to the knees with fur-lined shin armor that shimmered like mercury and her feet were shod with strange leather boots. She had several ornate rings on her fingers and a long katana-type sword especially made for her lay strapped to her back with the harness belt crossing her chest. A long curved dagger hung on her belt. She looked at Hannibal with curiosity and nodded, saying, “So it’s true. The Warrior is here. It’s a distinct pleasure to meet you, sir.”

Hannibal nodded and replied, “The pleasure is all mine. Once again, the peoples of this cavern amaze me. If I may be so bold, Xavier did well to have you as a wife, just as I did to have Selina. You’re very beautiful, Myra, and your spirit matches your looks very well.” Hannibal extended his hand to her across the table and she graciously shook it.

“Thank you, sir,” Myra replied as she shook Hannibal’s hand. Then she turned to Selina and said with wonder, “Xavier wasn’t lying about you. You’re very beautiful and exotic, much more so than I, milady. You truly are a beautiful enchanting cat.”

With some difficulty after the surge of pain from her injuries subsided, Selina leaned forward in her wheel chair and reached across the table, extending her hand to Myra, saying, “Thank you, Myra. You’re so kind. But you seem to have caught us in a less than favorable time.” Myra extended her hand and grasped Selina’s. Each had a very firm handshake and they looked each other in the eye as they did. Selina gently probed Myra’s mind telepathically, just to get a sense of who she was. When she did, she was astonished to find that Myra was doing the exact same thing. Their minds linked and Selina said to her telepathically, You’re a telepath! What a wonder this is!

You’re telling me, Myra responded telepathically. I’ve haven’t used this talent in quite some time. I just felt I should try it when I saw you make that effort to greet me.

Does Xavier know of it? Selina thought.

Yes, but only he and these two men with us know, Myra replied.

I think we should speak aloud now. The others may be wondering what’s going on, Selina thought. Myra nodded as they released each other’s hands.

“What was that all about?” Nathanael asked as Selina leaned back into her wheelchair again with a relieved sigh.

Hannibal smiled, knowing exactly what had transpired. Before Selina could say anything, Hannibal looked around and saw that they were alone. “Myra’s telepathic, though, not at the scale of Selina,” he declared. “The contact surprised both of them.”

Nathanael nodded with understanding and said, “Oh, I see.”

“How did you know?” Myra asked with amazement.

“I’ll tell all in a minute, only after Xavier tells us who these other stout fellows are,” Hannibal returned pleasantly. “We do need to be polite to our guests.”

Xavier turned to the red-skinned man and said, “The one with the axe is Carver. He’s my bodyguard and advisor. Over here to my left is Kahn, my brother and one of the best warriors we have.” Kahn nodded to Hannibal who returned the greeting to the six foot eight warrior that was clad like Xavier with a massive broadsword at his side.

“Now that the formalities are out of the way, please…have a seat,” Hannibal invited. They all sat down across from Hannibal, Selina, and Nathanael. Myra sat next to Xavier, just in front of Hannibal. “Now to answer the question of how I knew you were telepathic,” he said to Myra.

Hannibal reached out, grasped Selina’s hand, and continued, “I knew it because Selina and I are fused telepathically. I know and feel everything she does and she feels and knows everything I do, even pain, which can be a curse as we’ve found out. We can even share the same dreams at the same time, which is what happened this morning.” At that, Hannibal went into the dream and the repercussions of it, explaining how they were injured. “Now, just to prove to you that I’m not spinning a yarn, take a look at this,” Hannibal said as he slowly unbuttoned and opened his shirt. He then pulled up the armored shirt and peeled back some of the wrappings Arabella had wrapped his ribs with. The bruising was still there and pronounced but not nearly as black as it was when it first happened. Myra’s eyes grew round with amazement and Xavier, Kahn, and Carver wondered. Hannibal put the wrapping back in place, and then pulled his armored shirt back down with a sigh of relief, leaving his outer shirt unbuttoned.

“Would you care for something to drink?” Hannibal asked. “I’m sure it’s been as long a day for you as it has been for us.” Xavier looked at his wife then his men and they all nodded yes. Hannibal watched carefully and asked, “What would you like?”

“Water will be fine,” Myra answered and Xavier, Kahn, and Carver answered likewise.

“Nathanael, could you get these fine people some water?” Hannibal asked.

“Sure,” Nathanael answered, rising and heading for the table where the cups and drinks were kept. A few moments later, he returned with one of the kitchen workers who helped him bring four cups of water. They passed out the cups of water and the kitchen worker went back to the kitchen as Nathanael sat back down.

“Thanks,” Xavier said gratefully.

Hannibal nodded and Nathanael said, “You’re welcome, my friend.” For nearly an hour, they sat and talked together about the highlands and the surface. They discussed the Yetis in more detail and learned about their habits as observed by the Cimmerians.

As the hour came to a close, Nicodemus arrived and walked to the table. He pulled up a chair next to Hannibal and said as he sat down, “The couriers have been sent and the word is being spread throughout Arionath about the meeting, though I don’t expect many to respond. Many of our people have become complacent and rebellious. They don’t want their boat rocked, not by you, not by me, nor by the Emperor.”

Hannibal shook his head sorrowfully. “That response wouldn’t surprise me,” he admitted. “I’ve only been here a few days and I’ve seen the way the people in general are acting. I tried to warn them the last time I was in here and most kicked against it. I saw it in their faces. Some heeded but a good portion didn’t believe.”

“They’d better believe,” Nicodemus returned coldly. “If they don’t, it could very well be the end of them.”

“I agree,” Hannibal murmured. “The Emperor isn’t coming to rock their boat, but sink it with them in it. He’s coming for our souls.”

Nathanael shook his head and said, “Looks like it. It seems to me that the Lord is meaning to do a little housecleaning here. Those He wants to save will heed our warning and do what we say; however, the rest aren’t going to survive.”

“I hate to admit it but that’s what I’m seeing too,” Nicodemus said. “It hurts to see such disregard for the Ancient of Days. He’s begged and pleaded with them. All that’s left is His wrath. He doesn’t want to do it, but at this point He has no choice because they have rejected everything else He has put forward. I pray for them that they will heed our call.”

“Where will we have the meeting with the people?” Hannibal asked.

“Out in the courtyard,” Nicodemus replied. “It’s more than big enough. You can speak to the crowd from the steps in the front of the keep. The acoustics of the courtyard are very good and the way the front of the keep is constructed there acts as a natural amplifier, so everyone should be able to hear you. I sent word that the meeting will be at eight tonight as you requested. Argus will help bring them in from the periphery. Hopefully, a very large portion of the people will come.”

“Let’s hope so,” Hannibal said as he winced with another surge of pain. The pain showed on both Hannibal’s and Selina’s face.

“You should rest until then,” Nicodemus said as he noticed their pain. “Go back to your quarters and rest. I’ll send for you when the time is right.”

“Are you sure?” Hannibal asked. “You have everything in hand right now?”

Nicodemus smiled and put a fatherly hand on Hannibal’s shoulder and said, “Go on and rest, son. We have control of this for the moment. Nathanael, could you help me get them back to their quarters? I can’t push both of them at the same time.”

“Sure,” Nathanael replied.

“Where are you going to put Xavier, Myra, Carver and Kahn, Nicodemus?” Hannibal asked unexpectedly.

Without any hesitation, Nicodemus answered, “I plan to put them in up in the Royal Wing with you and your friends.”

“In that case, why don’t we all go up and take care of two things at once,” Hannibal suggested as Nathanael grabbed on to Selina’s chair.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Xavier declared.

Nicodemus nodded. “All right,” he conceded. “Come on. Maybe you all can help them too if need be.” Everyone rose as Nicodemus got up and latched onto Hannibal’s chair, pulling it away from the table. They all noticed Hannibal’s and Selina’s complexion getting pale as the pain mounted in them again.

“You guys don’t look so good,” Xavier commented, walking around the table to Hannibal. “Myra, help Miss Selina.”

Myra quickly walked around the table to Selina and asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Nathanael looked at Selina, and then at Myra. “Nothing at the moment,” Nathanael replied. “But what you can do is be a friend to her. We don’t have many friends.”

“I can do that,” Myra stated. She held out her hand to Selina. “Take my hand, sister,” Myra ordered in a gentle tone.

Selina reached out and grasped Myra’s hand, smiling weakly as her face twisted with pain. “Thanks, sister,” she wheezed from the pain.
Xavier touched Nicodemus on the shoulder and said, “I’ll guide him, Nicodemus.”

“Very well,” Nicodemus stated, relinquishing his place at the back of Hannibal’s wheelchair. “Just don’t run him into anything.”

“I won’t,” Xavier reassured.

“Thanks for helping, Xavier,” Hannibal murmured as his face twisted in pain.

“It’s why we’re here,” Xavier stated, “to help. Lead the way, Nicodemus.”

With that, Nicodemus led them from the dining hall heading to the Royal Wing. A few minutes later, they reached the King’s Chamber in the Royal Wing and went in. Nicodemus opened the doors wide and stood aside as Nathanael wheeled Selina in. Myra was right beside him, holding Selina’s hand. Xavier followed, guiding Hannibal in his wheelchair in next, followed by Kahn and Carver. Xavier took Hannibal to the edge of the bed and stopped his wheelchair next to Selina’s chair. “We need to get them on the bed,” Nathanael stated. “Nicodemus, can you hold Selina’s chair while I pick her up?”

“Sure,” Nicodemus stated, grabbing on to the wheelchair’s handles as Nathanael picked up the first-aid kit from Selina’s lap, sitting it on the nightstand next to the bed.

“Myra, could you to help keep Selina’s leg supported as I move her to the bed?” Nathanael requested. “With her leg broke, it’s difficult for one person to move her.”

“Of course,” Myra stated.

“Okay princess, we’re going to move you to the bed now,” Nathanael said softly.

“Do it,” Selina growled in pain, “I’m hoping lying down will take some of the pressure off these ribs.”

“Here we go,” Nathanael murmured, scooping up Selina as Myra carefully supported Selina’s leg.

Selina cried in pain with tears flowing as Nathanael and Myra moved her quickly to the center of the bed. Once Nathanael laid Selina down, Myra grabbed one of the pillows and put it under her head. “There you are,” Myra cooed as Nathanael gently lowered Selina onto the pillow. “Is that better?”

A deep sigh of relief hissed from Selina’s lips as Myra sat beside her, holding her hand. “Yes,” Selina murmured. “The pain is letting up some now.”

Nathanael put his hand on Selina’s head and said, “Now just relax, princess. We’re going to take care of you.”

“I know, dad,” Selina said softly, groaning as another surge of pain raced up her spine.

“Your turn, son,” Nathanael declared as he got off the bed in front of Hannibal’s wheelchair. “Xavier…would you help me move Hannibal?”

“Of course,” Xavier stated as he stepped away from the back of Hannibal’s wheelchair. Nicodemus quickly took his place to steady the chair.

“Are you ready, son?” Nathanael asked Hannibal as his face twisted in pain.

“Do it already,” Hannibal pleaded. “I think sitting up in these chairs for so long has aggravated our condition. I just want to take the pressure off these blasted ribs and leg.”

“Right,” Nathanael stated, picking Hannibal up as if he were a child. A groan escaped Hannibal’s lips as Nathanael picked him up. Xavier helped support his leg as they moved him to the bed next to Selina on her right side with Myra putting a pillow under his head as Nathanael and Xavier laid him down. Once she had the pillow in place, she returned to Selina’s side and held her hand.

A relieved moan escaped Hannibal’s lips as he settled onto the soft bed. “There you go, son,” Nathanael purred. “Just relax. I’ll get you and Selina some of the high-powered ibuprofen from my room. I’ll be right back.” Nathanael rose quickly and left the room on a mission.

“Thanks, Nathanael,” Hannibal called out as Nathanael got off the bed. Hannibal then reached over, grasping Selina’s right hand.

“Are you going to be all right?” Xavier asked Hannibal as he lay there.

“Yeah, we’ll be okay.” Hannibal replied weakly. “It’s just going to take some time. As you heard, we were nearly beaten to death. Thanks for helping get me on the bed. I just hate it that I can’t move around like I want to.”

“I can see that,” Xavier stated, smiling soberly at Hannibal while patting him gently on the shoulder. “But you shouldn’t worry. You have a strong will and will be up before you know it.”

“Thanks for the encouragement too,” Hannibal answered. “It helps.” Xavier smiled and nodded as he shifted back, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Moments later, Nathanael returned with the painkillers and a cup of water. He quickly climbed on the bed and gave Selina the medicine, helping her with the water. Once she’d taken her ibuprofens, Nathanael moved to Hannibal, giving him the pills and water. When Hannibal had taken his painkillers, Nathanael smiled, saying, “Those pills should take the edge off your pain and help you relax.”

Hannibal grasped Nathanael’s hand in gratitude. “Thank you, Nathanael,” he said earnestly. “I’m so blessed to have such a good friend.”

“You’re welcome,” Nathanael purred. “Now it’s time for you to relax and heal.”

“Amen,” Hannibal agreed as Nathanael got off the bed.

As Myra sat on the bed holding Selina’s hand, she said, “I hope you feel better, Miss Selina.”

“I’ll be all right,” Selina replied softly. “It’s just going to take some time. Thank you for being so concerned. And you can call me Selina. You don’t need to use the Miss.”

“Very well; if you need anything, just call,” Myra stated.

“I will, sister. You know, you remind me of a sister I lost many years ago. Strange how things like that come to you when you’re under duress,” Selina said softly.

Myra was taken aback by the statement, and for a few moments was without words. When the words finally came, she murmured, “Sister. That’s a term I haven’t heard in a long, long time in reference to me. Little did I hope that anyone would call me sister ever again. Sister...it feels strangely familiar you telling me that. It’s almost like I’m reliving a past life.” Little did either Myra or Selina realize that their conversation had become the center of attention. Myra began to cry as she clasped her other hand over Selina’s hand, saying, “I feel that I’ve found a long lost sibling in you, Selina. It’s so strong and everything about this feels so familiar. Sister; at this point, we’re sisters and your man is my brother and your father is my uncle.”

Selina smiled, understanding the full implications of what Myra was saying. “Sisters forever; we’re now family, my precious sister,” Selina said profoundly.

Hannibal managed to turn to face Selina, Myra, and Xavier with some difficulty, flashing a weary smile at them. “I guess we’re family now, Xavier: you, your wife, and your brother,” Hannibal declared. “Selina does not give her allegiance easily or quickly. The last one we adopted into our family was Argus.” He looked Xavier in the eye as he said it, and then he looked Myra in the eye stating categorically, “Welcome to the family, sister. The Lord adds to our family as He sees fit and it seems that He has added you to our number.”

Tears streamed down Myra’s face as she held Selina’s hand close. Both Hannibal and Xavier looked at Myra and Selina and saw how they were bonding on an emotional level. Xavier then looked at Hannibal and said, “Who would have believed that we’d be brought into the clan of the great Warrior of the prophecies. There are forces here at work greater than any of us know.”

“You’re telling me,” Hannibal agreed. “I now have the strangest family on the face of the Earth. I’m married to an alien cat which means I have an alien cat as an in-law. Not only that, but my best friend, who’s off on an errand right now, I consider family as well. Then there is Argus and let’s not forget my whole team. We’re all very close. The Lord keeps adding to our numbers.” He groaned a bit as a flash of pain run up his spine.

Xavier saw his reaction to the pain and the sincerity in Hannibal’s tone. After a moment of contemplation, Xavier came to a decision. “We have a little secret that you should know,” he announced.

“What would that be?” Hannibal asked.

“It’s about Myra,” Xavier replied. “She has a gift beyond that of telepathy. Why don’t you show them your gift, Myra?” She looked up at Xavier for a confirmation of his order and he nodded.

Letting go of Selina’s hand, Myra rubbed her hands together and said to Selina, “Relax sister. This may sting a little. Do you have any armor on?”

“Yes,” Selina replied softly. “I have an armored shirt on like Hannibal has under my dress.”

“May I touch your chest under the armor?” Myra asked. “This works better if I have direct contact with you.”

Selina looked at Myra with a puzzled look. “Yes,” she answered slowly. “But what can you do with just a touch?”

“You’ll see,” Myra said with a confident smile. “Just relax, sister.” Selina’s dress and armored shirt had relatively low necklines and hung loosely on her frame, allowing Myra to run her hands in from the top so she could make direct contact with Selina’s chest and back. Upon touching Selina’s chest and back beneath the dress and armored shirt, Myra closed her eyes and turned her face to the ceiling, concentrating. Everyone watched with great interest, particularly Hannibal. Selina abruptly moaned and cried for a moment as her chest injuries stung with a searing hot pain. Hannibal felt the pain and flinched, grasping his side. Then as quickly as the searing pain came, it ebbed away like sand out of an hourglass, leaving Selina completely pain free, though a bit drained. Myra opened her eyes and pulled her hands out from beneath Selina’s armored shirt and dress. Selina marveled as Myra looked into her eyes with a smile on her face. “How do you feel, sister?” Myra asked.

“Oh, the Lord is so good,” Selina said softly. “The pain in my chest is completely gone. What did you do?”

Myra looked at her with the love of a sister and replied, “I’m a healer. The Almighty Ancient of Days has blessed me with a gift of healing anything I touch in that manner. I don’t know how I came to have this ability; just that I do. I don’t know how it works, just that it does.”

“How long have you had this gift?” Hannibal asked.

“Since I was a little girl,” Myra replied. “I’ve had this gift as long as I’ve been telepathic. Though, as you have said, I’m not at the level that Selina is at. My telepathic gift I have seldom used whereas the healing capability I’ve exercised on a somewhat regular basis.”

“This is a truly astounding development,” Hannibal said as he wheezed from the pain he was feeling. “Not once in all my travels have I found a healer such as you. I’ve found ancient machines that could heal, but not such ability localized in a person. But that’s not to say that there isn’t someone on the surface who could have your gift. Don’t take it or your telepathic ability for granted. Both are very special gifts given for a very specific reason. Exercise them with caution and care.”

“Oh, I do,” Myra assured him. “I do. Now before I see to you, prince of the outlanders, I will finish what I started with Selina. Selina...how’s the leg? I see it immobilized. Is it still giving you trouble?”

“Yes,” Selina admitted. “The pain in my chest is gone, but that leg is throbbing like a toothache.”

“Say no more, sister,” Myra chimed. “Do you have any armor on the leg?”

“No,” Selina answered. “It only has the splint and wrap on it beneath the pants leg.”

“In that case, let me do this,” Myra stated. She pulled Selina’s pants leg up to her knee and grabbed her leg just below the knee with her left hand. With the right hand, Myra gently touched Selina’s thigh just below the hip and closed her eyes, concentrating.

Selina wheezed in pain as she felt something like fire shooting through her leg between Myra’s hands. “Ugh…my leg is on fire!” she cried, tears flowing from her eyes.

“Just a little longer, sister,” Myra urged. “You’re going to be fine.” No sooner than Myra had spoken, she let go of Selina’s leg with a deep sigh. “There sister…how’s that?” she asked.

The fiery pain in Selina’s leg suddenly ebbed away, leaving it pain free. Selina sighed deeply as she looked up into Myra’s eyes. “My leg no longer hurts,” Selina breathed in great relief. “It even feels normal now. Thank you, sister. You have a tremendous gift.”

“You’re welcome, sister,” Myra chimed. “It was my pleasure. Now let’s see to your man. Myra crawled around Selina and over to Xavier and Hannibal. “Now relax, milord,” Myra ordered as she knelt between Hannibal and Selina on the giant bed. Selina slowly sat up with Nathanael’s help and slid over toward Hannibal as Myra surveyed him. “I’m going to put my hands on your chest under the armor shirt so I can have direct contact with you,” she stated.

“Go ahead,” Hannibal wheezed as another surge of pain slammed through his body. “But please hurry. This pain is getting really troublesome.”

“Of course,” Myra stated with an eerie smile on her lips.

Hannibal looked up into Myra’s beautiful ice blue eyes after the surge of pain subsided. She looked like a Valkyrie of the ancient lore of the north; legends and stories that Hannibal was keenly familiar with. Myra seemed to glow with a strange radiance as she rubbed her hands together again. Looking to Xavier as if for permission to proceed, he nodded and she said in a soft, melodious voice, “Relax, prince of the outlanders. This may sting some as it did for your princess.” Hannibal’s eyebrow rose at the comment and he was about to speak when she ran her hands beneath his armored shirt and clamped down on him, putting her hands on his chest, one near his left side and the other near his right. She closed her eyes and raised her head to the ceiling as she did it. At the moment of contact, Hannibal gasped. Her hands felt like they were made of white-hot metal. He flinched and cried out as the sensation of burning, searing pain spread throughout his chest and abdomen. He gritted his teeth as he felt like his insides were on fire. Selina also flinched and moaned, feeling his pain. For what felt like an eternity to Hannibal, Myra kept her hands on him and the searing pain reached his spine and set every nerve in his body on fire. Tears began to run from his eyes as he moaned and gritted his teeth. Then the pain began to ebb away. When the pain began to ebb away, he looked up in her face and saw that she was looking down at him with a very intense look. Her eyes were wide open and focused intensely on his chest and her hands. As he looked into her eyes, he noticed that her eyes seemed to glow slightly as she held onto him.

Suddenly, Myra lifted her hands, pulling them out from beneath Hannibal’s armored shirt with her expression moderating. The duration of the event lasted only fifteen seconds. The moment that she removed her hands, the searing pain fled Hannibal’s being, leaving him drained, but pain free in his chest. He marveled as he sighed deeply, reaching out to take her hand. She grasped his hand as he said, “Thank you. Thank you, Myra.”

“You’re welcome.” Myra replied as she held his hand. “How do you feel? Is your leg still a problem?” Hannibal looked deep into her eyes and found his telepathic ability stirring as he sensed there was much more to this Cimmerian woman than what was being seen on the surface.

“Yeah,” Hannibal admitted. “Whatever you did to my chest seems to have worked, but that leg is still being a pain.”

“Then let’s deal with it,” Myra stated. She repeated the procedure she used on Selina’s leg on Hannibal. Hannibal felt the fire rushing between her hands as she held him below the knee and just below the hip. It made him grit his teeth and bring forth tears; however, within moments, thirty seconds, the pain ebbed away as she let go of his leg. A weary, but satisfied look crossed her face as she let go. “How’s that, milord?” she asked, reaching out and holding Hannibal’s hand.

Hannibal felt the pain vanish from his leg and he marveled. “So much better; I feel drained, but the pain’s now gone. Selina’s right. That’s some kind of powerful gift you have,” Hannibal said softly. “Both times you touched me it felt like your hands were white hot. I don’t understand it but I believe it. The only thing I can deduce is that you have the ability to somehow energize the body’s healing ability, enabling it to heal much, much faster than it would normally.”

“Hmpt; I never thought of it like that,” Myra replied, impressed with Hannibal’s deduction. She released his hand and sat there for a moment, looking at the strange outlander she had just healed with a slightly troubled look.

Hannibal saw the look and asked, “What’s wrong? Did your telepathic ability kick in while you were healing me? I know that mine did. There’s much more to you than it appears to be. You seem troubled by something. What is it? You can tell me.” He sat up slowly and Selina slid over next to him and Myra.

Myra looked Hannibal in the eye with tears welling up in her eyes. “You’re right,” she murmured, choking with emotion. “Something strange just happened. I’ve never used the healing gift and the telepathy in concert. In fact, I wasn’t using the telepathic ability when I first touched you. But after I touched you, particularly the second time to heal your leg, something strange happened that’s never happened before. My telepathic ability suddenly came alive and I saw things in your mind while I was healing you...things that frightened me. In an instant, I saw every wound and injury you ever received and the ones who did it.”

Myra looked down at the bed and Hannibal reached out, taking her hand. “It’s all right, Myra,” he cooed. “It’s all right. I’ve had a very hard life and have had many life-threatening injuries.” He reached out and touched her chin, gently pushing it up so he could look her in the eye saying, “I know what it is that you saw. I knew something was up when I looked into your eyes while you were exercising the gift and saw your eyes a glow like a lamp. You have talents and abilities that you’re completely unaware of. But trust me, my sister. What you saw is part of who I am. The Lord has allowed me remembrance of them to remind me of where I came from.”

At this point, Xavier’s interest, as well as Carver’s and Kahn’s interest was peaking. While this was going on, Nicodemus slipped out of the room. Nathanael stood stoically next to the dresser as Kahn and Carver gathered around the bed where Hannibal now sat holding Myra’s hand. “What did you see?” Xavier asked with great interest. Myra looked at him and broke down into sobs, unable to tell him. Selina moved over and put her arm around Myra.

Hannibal sighed and said to Myra, “It’s all right. It’ll be okay.” Selina cooed comforting words into her ear and began to purr for her. Myra wrapped her arms around Selina and cried on her shoulder, completely devastated by what she had seen in Hannibal’s mind. Hannibal turned to Xavier, seeing the worry and concern on his face, and said bluntly, “Myra literally saw every person, monster, and demon that’s ever tried to kill me with her telepathy, including what the Emperor did to us early this morning.” Xavier looked at him with a puzzled look and Hannibal saw that more clarification was needed and in order to gain his trust, he was going to have to know exactly what Myra had seen.

Hannibal sighed again and explained. “Xavier, there was a time long ago in my life that I was an enemy of the Almighty. In fact, I used to be a seventh level wizard assassin for the masters of the universe on the surface. You could say that they are a kin to the Emperor here,” he declared. At that, Hannibal explained his sordid past as the top occult assassin and wizard on the surface of the Earth. Then he explained his deliverance from that world and how he became the man he was now. In a matter of ten minutes, Hannibal had explained the details of what Myra saw. By that time, Selina had calmed her down and they were sitting there listening quietly to the tale of his old days as a wizard and assassin. His account astounded Xavier, Kahn, and Carver, leaving them speechless. Finally, Xavier found some words.

“Great Ancient of Days; no wonder she responded like that. She didn’t expect her telepathy to kick in while he was in the middle of the healing. Come here, honey,” Xavier said softly, calling her over to him. She slid over to him and he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her gently for a few moments, and then asking, “Are you going to be all right?” Myra rubbed the tears out of her eyes and nodded.

Hannibal shook his head and apologized, “I’m truly sorry you got caught up in that, Myra. I had no idea that your touch was going to elicit that kind of response. I try to keep those memories blocked off from that kind of contact. You were fortunate though. You only saw those who injured me. Selina has seen everything I ever did as a wizard and assassin. She has been the only one I have shared that kind of memory with.” He chuckled and continued, “In fact, I couldn’t hide it. She pushed into those memories when we merged the day after our wedding like someone walking through the door there. I was powerless to stop her.”

Xavier looked at him and Selina in a strange, concerned way and Selina knew what he was thinking by the expression on his face. “Don’t worry, Xavier. The incident Hannibal is speaking of is only done by soul mates and only under the consent of both parties,” Selina clarified.

Xavier’s expression softened at her assurance, and then he asked, “How then did Myra see what she did?”

“I don’t know,” Hannibal replied. “What we just experienced, beyond the healing power of your wife, was not only unexpected, but uncontrolled. I have a latent telepathic ability myself and I wasn’t consciously exercising the gift when this happened and neither was she. It seems that a higher power may have been involved here. I’m just as baffled by this as she is. Hopefully, we’ll figure out this strange turn of events in time.”

Hannibal looked Myra in the eye and said, “Once again, I’m sorry you had to see that. Are you going to be all right?”

Myra nodded and said in a soft, subdued tone, “Yes, I’ll be all right. It was just such a shock to see what terrors you have endured. It’s truly by the mercy of the Almighty Ancient of Days that you’re still alive and now among us.”

“That’s so true,” Hannibal agreed. “Those memories haunt me every day of my life and I have the physical, emotional, and spiritual scars to prove it. But that enables me to give thanks for His mercy every day.” Hannibal looked deep into her eyes and saw that she was still troubled by it, so he let his confidence and strength show to strengthen her as he smiled. Myra saw it in his eyes and was strengthened by it. “One more thing about this strange incident; I saw something in you as we inadvertently touched mind to mind. You’ve talents and abilities you’re completely unaware of. You have the potential to become a force to be reckoned with. Your healing ability and telepathic potential are meant to be used in concert, giving you a powerful tool to be used for good or evil to those around you. But I know you’d only use it for good. Having such a great gift puts a great burden of responsibility on you, though I feel you’re up to it. Also, there is something about you that’s different from everyone else I’ve met in my travels. You’re unique among the peoples of this place. I don’t know what it is but there’s definitely something different about you. I noticed it the moment I first saw you. It’s almost like you belong in another place and time. Do you know what you remind me of?”

Myra shook her head no and Hannibal said, “We have legends and myths on the surface, particularly from the northern reaches of our world that reach back to the time of Amacia. In those legends, they speak of Valkyries: beautiful women warriors who were just as powerful as their male counterparts were. They were the conductors of the souls of fallen heroes to their final reward in the great halls of the gods. There was one obscure legend in particular from the Norse legends that come to mind. As in most of the myths of the surface, the gods and goddesses in those myths inevitably are the great leaders and warriors in the days before what the people here call the Kragonar. The king of the Norse gods was Odin and he had a daughter called Bruinhilde, who was supposedly the greatest of the Valkyries. She, in the one myth that comes to mind, resisted Odin in his rage to unleash Ragnarok on the world to punish humanity for its evil. It’s her that you remind me of. You’re the very image of a Valkyrie the legends inspire. It’s strange.”

Hannibal’s words had a remarkable effect on Myra. Her countenance changed dramatically, becoming much more confident and powerful, even more so than when they first met. Xavier noticed it and asked her, “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Myra said with great confidence. She suddenly had an air of royalty about her and everyone noticed it.

It intrigued Nathanael, who stepped forward. Being royalty himself, he knew the aura of royalty and nobility. “If you will pardon my frankness, Xavier, how long have you two known each other?” Nathanael asked.

“Twenty cycles,” Xavier stated. “We have been mated for almost fifteen.”

Nathanael rubbed his chin as he pondered and pieced together what he’d heard. Then to Myra, he asked, “Please don’t be offended, but how old are you, Myra?”

Myra looked into his eyes and hesitated. Nathanael saw her hesitation and softened his expression. Finally, she answered, “I don’t rightly know.”

“Well now…this is truly interesting,” Hannibal commented as Nicodemus showed up. He walked up and said to Xavier, “Your rooms are ready. I’ve given you and Myra two doors down. Kahn and Carver can have the room next to yours.”

“That’ll be all right, Nicodemus,” Xavier said.

“Nicodemus…there’s something going on here that I think you should be part of, if you’ll hang around for a few minutes,” Hannibal reported. “I believe we are about to find out something that’s very important and Myra here is the key to it.”

“Really?” Nicodemus replied. “Then by all means continue.”

Hannibal looked at Nathanael as he pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Myra. “I think everyone should sit down. This may take a few minutes,” Nathanael stated, at which time chairs were brought over for those who were standing. They all sat and Nathanael looked deep into Myra’s ice-blue eyes and he inquired softly and without any aggressiveness, “You don’t know how old you are?”

Myra became lost in Nathanael’s great cat eyes and shook her head no. “Can you tell me how far back you can remember? Do you remember when you first met Xavier?” Nathanael asked.

“Yes, I remember that,” Myra answered.

“Can you remember anything before that?” Nathanael queried. Myra sat there in silence and he said, “Take your time. I suspect that you’re more than just wife to the chief of the Cimmerian clans. Think back; remember before you met Xavier. What do you remember before that?” His tone put Myra at ease while she tried to remember her past.

Myra sat there, straining at her memory as Xavier sat beside her with wonder at the possibility that she may be more than just his wife. “It’s okay,” Xavier said softly to her. “Try and remember if you can. It’s okay if you can’t.”

Finally, Myra spoke. “I remember wandering the highlands alone and destitute,” she stated in a distant tone. “I was near Xaricar, wandering through the snows with nothing but a shredded dress and worn-out boots. I have no memory of how I got there or where I came from.”

“Indeed?” Nathanael replied, raising an eyebrow. “Do you remember approximately how old you were when that happened? Were you a child, and adolescent, adult?”

Myra rubbed the side of her face with her hand as she tried to remember. “I was full grown, or at least I think I was. I remember wandering the highlands above Xaricar lost, hungry, and dying of exposure,” she murmured. “I remember finally giving up and collapsing in the snows, utterly exhausted and dying. I blacked out and when I awoke, I was in Xavier’s hut with several Cimmerians looking down at me.”

“Do you remember anything from your childhood?” Hannibal asked. “You said earlier that you remember being telepathic and having the healing gift from you childhood.”

Myra nodded and replied, “Yes, for some strange reason I do remember that. But that’s all. I just know I’ve had these abilities since I was a little girl. But when I try to remember anything specific about my childhood or anything before the time when I remember wandering the highlands above Xaricar, it is almost like there is a wall there preventing me from remembering it. I just can’t seem to recall anything specific before that.”

Hannibal rubbed his chin, and then looked at Selina. She knew what he wanted and nodded. The wall Myra described was very familiar to Hannibal because it was just how the information that caused the downloads was blocked from his memory. “What do you think, Nicodemus?” Hannibal asked.

“I think she has lost a great chunk of her memory. Though I’m not sure though how we could retrieve it,” Nicodemus returned.

Hannibal looked at Nathanael and asked, “What do you think, old friend? Do you think we could demolish that amnesia wall of hers?”

Nathanael sat there for a few moments, and then said, “Yes, I think there is the potential that we could.”

Myra looked at them and Xavier asked, “What’re you thinking of doing?”

“We’re going to try a telepathic attack on the amnesia,” Selina answered. “That is if she’s willing to have it done. Myra, do you really want to remember who you are? You may not like what you find.”

Myra sat there for a few moments, considering the ramifications of finally having access to those memories. “She has a healing gift and a potent telepathic ability,” Selina said. “And when Hannibal spoke of Bruinhilde, you all saw how she responded to it. When we touched minds in the dining hall, I felt that there was more to her than we were seeing, but with the limited contact we had, I wasn’t able to determine what it was. She has those gifts and she has no memory of how old she is or of great chunks of her early life. There is definitely something there. We just need to breech those walls of amnesia that have robbed her of her identity.”

Finally, Myra said, “Yes, I want to remember who I am. I’ve lived with no past for over twenty cycles. If there’s any way that I can unlock those memories, I want to take it.”

Nathanael smiled and Hannibal said, “Very well, my sister. We’ll do what we can to help you unlock those memories.” He thought for a moment, and then said, “It would be nice if Argus could be here. His telepathic skill would be a great asset since he’s, without a doubt, the most powerful telepath among us.”

Nicodemus heaved himself out of the chair and walked toward the balcony. Opening the double doors, he went outside and called out to Argus. Returning to the room, he said, “Argus will be here in a few minutes.”

Almost as quickly as Nicodemus had spoken, there was a commotion on the balcony. Everyone turned to see Argus landing on the balcony. He folded his wings and peeked into the room. “You call, Nicodemus?” Argus asked.

“Man, that was quick,” Hannibal called out. “Where were you to get here this quickly?”

Argus smiled and said, “I just returned from Sharindar to the east. I left word with the elders of that city about the meeting this evening. They’re going to try and attend.”

“Good,” Nicodemus replied, satisfied with what he heard. “Do you know what’s going on here?”

“No, but I can see Hannibal and Selina are much improved and without any pain,” Argus stated. “What’s happened to cause this?”

“We found out Myra is a powerful healer,” Hannibal answered. “Our injuries flared right after we met Myra, Kahn, and Carver down in the dining hall. Xavier was gracious enough to share that Myra was a healer. She used her touch on both Selina and me just a few minutes ago, proving her power. We’re without any pain now, but we’re weak as kittens.”

“I see,” Argus replied soberly. “But this isn’t why you asked me here, is it?”

“No,” Hannibal admitted. “Once again, we’re in need of your telepathic prowess,” Hannibal reported. “Myra has no memory of her past before being found by Xavier. We hope to breech that wall of amnesia and give her past back to her. We all suspect that she may be more than just a wife to the chief of the Cimmerian clans. Do you have any thoughts on this: who she may be and where she may come from?”

Argus thought for a few moments, and then asked, “When is the cut off on her memories?”

Myra turned toward Argus from her seat on the bed and replied, “It’s been over twenty cycles ago. Before that, I have hardly any memories. I don’t even know how old I am.”

Argus looked intensely at her and said, “Hmmm. Interesting. Where does your first memory start?”

“The first thing I can remember clearly is wandering in the snows above Xaricar with no memory of how I got there,” Myra answered. “I remember being lost and dying of exposure.”

“Xaricar,” Argus replied evenly. He thought for a few moments, and then said, “Strange. Could you come here, please?” Myra rose with Xavier at her side and they walked over to Argus.

“Nathanael, could you bring Hannibal and Selina over here as well?” Argus requested.

“Sure,” Nathanael stated. Turning to Nicodemus, Kahn, and Carver, he asked, “Could you guys give me a hand?”

“Of course,” Kahn volunteered.

In moments, Nathanael, Nicodemus, Kahn, and Carver sat Hannibal and Selina back in their wheelchairs. They all noticed Hannibal and Selina didn’t squall in pain as they moved the pair. “Are you all right?” Nathanael asked Hannibal and Selina after sitting them in the wheelchairs.

“Yeah,” Hannibal stated. “We’re okay, but really weak. It didn’t hurt at all when you moved us this time.”

“I’m glad,” Nathanael stated as he and Nicodemus pushed Hannibal and Selina over to Argus with Kahn and Carver right behind them.

Myra slowly walked up to Argus and stopped just a couple of paces in front of him with Xavier standing next to her. Nathanael rolled Hannibal in his wheelchair up to the right of Myra, stopping Hannibal within reach of Argus. Nicodemus parked Selina in her wheelchair at Hannibal’s right hand, and held her chair steady. Kahn and Carver stood just behind Myra and Xavier, making a perimeter. As Myra stood there in front of Argus, the air of nobility seemed to grow on her and everyone noticed it. Argus looked deep into her eyes and asked, “What brought this on? What really happened?”

Xavier put his strong arm around Myra and said, “As Hannibal said, she used her healing gift to heal Selina and Hannibal. But when she healed Hannibal, something strange occurred. Apparently, when she touched him, for the first time that I’ve ever seen, her telepathic ability kicked in while she used her healing ability. She apparently saw every thing that ever injured him. His telepathic ability was also engaged without his knowledge and he touched her mind as well. After she calmed down from the incident, Hannibal began to talk about ancient lore on the surface about what he called Norse myth, speaking of the Valkyries and, in particular, one called Bruinhilde, who was the daughter of someone called Odin. It was at that point that her entire countenance changed into what we see before us. But she said something strange just before she touched Hannibal to heal him. She and Selina have bonded emotionally somehow and she said that she felt like she was reliving a past life; that everything that was going on was familiar to her.”

“Indeed?” Argus replied with great interest. “You said that?” Myra nodded and Argus asked directly, “Do you really want to know who you are? You may regret knowing where you came from. Are you sure?”

Myra nodded confidently and reached out, touching Argus on the side of the face, saying, “Yes, my ancient guardian. I’m ready to know all that I was.”

When Myra touched him, her telepathic ability was in full motion. Argus felt this and gently did a little probing of his own. He immediately sensed that she was much older than anyone thought. He also saw the wall in her memory and noticed it was very, very stout, almost like it was built there to prevent access to those memories. “Myra,” he said as she touched him. “Hannibal and Selina are right. There’s much more to you than we are seeing. For one thing, you’re much older than you look and the wall that imprisons your memories looks like it was engineered, as if someone wanted to hide your identity. Tell me; when did you begin to use the name Myra?”

“Xavier gave me that name after he found me,” Myra reported. “I couldn’t even remember my own name at that time so he chose a name for me and I have been called that ever since.”

Argus sighed and said, “This blockage in your memories is definitely engineered. Someone or something didn’t want you to remember who you were. This is going to be difficult. If you could help us with your gift, it would help tremendously.”

Myra nodded and said, “I will. The time has come for my answers to be found.”

“Very well,” Argus said. Then to Nicodemus, he asked, “How long will it take you to gather the elders at hand?”

Nicodemus knew what Argus wanted and said, “Give me five minutes. There are still about six of the elders here. The rest have gone to spread the word of the meeting tonight. I’ll go get them.”

Argus nodded and said, “Go, my friend. Bring them here.” Nicodemus turned and quickly raced out of the room to find the elders. “When we start this, I want you to touch me with both hands,” Argus instructed Myra. “Xavier, I want you to stand with her and keep your arms around her. Selina, Hannibal, Nathanael…I want you to lay hands on her and I want Kahn and Carver to lay hands on Xavier to strengthen him. This is not going to be pretty. I suspect that there are some defensive mechanisms associated with this wall, so Xavier I want you to hold her still and tight. Kahn and Carver may have to help you.”

“Why did you want Nicodemus to bring the elders?” Kahn asked.

“Very simple,” Argus replied. “I want Nicodemus to lay hands on her as well and pray for her as we do this. The elders are to lay hands on Nicodemus, Hannibal, Selina, and Nathanael to pray for them as well. Prayer is going to be just as important in this as the telepathic assault on this mental prison.”

“Who did this to her?” Xavier asked bluntly.

“The wall I see in Myra’s mind has the stench of the Cadre all over it,” Argus declared. “So we must be careful because they are masters of the blackest magic and technology. They can just as easily seal off an identity as they can destroy it.”

“Oh, boy,” Hannibal murmured. “So you think the Emperor’s done something to her.”

“I do, in a manner of speaking,” Argus stated, “But I won’t be sure until we start probing the wall. You have an emerging ability that may be useful here, Hannibal. Trust your instincts and the Ancient of Days will guide you. I suspect that your gift may be the key to unlocking her stolen memories because of the reaction the two of you had when you touched. Even though Selina is the more powerful and skilled telepath here among you, Myra didn’t have the reaction when she touched Selina. It was only when she touched you to heal you did it occur.”

A sense of grave responsibility suddenly fell on Hannibal’s shoulders and he sighed. “I don’t know how I can help but I’ll do what I can,” Hannibal replied. “I’m going to need help to get in though. The only other mind I’ve ever seen is Selina’s and she had to bring me in.”

Argus turned and looked him straight in the face with a very serious expression. “I sense you’re afraid,” he stated. “Be not afraid. We’ll all be there to help you. Remember your vision and your guardians. They’ll be there and the Ancient of Days will guide your steps. Trust Him and all will be well.” Argus’ little pep talk helped Hannibal’s confidence and the fear about what he was about to undertake melted.

“It’s just that I’ve never done anything like this before,” Hannibal admitted. “The last time I really used any kind of psychic power was to kill and destroy. I fear to use it because of the potential that I may cause more harm than good, especially after what happened with the beast-men where I lost control.”

Argus snorted and said forcefully, “Touch me, brother.”

Hannibal immediately reached out and touched Argus on the side of his face. Argus then invaded Hannibal’s mind and looked closely at his fears, seeing exactly how powerful a wizard Hannibal had been and what happened in the battle with the Zarukars. He searched for anything that could be a problem and found nothing except the pure gifts given by the Ancient of Days. You have nothing to fear, Argus told him telepathically. Your mind is secure and the demons are not pressing on you. Your angelic guards have you secure and you have a secure lid on the power you unleashed in the battles. Once again, Hannibal sighed as Argus broke contact and said, “I see why you are afraid and it’s a pointless fear. Cut down that fear and you’ll be all right.”

“I hope so,” Hannibal answered as Selina held his hand.

“Don’t worry,” Selina urged Hannibal. “I’m going to be right there with you. If there’s anything that you should’ve learned from the downloads and the dreams is that we cannot be separated.”

“I know,” Hannibal replied with more confidence as Myra suddenly turned to him and took him by the hand.

“I don’t understand it, but I know that what Argus said is true,” Myra said with conviction. “You and you alone have the key. Help me remember, please.”

Hannibal smiled and closed his other hand over Myra’s and said with growing confidence and strength, “You will remember. I promise.” His words strengthened her some more. Thus, they waited for Nicodemus to return with the elders.

Almost ten minutes elapsed before Nicodemus returned. When he walked in with the elders, Nathanael asked, “What took so long?”

Nicodemus smiled and said, “I gathered everyone in the dining hall that was in the keep and told them to pray for this endeavor.”

Nathanael’s eyes lit up as he said, “Oh, I see.”

At that, Argus repeated his instructions to the group so there would be no confusion as to who was to do what. Within a minute, everyone was in position and Argus declared, “Okay. Let’s see if we can open up this beautiful lady’s past.” Argus immediately invaded Myra’s mind with all his ability as Nicodemus and the Elders began to pray. Selina then linked with Myra and led Hannibal into her mind. Nathanael quickly followed, linking telepathically with Myra.

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