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Abigail wasn't prepared to hear that she and her parents were moving, she viewed it as a cover-up to move away from everything they've ever known and from the problems that have caused her family pain. But in the end, it was so much more. This new town was different; secluded around acres of trees and miles away from the next living city of civilization. Her Dad's company strikes a better deal to do business, resulting in their leave. . .or so she originally thought. Once there, the town's people have begun to act strange. . sniffing the air whenever she walked past and staring at her as if they haven't seen another human being in their life, or maybe that was just the case. Abigail isn't the one to be curious about most things, especially when things begin to get weird; but these people caught her attention more than she has to them. They all had one common emotion continuously gleaming in their eyes when they turn her way, and she begins to question the town its self from that point forward. The growls, the changing of eye color, the animalistic ways- This town holds secrets and she's set on finding that out after a frightening encounter in the woods. As they say 'curiosity killed the cat' so what happens when she realizes that figuring out these secrets is putting her in danger, more than she could have ever imagined.

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❝And So The Adventure Begins.❞

Moving into a new town isn’t always easy, it comes with its ups and downs. Meeting new people, being stared at as if you. . . don’t belong. In a town where everyone is different, where do you think you’ll fit in?

a/n (feb. 2021): this book is currently being edited, the beginning may not flow with the rest of the story. I'm a slow editor, so please bear with me and enjoy!
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