Legends of Amacia: The Gathering Shadow

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Chapter 2: In the Depths of the Download

Hannibal and Selina lay together on the bed, once again imprisoned in their minds and incapable of responding in any way. Deep inside their minds, they sat clinging to each other as the maelstrom of knowledge battered them from every side. You know, I’m getting tired of this thing constantly rearing its ugly head when I least suspect it, Hannibal admitted.

Me too, my love, me too; but there has to be a reason this thing keeps creeping up on us. The Lord wouldn’t have allowed it if He weren’t going to get the glory from its result. We just have to be patient, Selina replied.

You’re right, he said. It still doesn’t make it any easier to endure though. I just wish it would go away and never return. We’re in a very precarious position. I can’t have it going off in a fight or other dangerous circumstances.

They clung together tightly as the storm raged fiercer than ever before, trying to penetrate and find an outlet. The Lord will deliver us from this. He has to because there’s no one else that can, Selina said profoundly as the storm battered and raked their minds, completely unaware that they were at Kaal Bek.

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