The Kingdom of the Three Suns : Resurgence

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The Prophecy

The scene was shocking.

It was awe-inspiring, breathtaking and all words that describe the mixed state of emotions that one undergoes when one encounters a great surprise.

The scene was as described, but it did not accommodate one word in its description -- it was not unexpected. For the prophecy of this event was brought to the King's knowledge earlier by a seer of the Mystic Mountain many years ago.

The Kingdom which was granted to Harawn for being the winner of a battle in which he had finished of his rivals; brothers and cousins eligible for the throne, was named the 'Kingdom of the Two Suns' after the two stars around which the planets and moons of this Kingdom orbited. The two suns made life hard for the people as their light would kill anyone who would not live inside the glass enclosure that encapsulated all the cities on every planet and moon- the 'bio-domes'. The two suns were central to many legends and folklore throughout the Kingdom.

Many of these legends and talk of the town around them would reach the King’s ears through his Advisers’ spies. His Advisers advised him to pay close attention to the information the spies brought. The latest was talk of the Prophecy of the King’s downfall being foretold by a well-known seer of Mystic Mountain. The King ignored the talk of this Prophecy as he considered the mystics a band of lost individuals that resided outside the fold of reality.

One day the seer in question, somehow managed to make it to the throne room of Harawn’s palace. He was shouting at the top of his lungs as the royal guards attempted to restrain him.

"I have news for Harawn, I have to deliver the message, it is assigned to me!" His vociferous ear-splitting voice echoed through King Harawn's mind as he recalled the incident.

As the seer pushed and pulled away from the guards and dragged himself and them to the throne room into the presence of the King, he had calmed down to a great extent; so did the guards, who had been worn down by the mystic's in-explainable strength.

The King, even though he held his composure, was more than impressed. How could a man of such a fragile frame hold so much power?

"Speak!" he ordered the mystic, rising from his throne as he did. The throne was suspended midway in the air; it is said, as punishment by the souls of a thousand dead warriors who had dared to challenge the King's might.

"With permission," the sage replied and looked towards the ceiling.

"I have already granted you as such."

"Not yours I ask!" replied the mystic as he himself ascended gradually up to the height of the throne. The guards cocked their coil guns and pointed them at the mystic so that he within their scopes.

The King immediately raised his palm, signaling them to stand down.

"I bring news for you!" he said in his state of trance.

"The Kingdom is no longer to be called the Kingdom of the Two Suns; no, it shall be called the Kingdom of the Three Suns."

The King recalled those words very clearly. He had paid no heed to the words of the mystic, not out of pride, but because he was unable to interpret the message that lay within. He now understood the message it foretold very clearly.

It definitely was the Kingdom of the Three suns - his Middle Son, was the Third 'Sun'.

"The Third Sun shall rise and light up the sky, to a radiant blue, and heavenly lights shall engulf!"

"Silly mystic!" the King remembered having replied.

"When the third sun shall rise, your terror shall come to an end, and the rising signals the beginning of the mass exodus, we will have to leave."

"The only one leaving is you! Leave my throne room at once you silly old fool! Before I have you and your whole mountain mined for minerals and have all your brothers killed!"

The King recollected the final scene - the mystic smiled and then vanished into thin air in a flash of blinding light.

"Welcome to my Kingdom father," said the boy as he approached the King to bid him adieu.

"May peace be upon you."

The King, still frozen in space-time watched as his most beloved son -- one he considered the universe’s gift to him, one who had survived great disease and trials -- departed through the palace walls, as a spirit would facing no resistance from its solid state.

A small hairline fracture ripped across Harawn’s heart.

Harawn's ego; the dark part of the soul, was still in control but the divinity within was now firming its roots causing the tiny fractures in his heart.

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