Furry Humans

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Love will find paths that wolves fear to prey.

It started the minute I woke up, sets of shivers running down my back as I gazed out the fogged window, the blue lighting from the sky streaming in, and it wasn’t because of the cold that I shivered; no, it was the same feeling I felt the first night I slept in this room.

The feeling of someone watching me.

I brushed it off with the thought of the blue-eyed wolf just standing at the edge of the forest, watching my window. I continued on with my morning, already knowing what I was going to do today, I did my morning routine and got dressed in a white sleeved shirt and jean pants along with my black and white converse.

“Good morning, Mom,” I greet her, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

She smiles at me from her position at the stove cooking, eggs, and bacon. “Good morning, sweetie,” she replied back, facing me for a moment.

I snatched a piece of bacon just as she turned back toward the stove. “You taking me to school today?” I ask.

She shook her head, strands of hair tumbling over her shoulder.

“No, not today. Your father will be taking you.”

The bacon went down the wrong hole and I began coughing, spluttering pieces into my hand while my other thumped my chest.

“Oh. . that’s nice,” I choked out, my eyes watering.

“Careful now, you’re eating too fast,” she warned, turning around with two plates in her hands, filled with food.

My gaze drifted to her stomach which was becoming more noticeable, and I couldn’t help but smile a bit. It was surprising she was only a month and a few weeks and showing this much. That’s when the sound of feet thumping against the stairs, caused me to look over my shoulder just in time to see Dad walking through the kitchen’s threshold.

“Morin’ ladies,” he greets, a small smile playing on his lips.

I press my lips together before turning around. From the corner of my eye I saw him walk over toward mom and give her a quick peck on the lips then looks my way. Ever since the other day with Noah he’s been. . weird; he doesn’t come home until late at night, dirty and tattered. Mom doesn’t seem to mind, it has me thinking she knows what he’s doing and only leaving me further in the dark.

My eyes unconsciously narrow into a glare, as I stare down at my untouched plate.


I jump at the sound of my voice and snap my head upward to connecting with Dad’s chocolate brown eyes. “You ready?” he asks, grabbing the keys from the counter.

I nod, “Y-yeah,” I clear my throat. He nods, and bids his goodbye to Mom, making his way to the front door. I slid from the bar stool and pick up my bookbag that was settled by the stool and give Mom a kiss on her cheek as well as giving her stomach a slight stroke.

“Make sure to wear the jacket I bought you! It snowed a bit last night,” she called out to me.

Mid-day the same feeling from this morning resurfaced, as I walked down the empty halls. I glanced to the side out of a medium-sized window, where the sight of the light snow-covered forest was greeted. Shivers racked down my body whilst I continued to stare on, small movement from the edge of the treeline catching my attention.

I didn’t stay long enough as to I finally reached the library. I placed my palm on the dark wooden door and pushed inward, walking inside, instantly the smell of freshly inked pages and wood filled my nose. I gazed around at the four walls that were full of books stacked high on shelves.

All different kinds of genres; and to the side, there was a slightly curved deck with a middle-aged lady sitting behind it typing away on the computer. Straightening out my jacket, I stride over, stopping in front of the piece of furniture. Almost immediately the librarian shot her head up, our eyes connecting, her pupils enlarged and her nostrils flared just a tad.

“How may I help you, sweetheart?” she asks, plastering a smile on her face.

I hesitate and return it with a small one. “Do you have any books in here about the history of this town?”

“Of course!” she exclaims. “Would you like me to show you?”


She nodded and stepped from around the desk, and walked my way before gesturing for me to follow her to the right. Down the book aisle, we walked side by side, my shoes scuffing against the carpet and her hips giving off a soft tap.

“Do you mind me asking what’s the reason for the book?” she speaks, stopping at a shelve.

“Uh, it’s for a project I’m doing with a partner,” I tell her, watching as her fingers skimmed the spines of books before stopping on a thick one and pulling it out.

“Okay! Here you go,” she utters, tuning and dumps the book in my arms.

My legs almost buck under the weight, I give her a strained smile and slowly walk over to a table. Placing the book with loud ‘thump’ on top of the table, I swipe my hand over the top getting rid of the dust.

“Book of Ages. .” I whisper, before opening the book and turning to the table of contents.

A cold shiver ran up and down my body, while goosebumps rose along my arms. I blinked at the page, the first sentence catching me completely off guard.

’Why is my last name in here?′ I couldn’t help but ask myself.

A moment later I shake my head, I flip to page thirty-four, my hand skims the edge of the book as I begin to read.

MoonBrooke was founded in 1618 and named after Samuel Moonbrooke who was the first to come upon this small vacant town. He welcomed all who were confined from a shelter; in 1784 strange sightings were seen within the east forest, said to have seen a furry beast the size of a bear and length of a wagon.

My lips part in a silent gasp, as I read over the few sentences, an image of the wolf with eyes flashed through my mind’s eye; along with the same image of the wolf I saw when we first came here.

Reports have said that glowing eyes were present in the forest, they never enter the town just hovered. It was until one a man bare from the waist up walked from the confinement of the trees. He called himself, Samuel, and his people “Werewolves” or ”Lycans“.

The sudden shrill of the bell caused a scream to tear from my throat. I snapped my head up, strands of my hair falling on my face and in my eye, the librarian three me a curious look. Hastily closing the book, I place it in my bookbag before leaving.

“Come on. .pick up, pick up!” I mutter into the phone. Once again the voicemail on Dad’s phone spoke.

“Fūck. .” I hiss, a cloud forming in front of my face every time I exhaled. The cold air nipped at my ears, and nose turning them a light pink. I pulled my beanie further down on my head.

’Where is he?′ I thought, looking down the road for the sight of the SUV, school was let out and has been for the past two hours now, I stood in the front excepting Dad to be waiting for me but didn’t see him. I called both Mom and his phone and neither answered.


I turn at the mention of my name and see both Dylan and Xavier walking over towards me. My gaze shifted over toward Xavier, taking in his attire, a gray polo shirt covering his upper half his muscles seen from underneath, and dark jean pants covered the lower half with black and white converse finishing his outfit.

“What are you still doing here?” Dylan asks, a gentle smile on his face.

I shrug, “I don’t know, my dad was supposed to pick me up but he isn’t here yet.” I tell them, sulking at the thought of walking home.

Xavier shifts forward a bit. “We can give you a ride,” he says, looking me dead in my eye.

My eyes search his face and a sudden grin tugs at my lips. “No,” I answer, shaking my head. “I think I’ll be fine walking,” I voice, my eyes never straying from his.

His eyebrows crease downward.

Dylan mirrors his expression. “You sure?”

I nod. Xavier looks like he was about to say something until someone yelled his name; it was the girl from the hallway, Courtney and she was walking us. Bidding goodbye, not wanting me to stay any longer, I turn on my heels and began to walk in the direction of my house, the cool air surrounding me.

A total of five minutes later, I could feel eye on the back of my head, turning I saw nothing but the forest and the white sidewalk. Frowning I turn back ahead and quicken my steps, the familiar street coming into view.

A low growl resonated from behind me, I froze, halting in my steps. The crunch of snow was all I heard besides my heavy breathing, with slow movements, I look over my shoulder small huffs escaping my mouth. I’m greeted with the sight of bright red eyes glaring at me. The wolf slowly stakes toward me, its body tense, and ready, ready to attack. Another growl slips past its parted lips, saliva dripping from its mouth. With a stuttering heart, I take a step back a sense of Dejivuovercoming me.

It growled once more and then. .pounced.

Instantly my feet carried me forward, sprinting down the slippery sidewalk, the scraping of the wolf’s claws against the concert could be heard as my feet pounded against the ground. The weight of my bookbag along with the book inside slows me down as I run, I grit my teeth before taking a sharp right crossing over a lawn, my house coming in sight. My eyes widen just a fraction when I don’t see the SUV in the driveway, if possibly my heart beats faster than it already was, ready to burst out of my chest; I will myself faster and to run as fast as I could, not even stopping to the front door.

I ran around the side of the house to the back, my feet slipping along the ice-covered ground the same moment I felt its teeth nipping at my pants leg, tears build behind my eyes. My luck seems to run out, my foot tripping over a fallen branch, my body skidding across the ground. I immediately flip on my back, frantically crawling backward with snow shuffling underneath my hands and body. The wolf stalks toward me, its steps slow and taunting with a glint gleaming in its eyes.

Its lips curled back, baring its razor-sharp teeth at me, threateningly. With a leap, its body launched into the air while I closed my eyes, crossing my arms in front of my face awaiting pain of being ripped from limp to limp.

Instead, I could make out loud vicious snarls and growls. I pop my eyes open to see a large brown wolf on top of the wolf with red eyes, I watch with wide eyes and stiff muscles, short pants coming from my mouth.


I glance to the side to see Mom running towards me, eyes wide with fear, as she falls to her knees beside me. She pulls me back and up against her front, removing my bookbag in the process.

“Are you okay? Did it get you?” she rambles, her eyes skimming over my body, but I pay no mind to, I watch as the two wolves tussles; rolling in the snow and coating their fur with white specs.

“W-what. .?” I’m breathless as I watch the brown wolf clamp its jaws around the red-eyed wolve’s neck and with a loudsnap! its body falls limp.

The sound of more footsteps running in our direction causes me to turn my attention away from the deeply breathing wolf to the group of people coming our way. Xavier, Dylan, Logan, and Justin stop a few meters away looking back and forth from me to the wolf.

“You both okay?” Dylan was the first to speak, concern written on his face.

I could feel Mom nod, and her hands rub my arms in a comforting matter.

“You?” this time it was Logan that asked, the question was aimed at the wolf who was staring at me.

It gave a small nod, surprising me further.

“I think its best you shift back now, she’s seen enough,” Logan adds, his eyes flickering over to me.

A moment or two past back before the sound of cracking was heard and the wolf was slowly transforming into something and before I knew it Dad was standing in the spot where the wolf was.

“Abigail,” his voice was deep with emotion.

I slowly removed myself from Mom’s clutches and rose to my feet, everyone wearing caution filled expressions.

“What are you?” I ask in a whisper, though I already knew the answer. I just didn’t want to believe it.

He takes a small step forward, his brown hair, the same as mine, falling into his eyes. “Abb—”

“— don’t lie to me!” I shout, my voice cracking.

He heaves a breath and whispers those words I dreaded to hear. “I’m a werewolf.”

Biting my lip, I give a short nod, taking a step back. “I knew it.” I utter.

They all watch me quietly, my hands tremble and I clench them to stop the movement. “I knew there was something weird going on.” my gaze shifts over Dad’s form then over to the dead wolf. “But I didn’t except this.”

I take another step back, and Xavier and Dad take a step forward.

“You lied to me. You both did.” I direct this at Mom and Dad.

Tears were welling up in Mom’s eyes and she opened her mouth. “We were trying to protect—”

I cut her off, “How was keeping that Dad was a fûckingwolfprotecting me!?” I cry.

Her mouth opens and closes, tears falling down her rosy cheeks, I then look over to Dad and see a hard expression.

“I can’t even look at you,” I say, looking away. “I just can’t. .”

I turn away and find myself walking down the path towards the woods, tears clouding my vision and an ache starting at the base of my chest.

“Abigail!” Mom called out.

I kept walking, just quickening my steps.

“Abby stop!” it was Dylan.

I quicken my steps into a slight jog with the sound of footsteps following behind.

“Abigail!” it was Xavier this time.

I break out into a run, cutting through the trees, my legs carrying me to the place before. I could hear the sounding of shoes behind me and the call of my name as I ran farther away, before I knew it I broke into the familiar clearing with cliff up ahead, the smell of the salty ocean water filled my nose and the sun was setting over the horizon turning the sky a reddish orange. I skid to a stop, sliding, just a few meters from the edge of the cliff.


I whirl around, my hair flying in my face, seeing both Xavier and Dylan stop just outside the treeline, oncoming footsteps approaching from behind them as well.

“You’re one of them, aren’t you?” I ask, stepping back as they step forward “Both of you?”

Xavier clenches his jaw while Dylan looks off to the side, but I had my answer. Xavier takes a step forward and I take a large step back, panic flashes through both of their eyes.

“Don’t. .” Xavier starts but stops.

“Look, Abigail, why don’t we head back to the house so we can talk about this properly and calmly.” Dylan rushes out, his gaze flickering from my feet up to my face.

I shake my head, “I don’t want to be near any of you, you all lied. Kept something this big from me.”

“We didn’t have a choice!” Dylan argues, stepping forward. “Alpha Logan—” he notices his slip up and clamps his mouth close and glares, angry with himself.

“Alpha!?” I repeat, “What the hell is that?” I ask, disbelief coursing through me. “I see no reason as to keeping something that involves me.”

I went to take another step back to widen the space between us but everything happens so fast. Dylan shouting ‘no!’ as my foot slips and I find myself falling backward, off the cliff. I find myself dangling on the edge, my hand clasped around someone else’s. My eyes stay glued down below, watching the violent waves of the ocean crash against the rocky cliff bottom below.

“Abigail!!” I hear Dylan scream.

With shuddering breaths, I slowly gaze and connect gazed with brown ones that darken; finally, I acknowledge the tingles spreading up and down my arm sending warmth into my body. Xavier’s lips part in a quiet inhale.

“Mine,” he whispers.

The shock that went through me caused my hand to loosen on his and that was all it took before my fingers started to slip from his grasp, horror strikes his features and before he could reach his other hand around; I was falling, watching different emotions flash across his face, and to the icy water below.

His anguished roar was the last I heard before I hit the water. Hard.

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