The Kingdom of the Three Suns : Resurgence

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Epilogue - The First Contact

Our belief as a people, that inside the mystic lay the soul of the universe became further strengthened that day and it is said that the King, his Son and the Deputy became one with the soul of Resurgence leaving three concentric circles on the land where they last stood in bodily and spirit form. This is why the symbol of the three suns is adorned all over as our insignia. These Three Suns lit up our world that day.

My great-grandfather was the boy Omiid and he swore by the mystics. He became the first leader of Resurgence. He taught me that love and communion with the beloved was the most powerful force in the Universe -- stronger than the strongest fire cannon and laser bomb.

I kept this story secured in this diskette inside the bracelet that I wear on my neck for the right time to reveal, as per instructions given to me by my grandfather. The right time hath arrived, as you bear witness, that the fascination harbored by the tribe on the pale blue dot, the planet they call 'Earth', for our home has led them to launch a ‘Probe’ our way. They had a huge eye in the sky when we arrived and they observed the Heart of Resurgence melting. They have been on their way ever since and when they arrive the science folk will tell them silly stories, but now you’ll have a far better story to tell!

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