Furry Humans

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I never lose, either I win or I learn.


His head whips back, the brown curls on the top of his head following the movement, while his wide eyes gaze back at me, shocked. I threw my hand up in a wave, a small smile tugging at my lips as I walked through the threshold of my second period.

Noah’s eyes began to flicker back and forth, not meeting my eye contact as I sat in the empty seat behind him.

“H-hey, uh, um. .” he frowned, stopping and realizing that he never knew my name.

The way his face scrunched up made me chuckle, and a small blush began to dust his cheeks, I found it adorable and placed my book bag on the floor beside the chair next to his and plopping my bottom in the seat.

“I kinda knew this was going to happen,” I say, resting my elbows on the table. “My name’s Abigail, or did you already know that?”

He shook his head, bowing his head and playing with his pencil. “No, I didn’t, sorry,” he mutter, his tone soft.

I wave my hand, dismissively. “It’s fine.”

We both fall silent, and I begin to play with the edges of my hair, debating whether or not I should cut it. Then I drift my eyes up to see the teacher still wasn’t here, people sat on top of desk speaking with one another, laughing and joking.

“Why are you over here?”

“Hmn?” I hummed, turning my head back towards him. His eyes were downcast to his paper before he lifted them back up.

“I asked why are you over here,” he mutters, his eyes flickering to something behind me then back. “I mean, why sit with me?”

I tilt my lips to the side, I then turn my head to look over my shoulder, eyeing the group of boys who sat near the back, chuckling menacingly while staring at the both of us.

“Because I can,” I say once I turn back towards me, I raise a brow. “Is that bothering you? If so I can move.”

I go to grab my book bag and just as I do, I feel a hand grip on my wrist stopping me, I twist around and see Noah gazing at me with slightly pleading eyes.

“Don’t.” he whispers, “I didn’t mean for it to come off as rude,” he voices, his hand tightening on my wrist just a tad.

I flicker my eyes from his hand on my wrist, to his brown eyes as they twinkled in the light above. Heaving a sigh, I nod, sitting back in my chair properly.

“All right,” I say, the side of my lip lifting upward.

I see him blow a breath, and without thinking I placed my hand on the top of his hand, ruffling his hair. He makes a noise in the back of his throat and pushes my hand away, a red hue dusting his cheeks.

“What was that for?!” he questions, fixing his hair.

I shrug, “I don’t know, I felt like doing it.”

His opened mouth expression causes a small laugh to bubble and escape my mouth, he stared at me for a few seconds before looking away; a little smile curving at his mouth. After that, the history teacher rushed inside, apologizing for her tardiness and instructed those who were out of their seats to find one.

“So as everyone knows, the third semester is ending and then we’re off to summer break.” Ms. Abraham says hoots and hollers flow around the class.

I shake my head, doodling small designs on the edge of my paper waiting for the teacher to continue.

Ms. Abraham chuckles, pushing her glasses more up her nose. “Settle down, now, I know everyone’s excited and so am I.,” she tells us, then turns and takes an expo marker spelling something at the top of the board.

In black bold letters was the word ′PROJECT’and things underneath.

She gave everyone a moment to read what she wrote, I had to lean forward and squint my eyes to see her small writing. Once I read, I held back a groan, projects were my least favorite.

“This will be your last grade and assignment,” she says, walking over to her desk that was placed to the left of the room and against the window. “So, I suggest you all start now. ”

Everyone immediately bounced out of their seats, heading over to friends and started to chat about the project and what they were going to do. Movement in my peripheral vision caused me to turn and watch the group of boys slowly make their way over to us.

I saw Noah tense, just as the group of boys stood in front of our table, the muscles in his back clenched and the grip on his pencil changed.

“Hey Noah!” a blonde one greets.

Noah glances up, “Hey. . Seth.”

The guy, Seth, places one of his hand on the table and leans forward, an arrogant grin on his face along with his buddies.

“How about we work together?” he says, “For old times sake.”

His eyes flashed a quick golden color before returning back to their blue as he continued to grin down at Noah. I blinked hard, to see what I thought I had seen was true, a couple more blinks and nothing changed.

“Um, uh, I. . .” Noah stumbles over his words and I saw how uncomfortable he was getting, his hands were shaking and he clenched them to stop them from doing so.

I decided to step in, and slung my arm over his shoulders and pulled him over to me. “Sorry guys, he’s my partner.”

All three boys snapped their heads toward me, Seth raised his eyebrows and stood straighter. “Is he now?”

I nod, “So you guys can move along, now.” I flick my wrist, plastering a fake smile on my lips.

I don’t know but I got a sudden bad vibe from there, the same moment one of them growled under their breaths. It snapped me back to a vivid vision of me running from something. It was gone by the time I blinked, I rub the side of my head trying to remember what that was.

The bell ringing loudly snapped me from my thoughts and I looked up to see the guys, giving us lingering looks before blending in with the crowd that walked out the door.


I look over, to still see my arm around Noah’s shoulder and our face inches away. I couldn’t help the chuckle when he noticed how close he was and proceeded to move away hastily.

“For what?” I ask, getting up putting my notebook and things away.

“Stepping in.” he starts. “They always do that. Ask me to be their partner and make me do all the work.”

I tilt my lips and gaze at him for a moment, then I speak, a grin on my face. “Well, what are friends for.”

I hear the sharp intake of breath from him, an emotion swirling in those brown eyes of his.

“Friends?” he whispers.

I nod, patting his back and pulling him towards the door, students coming for the next class.

“Of course.”


I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far ;)

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