Furry Humans

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Going into the woods is going home.

All the air left my lungs as I stood frozen in front of the window. Those bright blue eyes glittered in the moon’s light as my hands clenched around the window sill. My gaze never strayed from the glowing orbs, and a very small voice in the back of my head told me it was a wolf.

As to prove it was, the wolf began to slowly stalk out from the dark, its paws sinking into the dirt with every step it took. My heart begins to increase in speed, when it stood at the edge of the forest, its muscles rippling under its black fur. It stood tall beside a thick tree trunk, standing at about six feet next to it.

A sudden slam caused me to snapped my eyes downward, where I saw a silhouette by the garbage can. The wolf growled, its fur on its back rising, and pulled its upper lip back; showing its canines. The silhouette moved forward into the moon’s light and I finally recognized it was Dad.

My eyes widen. ’He sees the wolf!′

He slowly stalks forward, before stopping a few meters from the wolf, whose growl grew louder. They stared at each other for a couple minutes and the wolf’s growls stopped altogether. With one last flicker of its eyes toward me, it moved backward and back into the forest until it was gone from sight.

Dad stood in the same spot for a few seconds before he turned around, his eyes collided with mine a hard expression on his face, his lips were set in a thin line. Questions immediately ran through my mind, so many, that I began to get a slight headache but one rang out from the rest.

’What the hell just happened?′


The moon was at it’s highest point in the sky, the gray background causing it to stand out more and the wispy clouds floating by it slowly. The wind blew violently, causing the tree leaves to sway, I ran a hand through my hair in the process pushing my hair back and away from my face.

Blowing a breath, a white cloud formed in front of my face.

“He should be here soon.”

I tilt my head down, looking ahead and into the darkened forest, a place where we call home. Glancing to the side, I see Justin pacing up and down between two trees.

“They probably got caught up with something,” Dylan comments from his spot by a tree.

“With what!?” Justin asks, throwing his hands up, “It’s been thirty minutes past the time he was supposed to be here.” he complains.

I shuffle up into a better standing position, “He did just find his mate up north.” I say, shrugging.

“True,” Dylan mumbled.

Justin sighed again, before plopping down in the grass, his legs raised and his forearms resting on the top of his knees.

“Your Dad’s going to be mad,” Justin muttered, rubbing his head.

I shook my head, shrugging. A couple of minutes went by with us sitting in a comfortable silence, Justin was playing with grass while Dylan had his head tilted upward gazing at the sky.

“How did the meeting go?”

“Hm?” I hummed, shifting my eyes to see Dylan still looking up.

“The one with Alpha Ryan.” he voiced, side glancing at me.

“Oh.” I mumbled, “I wasn’t actually there but my Dad did tell me a few things.”

Justin flicked his wrist for me to continue, and I rolled my eyes.

“The same thing is happening up North too, they caught sights of wolves lurking outside their territory and decided to investigate,” I explained, finally leaning off the tree and walking forward.

“And they saw the wolves we did the other day,” mumbled Dylan, his eyes trained on me.

“Exactly.” I agree, tossing a small rock in the air then catching it. “The whole reason Alpha Ryan came down here was to warn us.”

“For what?” Justin asked.

I shrug, “I don’t know, that’s all Dad told me.” I tell them.

“That’s a load of bull!”

“It was probably about the wolves,” suggested Dylan.

“I think it was about something else.”

A rustle from the bushes across from us caught our attention. I turned, immediately picking up three familiar scents and one new one.

“About time,” Justin muttered, rising to his feet, and brushing off dirt from his pants.

I lift my arm and chuck the rock I had in my hand, watching as it collided with his forehead. Dylan snorted when he let out a small ‘ow’ rubbing at the red spot, the sound of footsteps broke the carefree atmosphere around and immeaditely both came and flanked my sides when the four people we’ve been waiting for walked out from the tree lines.

“Warrior Simpson.” I greeted, “Welcome back.”

He took a deep breath, his eyes sliding close before the opened a second later and grinned. “It’s good to be back,” he responded.

Both Justin and Dylan greeted the other warriors beside him, while my eyes were fixated on the arm that was wrapped around his waist. My eyes shot up to see him gazing behind himself, he then turned back around, his smile widening.

“I’ll like for you to meet my mate,” he uttered, his tone soft. “Susan?”

His mate slowly peeked from around his arm, bright green eyes gleaming in the moon and a curtain of red hair falling from her small shoulders.

I smiled politely. “It’s nice to meet you, Susan,” I say to her.

“Hi.” came her small reply.

Warrior Simpson chuckled before looking back towards me again. “So what did I miss?”

“A lot,” said Justin.

“Starting with your sister.”

His whole form locks up, and his eyes narrow. “What about her?” he questions, his voice instantly hardening.

Justin frowns, “Well if you didn’t know, she’s here, in town.”

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