Legends of Amacia: The Gathering Shadow

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Chapter 4: A Ray of Hop in the Darkness

Back in the keep of Kaal Bek, Selina and Hannibal continued to endure the terrible punishment of the download as it clawed at their minds, trying to find an outlet. Selina ventured a look around as the download pressed sore upon them with greater and greater frenzy and ferocity. It tried to penetrate into their very souls. Finally, in a fit of desperation, grief, and pain, Selina began to cry out in prayer for relief from the storm that grew more intense by the moment, becoming right down malevolent in nature as it lashed them with great fury, causing tremendous pain to them both. Almost immediately, Hannibal sensed what she was doing and joined in, crying out in prayer for relief from the storm. For what seemed like an eternity, they prayed fervently, pushed on by the maelstrom around them, which seemed to rise against them to crush the very life out of them. Selina glanced out into the maelstrom and saw nothing but the darkness of the storm of information swirling around them. She clung to Hannibal and continued praying with him. A few moments later, she looked into the storm again and saw a small flicker of light out in the distance. It intrigued her so she watched it as she continued to pray. Slowly, the flickering light became a steady, growing light that pierced the darkness.

Honey, look! There’s something out there coming this way! Selina said to Hannibal, who looked and saw the light moving toward them through the storm.

The light didn’t seem to be affected by the storm at all as it moved toward them. Yes! Hannibal replied. I see it. As the light approached, it became brighter and brighter, driving the darkness of the storm away. Fear rose in their hearts as the light approached so they prayed even more fervently. Just before the light was about to engulf them, the figure of a man appeared in the center of the light. As the light engulfed them, the figure spoke.

Do not be afraid. I’m here to help, the figure said as the light surrounded them and drove the storm of the download back from them, releasing them from its terrible grip. Hannibal and Selina looked up in great relief and saw the archangel Gabriel with a smile on his face.

Gabriel held out both his hands and they latched on. Gabriel! What’re you doing here? Hannibal asked Gabriel as he helped them up.

Once standing, Selina latched onto Hannibal again as Gabriel said, I’m here to give you relief and understanding about what you’re suffering. You must understand something. The Lord wills this thing that torments you. It’s a means to an end. You must tame this beast with the weapons you have at your disposal. The download is here to toughen you for the final confrontation with the Emperor. It’s here to reawaken certain dormant abilities in you both, which will be necessary for your fight with the Black Prince. Some of these abilities are already starting to emerge in you during the stress of the conflicts you engaged in, Hannibal. These abilities, such as your telepathic connection with Selina, are given to a select few who will use them righteously. In time, more gifts will be bestowed upon you for the final conflict. But in order for you to get and master these gifts, you must tame the beast of the download first. Then the gifts will surface as they should. You were led and allowed to be the recipient of the great knowledge of the ancients because of the job you have to do. Tame the beast with the weapons at hand provided by the Lord. Only when you tame the beast will you no longer be subject to its madness and torment. Tame it.

How do we do that? Hannibal asked. We’re helpless against it. It’s like fighting smoke.

Oh, you of little faith, Gabriel scolded. You do know how to tame this beast. It’s the greatest weapon the Lord can provide you with. It is the same one that brought me here. Use it well and you’ll master this beast. Once you master it, you’ll know its secrets and the gifts will be forthcoming. Tame it or it will destroy you. That’s the truth of your situation. Trust in the power of the Lord and you’ll master the beast. Trust Him. At that, Gabriel vanished along with the light and the maelstrom of the download instantly descended upon them, pinning them down once again. It lashed their minds like a terrible scourge as it raged with impossible fury, taking on a life of its own as it tried to destroy them. They clung to each other as the download lashed them with the cruelty of a sandstorm. Hannibal pondered what Gabriel said for an undetermined amount of time. Selina ponder it too, but was no closer to understanding the answer than Hannibal was.

Finally, the answer became clear and Hannibal cried out, Oh, my Lord. Prayer! Prayer is the weapon we must use. It brought Gabriel to us. Prayer is the answer!

Of course! Selina beamed with understanding. It was right in front of our faces the whole time! At that, they started praying fervently together for the Lord to grant them mastery of the download.

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