The Kingdom of the Three Suns : Resurgence

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The Exodus

In the next few days that came after, matters of the Kingdom got worse than they ever were. In-fighting had grown to the point that worlds of the Kingdom burned brightly in the sky from all the destruction that had been unleashed upon them.

The central planet, that played host to the Kingdom's capital; remained safe from the destruction however.

"We need to make a decision." said the young fellow who had been very enthusiastic earlier to jump into action - Omiid was his name. He had gained a considerable following in the past few days - the young blood being attracted to his long speeches and displays of undying spirit.

"The Third Sun has spoken," said the first oath taker - Shoojaat, emerging from the cave. He had been sitting with the King for the past week in silence, as he supposed the Third Sun waited for heavenly commandments. After all this time, the mysterious old man spoke his words in a language understood by a few. 'The Deputy' was the title given to Shoojat by the people that had gathered around the Fallen King the first night and soon the rest of the group followed. Shoojat was a tall man of proportionate bone structure and a square, dominating jawline. It seemed that it was only him that the King communicated with. He definitely exhibited the patience required to await the King's orders.

"The Invaders cannot control the Ministers anymore! They have allied with the fallen children of the King. It seemed they were joined by armed forces from another system, 'Sol system' they call it."

The Deputy was very knowledgeable and shrewd. Harsh times change people and his shrewdness was employed not for his own benefit as is normally done by shrewd people but for the betterment of his people - the only form of family he had left. He had several spies in the different planets across the Kingdom. Water was the currency of choice nowadays and the blessed land on which they camped had a lot of this life giving liquid stored under the ground. He paid every one of his many spies in water and hence received the most accurate of information from the muddles of unverifiable rumors floating around.

"You! Captain!" he pointed towards a young man in the crowd.

"You and your friends have been given a mission."

The man, a fellow of medium height with a considerable build stood up and balanced his frame with extreme exactitude. As soon as he got up 5 other men of similar build gathered around him. The group arranged themselves in a circle around their leader - the man the Deputy was addressing as 'Captain'. Immediately, an understanding was developed by Omiid that this group was highly disciplined and due to this quality they were going to be assigned an important task. He sprinted forth to join them.

This was the former 'Guard Unit' and every young blooded humanoid whether male or female in this small fetus of a nation wanted to be part of it. The Guard Unit was most alert at this moment - each member felt their blood gushing through them, prepping them up for worthwhile action. It had been a while since they had been in a fight. They felt nostalgia, energy gushing forth from their memories of battle.

"You need to capture 4 generation ships. At all costs" instructed Shoojaat.

"Why use such old outdated technology when we have the warp ships, sir?" replied the Captain.

"The warp ships are small, although they are many and are all densely guarded by the Ministerial thugs in Voovak region. Furthermore, everyone will be fighting with their teeth to acquire them; crowds will be scrambling for any weapon they could find to secure their escape from the system. You will face too much resistance."

A crowd had now gathered around to listen to the wise Deputy speak; gaining no notice of the eavesdroppers, he continued to provide his logical justifications for the mission

"The generation ships are relics of the past. They are old and forgotten, rotting away in the outback. You will face little resistance in capturing them."

The deputy - it seemed had gained wisdom in the company of the King.

"But sir, why would everyone scramble for the warp ships? And why aren't we fighting?" said the Captain.

"Why don't we fight!?" added a hardened veteran of the Guard Unit. All of the Guard Units now echoed the same desire in unison. Their demand was reasonable. They had warrior souls. The crowd soon followed.

"We have to leave. It is an order of the Third Sun!" shouted the Deputy with a mysteriously amplified voice.

"I am deeply ashamed of you people. Not a people but a rowdy crowd! I am ashamed you would question his wisdom! Just so that you fools realize the intensity of the event that is about to occur, let me lift the veils upon your eyes: The Invaders are planning on blowing up the Two Suns!"

The whole crowd gasped in unison.

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