Furry Humans

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A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.

A flash of a person’s body outline passes by my peripheral vision and towards Xavier. Justin clamps his hand down on Xavier’s broad shoulder, his fingers turning white while his other grabs ahold of Courtney’s forearm.

“Let her go, Xavier,” he whispered, coaxing him to relax.

I simply stared, mind fuzzing with both the situation and the unexplainable images that rushed through my mind not even a minute ago. Xavier growled, black eyes flickering over towards Justin and his hand before looking him dead in the eye.

“She can’t breathe,” Justin stated, glaring at Courtney’s half-conscious body. “Let her go,” he said with more force.

A millisecond later, her body dropped like a sack of potatoes, coughing as she gasped for air. In my haze, I didn’t even notice someone coming up beside me before I felt a hand, a feminine one. I glanced to the side to see Riley, her brows creased as she stared at them both. I felt another presence and looked the other way to see Samantha, gazing at them as well, the feeling of them beside me like this reminded me I still had friends.

Justin pushed Xavier– who was looking down at Courtney– lightly by the shoulder causing him to take a couple of steps back. I could see his shoulders rising and falling with every deep breathes he inhales, his hands were even shaking slightly. The hall was deadly quiet beside the whimpers coming from the girl on the ground, and all of a sudden Xavier turned sharply on his heel, in my direction.

I could only gape as he took long strides towards me and before I knew it, his arms were wrapped around my shoulders pressing me against his body, so close I could feel every muscle ripple and his heartbeat against my chest. I shudder as he buries his face in the hollow of my neck, inhaling deeply. Since he was taller than me, he had to bend down and that gave me the view over his shoulder to see everyone staring with shock written expressions on their face.

’Dear lord. .′ I breathe internally when I felt his cool breath exhaling on my skin as he shortly lifted his head up.

“Leave," he growled out, and that single word had everyone in the hall scrambling and shuffling away to their classes.

Samantha caught my eye, giving me a small smile as Riley and herself walked past the both of us, and I watched their backs grow smaller along with everyone else’s until we were the only ones. Silence encased us, as Xavier continued to hold me, arms tightening when I made the slightest of movement.

“Are you okay?” I ask quietly, the electric currents running through me and taking away the volume of my voice.


My arms shakily reached up to wrap them around his torso in a way to comfort him as he did with me last night, my hand skims across and exposed skin area, a gasp past my lips at the shock that stung my fingers and through my body to parts unknown. Xavier suddenly growled, loudly, in my ear and before I knew it my back was slammed against the lockers.

I stare widen eyes into darkening eyes, his hands clenching onto my forearms and my own hands gripped the bottom sides of his shirt.


His mouth slanted over mine, cutting me off.

My hands fall limply to my side in an instant, while my eyes widen by a fraction as I stare at his closed eyelids. I never thought of how I would receive my first kiss and it never crossed my mind, I also thought it will be a simple peck on your lips by either your boyfriend or girlfriend and you’ll be on your merry way; never have I thought emotion could be felt in one simple kiss nor could you feel it in return but now. . .

Xavier’s lips moved against mine, kissing me hard and with desperation, trying to get a reaction out of me. He didn’t need to, the tingles intensified the moment his lips met mine, and they shot through me like a bullet barreling from a gun, I could feel it in my toes even. My eyes fluttered close as I hesitantly responded back.

His groan of pleasure vibrated against me, one of his hands roamed down to the small of the back, pulling me further against him while the other tangled itself in my locks of hair. Our lips moved in sync as I caught on with him taking the lead, his teeth nipping at my bottom lip and his tongue peeked out running over the spot, this caused me to gasp against his mouth and for him to take the opportunity of slipping his tongue between my lips.

Xavier pressed his lips back to mine, harder this time, whilst a growl reverting from his chest. He stepped closer ’til there was no space between us, my arms moved themselves to wrap around his neck, my hands lacing through his soft hair. This kiss continued for a few more seconds until the need for air came back at full force.

He reluctantly pulled away, but not too far, for he leaned his forehead against mine, eyes closed and breathing just as hard as I was. We stayed like that for a minute or two, and his eyes squeezed tighter together before they peeled open and I was met with black eyes that slowly began to bleed back to chocolate brown.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

I frowned, chest still heaving up and down. “Why?” I asked in a breath.

He sighed, “For what happened earlier. You didn’t need to see that. .” he trailed off.

Xavier’s hands fell down to hold on to my waist, as his thumb slipping to the side of my shirt and running it up and down in a soothing manner.

“But the thought of her touching you with those claws of hers. .” his eyes flashed from black to brown, “was infuriating,” he whispered the last part.

I bite down on my swollen bottom lip, his eyes flickering down at the action.

“We should go to class now.” his voice rumbles from his chest.

All I could do was nod, lips still tingling from the kiss. His moved and grabbed a hand, gently, before pulling me in the direction where everyone disappeared. My mind was still in a haze and that slightly stopped the questions from coming into my head from the flashes of images and that. . a man who looked so familiar.

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