Legends of Amacia: The Gathering Shadow

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Chapter 25: Intimate Bonds

Chapter 25

Intimate bonds

Hannibal and Selina stepped into the bathroom arm in arm. “I’ll start the water running,” he said, letting go of Selina and moving on to the tub, turning on the faucets. Once he had the water the temperature he liked, Hannibal undressed, starting with his boots. Once undressed, he piled his clothes up and sat the first-aid kit disks beneath his rib wrap on the sink counter. He then stepped into the steaming water as it filled the tub, sitting down. “Oh, yeah,” he murmured, leaning back against the back of the tub. “That hits the spot. This water feels so good. Hurry up, slowpoke.”

“I’m coming,” Selina chimed as she came out of the toilet stall after flushing the toilet. “Keep your pants on.”

Hannibal chuckled. “Too late,” he replied sarcastically.

Selina laughed. “I can see that,” she stated. “Just let me get out of these clothes first.”

“Be my guest, princess,” Hannibal answered, “Besides, I just love watching you undress.”

“I know,” Selina admitted as she turned her undressing into a sensual strip tease for Hannibal. “We are fused telepathically, you know.”

“Of course we are,” Hannibal stated with a wry grin as Selina quickly stripped nude. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Selina smiled as she put the first-aid kit disks beneath her rib bandages on the sink counter after completely undressing. She glided to the tub and sat down next to Hannibal in the tub, cutting off the water so it wouldn’t overflow the tub. “Thank you,” she purred in response to his compliment, “You always say the nicest things to me. Now let’s turn on the jets and let them massage our weary muscles and bones.” She pushed the Jacuzzi button on the tub and the jets started churning the water. “Oh, now that feels so good,” she declared, settling back next to Hannibal, looking him in the eye with a sensual gaze.

Hannibal grabbed her hand, holding it as they lay together submerged up to their chests in the hot churning water. “What do you think?” he asked. “Is this tub the cat’s meow or what?”

Selina giggled and kissed him on the cheek. “It definitely is,” she replied. “But what makes it even better is you’re here sharing it with me. Just having you with me like this fills my heart with contentment.”

“Me too,” Hannibal agreed. He sighed deeply and they sat silently, letting the Jacuzzi jets of the ancient tub massage their weary muscles. After a couple of minutes, Selina started rubbing Hannibal’s leg and foot with her foot. He smiled warmly at her, saying, “Aren’t we a little old for playing footsy?”

“We’re never too old to express our love for one another,” Selina purred in a deeply sensual tone. “I just wanted to divert your attention. You started worrying about what was going on again. You need to leave it alone for now and rest your mind.”

Hannibal shook his head with the look of child who’d been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “You’re quick, princess,” he admitted. “And you’re right, of course. If I don’t rest, I’ll make mistakes we can’t afford to make. Besides, I like it when you flirt with me. It makes me feel young again.”

“I know,” Selina chimed. She suddenly rolled on top of Hannibal, straddling his leg while wrapping her arms around him, pressing her breasts to his chest. No more than two inches separated their faces as she stared deep into his eyes with a deeply sensual expression.

A surprised look crossed Hannibal’s face as she lay on him with full-body contact. A pleasant chill raced down his spine as he wrapped his arms around her by instinct. “Oh, my,” he murmured. “You’re such a seductive kitty. Whatever shall I do with you?”

“I think you’re smart enough to figure that out, my prince,” Selina purred. “I need you right now.”

“I can see that,” Hannibal replied, kissing her gently with one of his special kisses designed to show how much he loved her. Selina instantly responded with a deep resonating purr as they kissed, caressing each other’s wet bodies in great love and respect for one another.

When the kiss ended, Selina stared dreamily into Hannibal’s face while holding him tightly. “Oh, Lord…did that actually happen again?” she asked in an ecstatic tone.

“It must have because I’m so buzzed by it,” Hannibal admitted, his tone reflecting his level of love and pleasure. “We’re so good together. I’m amazed at how we instinctively know what the other needs. I just wish we could go all the way.”

“Me too,” Selina stated, shifting position slightly down and laying her head on Hannibal’s wet chest, “I feel a bit cheated by it. I want you so badly, but know we mustn’t yet. It’s not time.”

Hannibal held her in a firm, warm embrace as she straddled his leg. “I do too,” he admitted. “But I know it’s for our good. Still, it doesn’t mean I must like it. There has to be a way we can bond physically without mating physically.”

“Well, we are bonding,” Selina purred, enjoying Hannibal’s physical presence.

“No,” Hannibal retorted gently. “I mean bonding physically on a more intimate level than this. I know you crave physical intimacy from me, Selina. How do Lynxians bond before mating? Maybe the answer is there: something we can do to strengthen our bond without the full physical mating?”

“Ahh,” Selina chimed, pushing up slightly to look Hannibal in the eye. “I get it and yes, there’s a way Lynxian women and men can bond on a very intimate level without mating.”

“What is it?” Hannibal asked with great curiosity.

Selina abruptly rose and sat in his lap, looking him in the eye with the first really seductive look he’d ever seen on her. “Lynxian males can create a deep intimate bond with their mates by nursing them,” she said in a sultry tone. “It’s something I’ve done with only one other soul.”

“Your fiancé who was killed in the shuttle accident,” Hannibal surmised as he gazed into her large sensual eyes. He felt his will crumbling before her seductive gaze.

“Yes,” Selina answered. “That’s right. But now, the time has come that we need to create that bond between us, Hannibal. Do you really want to show me that level of intimacy and bond with me on that level?”

“I do,” Hannibal replied without hesitation. “I love you more than my own life, Selina, and I don’t want to lose you. Your mauling my arm this morning was a wake-up call to me that we need to get even closer and be even more intimate. If we’re not one, the Black Prince will try to drive a wedge between us and destroy us. I’m not about to let that happen. You’re my life; my reason for living. We must galvanize our connection for both our benefits otherwise that demon shit may destroy it and us.”

Selina cupped Hannibal’s cheeks in her hand as she touched her forehead to his. “You will never lose me,” she declared. “But you’re right that we need to bond on a deeper level. I’m delighted that you’re willing to become even more intimate with me. Come now and bond with me by partaking of my life.” She guided his head to her left breast and held him as he started nursing her gently while holding her about the waist. The warmth and sweetness of Selina’s milk utterly surprised Hannibal as he suckled her breast. “Oh, Hannibal,” she crowed, holding him as if he were her child. “You’re amazing! You’re sensitivity and gentleness is astounding! I love you!” A purr erupted from her as she flushed with delight.

After nursing on her a couple minutes, Hannibal stopped and pulled away. He looked her in the eye and pulled her down, kissing Selina with an open-mouth kiss. Her eyes grew wide as she felt a warm sweet fluid run from his mouth into hers. She swallowed as Hannibal ended the kiss. “I hope you liked your share of your amazingly sweet nectar,” he said lovingly. “You deserve it for being such a tasty treat for an old man like me.”

Selina swept Hannibal up in a passionate embrace, laughing hysterically. “You did it!” she cried with utter delight. “You bonded with me on a level beyond what I thought possible! Thank you, my prince. Your sharing my milk with me in a kiss sealed our bond. We’re now bonded on a level even the Black Prince can’t sever. I love you so much! Oh, my, I can see I’ve got you riled up physically. Let me help calm you down.” She pulled his head to her chest and purred. Hannibal felt his physical arousal from being so physically intimate with Selina suddenly drain like water out of a tub. “That’s better,” she purred. “You’re calming down now.”

“Wow,” Hannibal chimed. “How’d you do that? I was really stirred up a moment ago and now I’m calm as a sea after the storm.”

“It’s another benefit from bonding on the level we just did,” Selina stated, smiling warmly. “Lynxian women can regulate their mates physically and mentally with their telepathic connection so both of them can get the most enjoyment from their intimacy. I merely helped to calm you down with a combination of our telepathic fusion and my purr. You’ll come to understand it eventually.”

“Oh,” Hannibal replied. “I didn’t think our telepathic fusion would allow such a thing. Obviously, I was wrong. It seems I still have a lot to learn about intimacy and telepathy of Lynxians.”

Selina smiled sweetly and kissed him gently on the lips. “Don’t worry about it,” she purred. “You’ll still learning about these things. I’m sure you’ll understand in no time.” She rolled off Hannibal and sat next to him as the water jets continued to churn the water in the tub. Slipping an arm behind him, Selina cuddled close, laying her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her, holding her close. “I’m really glad we bonded like this,” Selina murmured. “It’s a level of intimacy I never thought we’d get this quickly. Thank you, Hannibal.”

Hannibal kissed her on her forehead. “You’re most welcome,” he replied sincerely. “It’s something that was long overdue. I’m honored that you wanted to bond with me in such an intimate manner. You have snared me for all eternity now.”

“Same here,” Selina answered lovingly. “I feel so at ease with you now.”

“So do I,” Hannibal agreed. They sat in the tub for another forty minutes with Selina gently rubbing Hannibal’s bare chest with her free hand. The churning hot water eventually began to lull them to sleep. Before Hannibal dropped off completely, he felt his mauled arm tingling deeply, which shook him to awareness. With a yawn, he shook Selina, who lay in the twilight between being awake and asleep. “Selina,” he murmured in her ear. “It’s time to go to bed.”

Selina looked up at him with a sleepy look. “Oh, dear,” she purred. “I almost fell asleep.”

“Same here,” Hannibal said as he pulled his arm out from behind her. “This arm really got to tingling, too.”

Selina sat up as Hannibal started pulling off the bandage. She helped him uncover his wound and gasped when the bandages came off. “Look at that!” she breathed in astonishment as Hannibal’s mauled arm had completely healed, leaving only scars. “The tub healed it!”

Hannibal tossed the bandage on the floor and rubbed the scars gently. “It sure did,” he chimed. “I understand why it was tingling now. The water and tub was finishing the healing process.” Selina stared in fearful wonder at the now healed wound she’d accidentally inflicted on him. “Go on, touch it, princess,” Hannibal urged gently. “You need to touch it so the accident doesn’t haunt you.”

Selina hesitantly reached out to touch the scars, but stopped short. “I can’t,” she said fearfully.

“Yes, you can,” Hannibal retorted gently. He gently grabbed her hand with his other hand and forced her to touch the scars. “See, it’s all right,” he cooed. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just another set of scars for me: a set of scars I’m proud to display. They make me look more tiger-like and you know how I love tigers.”

Selina chuckled as her fear dissipated. “I do,” she purred. “But I hope it doesn’t ever happen again. I felt so bad that I hurt you.”

“Don’t give it a second thought,” Hannibal stated with a yawn. “It’s not going to happen again because if there is a next time, I’m going to be quick enough to stop it. Now let’s go to bed.”

“Right,” Selina chimed as they got out of the tub. In minutes, they dried off and changed into their nightclothes. Hannibal wore a gray short sleeve shirt and pajama pants. Selina put on tan pajama pants along with the extra-long pajama shirt that came midway down her thighs. After dressing and grooming themselves, Hannibal and Selina laid down together in bed, arm in arm. She purred for him and they were soon sound asleep.

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