The Kingdom of the Three Suns : Resurgence

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The Journey to Sol

This last band of civilization in a war torn solar system was already being titled as the 'Resurgence'. Various amulets and trinkets, including new-born children had been sent their way in emergency pods from all across the Kingdom in the hope that these chosen people will be able to escape the dying planets guided by divine lights.

As instructed by the Deputy, 4 generation ships were seized by the guard units and each and every one that could be accommodated was brought aboard. Every ship had three circles carved onto their sides - the symbol of hope and the new seal of the nation of Resurgence.

Our ancestors then traveled through the cosmos to the system of Sol. The ships flew faster than the warp ships as they were powered by the spirit of the Third Sun. Far and wide, the minuscule nation of Resurgence crossed the vastness of space witnessing its beauty and terrors, guided and protected by the Third Sun's watchfulness until they landed on the planet we now call home. The planet they landed on acquired the name Resurgence as was the name of the tribe.

Beloved Resurgence though, was never the heaven that it is now. I was all ice and rock and dangerous gases making it a poor choice for residence. As the first ship landed and its doors opened upon the rocky surface, the Third Sun was the first to step foot outwards onto the barren land unaided by breathing gear.

And the sight that lay before him was all too familiar, as what lay before him was a sight he had been craving to witness for a hundred years.

His son Hayoob stood before him and with him the circle of saintly looking mystics in three concentric circles with Hayoob standing in the center. They parted to the sides to make way for the King and bowed their heads in respect.

The father, the King, fell on his knees and broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. The deputy and Omiid were witnesses too as they followed the King every where he went and had followed him off the ship. They wept with him until his eyes were dry.

“Forgive me my son.” whispered the King. The son did not stand before him in bodily form, but rather in spirit.

“I was never displeased father,” the spirit of many colors replied.

“You have to forgive yourself,” he continued. As he finished his statement, he touched his father’s heart with the index finger of his right hand. A golden light flew from his finger inwards into the soul of the King and his Deputy. The light passed through their hearts and made a golden circle around Omiid's head.

"Look! Mom ! Water ! Lots of it!" a little kid tugged his mother's robe who was watching the King, the Deputy and Omiid through the windows of the generation ship along with the rest of the crowd. They had been ordered to wait inside the ships by Omiid and the Deputy.

"Look! Everyone!" She shouted in terror. A huge ominous wave thousands of feet in height tumbled upon them. The ice-cold nitrogen heart of Resurgence had melted and flooded the entire planet in one go. As the flooding subsided, a panting Omiid swam his way to the ships and ordered everyone off. The King, the Deputy and the Son were nowhere to be found.

Subsequently,as this event occurred the entire planet’s landscape was altered.

It thus became our new home.

Tele-visor turns off

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