Legends of Amacia: The Gathering Shadow

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Chapter 30: The Seismic Weapon

Chapter 30

The Seismic Weapon

Meanwhile on the surface at the Temple of Tiamat, Dan sat in the communications facility, listening to the news of the world at large. The War on Terrorism was going well for the US according to the western news propaganda organs. But other news services portrayed a more accurate depiction of US economic and military aggression. Two major nations of the Muslim Alliance had been neutralized by the US onslaughts. The US was now relegated to rebuilding and placing puppet governments in those nations; however, the old regimes in each nation were waging brutal guerrilla wars against the occupying forces, causing the military might of the US to be spread increasingly thin. Rumors of false and misleading intelligence reports backing up the suppositions of the nation’s guilt in harboring terrorist elements as well as weapons of mass destruction were becoming more and more numerous. Further reports of atrocities committed by US forces on the defending Muslim armies and civilian populations constantly dogged the US administration. Uncensored reports spread through social media outlets documented the US atrocities against unarmed civilians in the war zones. A ground swell of anger and hatred for the US grew exponentially around the world because of the reports.

The world railed against the hostile imperial actions of the US, especially when documented evidence of war crimes and atrocities emerged into the open. When the US launched a series of unprovoked cruise missile attacks, drone attacks, and bombing raids of the third nation that had merely protested the US actions against Iraq and Afghanistan, world leaders met in Geneva Switzerland at the UN headquarters there to address the problem of blatant US imperial aggression. Many countries in the UN, including the Russian Federation, China, and India, started calling the US actions into question, suggesting the US had launched a crusade against Islam as a first step to force US hegemony on the rest of the world without their consent. While the world leaders met, the US war machine continued to build up forces in the Mediterranean Sea in preparation for a strike on Syria and a potential conflict in the Ukraine. The US government levied harsh economic sanctions on Russian energy and defense production in an effort to destabilize the Russian Federation, which the Russian President pointed out was the goal of the US. At the same time, the US began moving warships into North Korean territorial waters in preparations for an upcoming war to stop them from developing nuclear weapons, and to keep them from exporting missile technology to any nation that was unfriendly to the US. The North Korean regime clearly warned any intrusion of US naval power into their territorial waters to blockade the country would be an act of war, which would be dealt with most severely.

Reports came across the news wires of suicide attacks beginning to occur against US interest worldwide on a massive scale. Dan sat listening with a heavy heart at the grim news. Then a report came across the news services that a tremendous earthquake of 8.8 magnitude on the Richter scale had hit Damascus and leveled the entire city and seriously damaged everything within eighty miles of Damascus. Reports were still coming in but from the preliminary estimates, five hundred thousand were dead with many more tens of thousands injured and missing. According to the news reports, the quake took the lives of people regardless of whether they were government forces, rebel factions, or merely civilians caught in the middle of the civil war. Dan swore under his breath and turned the news off, opting instead for the preaching of Brother Paul that was by some miracle still on the air. Brother Paul blasted the powers that be with his fiery preaching. He begged the people of God to make themselves ready for the Coming of the Lord. Just then, Jerry and Chris came in. Jerry had a large piece of paper rolled up. They approached and Dan asked, “What is it?”

“We traced a large energy transmission about an hour ago coming from two different sources,” Chris replied grimly. “One was HAARP and the other is something we’ve not seen before located in the Aleutians centered on Aggatu Island.”

Jerry handed the paper to Dan, who unrolled it. Dan looked at the paper intensely as Jerry reported, “The energy transmission from Aggatu was twice the power of the HAARP discharge and occurred within two milliseconds of HAARP firing. Both beams were directed through the Earth and converged at Damascus, Syria just two miles below the surface on the major fault line running through the area.”

Dan’s face fell with the news. “The fools,” he growled. “They used it knowing full well it could destabilize the entire planet.”

“What’re you talking about?” Jerry asked.

Dan released a troubled sigh. “SRWI,” he stated grimly. “It’s the US government’s ultimate energy weapon and they not only used it, they linked it with HAARP to increase its destructive power. They used them to destroy Damascus.”

“What do you mean they destroyed Damascus?” Chris asked bluntly.

“I just heard on the news. Damascus was completely destroyed about an hour ago by a massive earthquake 8.8 on the Richter Scale,” Dan reported. “Early estimates on the dead are already topping five hundred thousand.”

Jerry’s mouth fell open and he asked with astonishment, “What? It was destroyed?”

“Yes,” Dan said grimly. “It appears they are using HAARP as a targeting amplifier for the SRWI as well as a weather control machine. This is really bad.”

“What’s this SRWI you keep speaking of?” Jerry asked.

“SRWI is the Seismic Research Weapons Initiative,” Dan stated. “Hannibal said it was a seismic weapon capable of ripping a continent apart if fully unleashed. It’s a covert black-bag project that uses Tesla technology in combination with alien technology to create a weapon capable of creating an earthquake anywhere the government wants. No nation has any defense against this weapon. It’s the ultimate weapon the masters of the universe were planning to use to take control of the planet. But the problem with it is the system is flawed and is inherently unstable. If used too often or with too much power, it has the potential to shake the world as we know it to dust, sending those who survive the calamity back into the Stone Age…including the masters of the universe. Hannibal told me the SRWI cannon lies buried in a secret base on Aggatu Island. Only a handful of people in the world know of its existence and you’ve recorded the energy blast from it with the equipment here. This is the first major test of its power and the fact they’re linking it with HAARP is very troubling. Between the two systems, they can irreparably damage the earth itself. That’s what Hannibal told me.”

“Jesus,” Jerry breathed in astonishment.

Chris looked down and swore. “As if things weren’t bad enough, now we have a doomsday weapon to worry about. What’s to keep them from using those systems on us?”

“Nothing,” Dan replied soberly. “They very well could use them on us. But they’d have to find us first. Also, from what we’ve learned about the machinery of the Temple and its shielding, an earthquake, even if it were generated by the SRWI and HAARP, would do absolutely nothing to this place because the energy from the quake would be absorbed and dissipated by the shield, which completely encases the entire complex, leaving us untouched.”

“This has gone on long enough,” Jerry growled. “We have to do something about these machines. They have to be disabled somehow.”

“I know,” Dan agreed. “But we can’t act with the machinery without being tracked. We’re just going to have to sit tight and believe that everything is proceeding as God wants it to.”

Jerry fumed and retorted, “We have to do something. We just can’t let them keep messing around with the planet like they are and killing innocent people.”

Chris suddenly had an idea and gave voice to it. “What if we could show that the US government is using these things illegally?” he asked, “I mean…we have the capability. Why not show the world what they’re up to, like that guy who blew the whistle on the US government using the NSA to spy on everyone, even their so-called friends.”

The idea intrigued Dan. “What’re you suggesting?” he asked.

“What I’m saying is we don’t have to use the Temple’s power to throw a monkey wrench into the masters of the universe’s plans,” Chris stated. “It would be just too bad if, say the people at the UN were to suddenly find hard evidence that the US government is acting imperially on their computers, using banned Tesla and alien technology in an aggressive manner.”

“Yes, that would be, wouldn’t it,” Jerry chimed with a wicked smile. “But why stop at the UN? Why not let everyone know? You know: shout it from the housetops so there’s no place for these rascals to hide.”

“If we do that, we could very well accelerate the demise of the US and play right into the hands of the masters of the universe,” Dan declared after much consideration. “They have a plan and I’m sure that even this earthquake is part of it. I just don’t know. My first instinct is to let everything alone for now. An opportunity will present itself where we’ll be able to act without detection. Until then, I believe that we should just keep quiet.”

“Oh, come on,” Jerry pleaded. “We have to do something.”

Chris nodded in agreement, adding, “Yes, we need to do something. They’re abusing their power and now threatening the entire planet with a weapon that could potentially kill every person on the planet, not to mention it could rip the planet itself apart. Something must be done.”

Dan sighed and said, “Very well. We’ll do as Chris suggested. Find a way to disseminate the information without them being able to track us. Triple check your information, and get everything ready to send the information, but do not, and I repeat, DO NOT send it without my express approval.”

“All right,” Jerry replied with great delight. “We’ll get right on it. We’ll get together every trace we made of the weather machines and their results. We’ll also make sure we haven’t missed anything on the SRWI now that we have a solid lock on its location and the frequency they’re using. We’re going to drop an information bomb that’s going to make the masters of the universe wish they’d never tried to take over the planet.” He left the room with great eagerness to get on with the plan.

Chris noticed Dan’s hesitation and asked, “Are you sure? You sure don’t look like it.”

Dan shook his head and replied, “No, I’m not sure. Just keep Jerry from doing something we may all end up regretting. But we do need to have that information in a presentable format. At some point, it may be useful.”

Chris nodded and returned, “All right.” He turned and went after Jerry, leaving Dan alone in the communications room.

“I wish you were here, Hannibal,” Dan mumbled under his breath as he heaved himself out of the chair and went to the cafeteria.

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