Furry Humans

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The Future has a way of arriving unannounced.

“We need to stop and get gas, honey.”

“But we’re almost there.”

“Cole. .”

Dad pinches his lips together, “All right, we’ll stop.” he tells her, placing both hands on the steering wheel, and slows the car down as he turns into a small gas station we were about to pass.

He pulls up to a red and black gas pump, placing the car in park then switching the engine off all in one fluid motion. I scan the surrounding area, my eyes sweeping over the run-down shop, the place was dirty and roach infested; a shiver rushing through me.

It was turning dusk the moment we stepped off the plane, jet lag not fully setting in yet, we left airport in a SUV Dad was able to buy right off the bat. This will be our transportation while living in Maryland, the temperature already dropped since we were somewhere close to Washington.

A few cars were parked in front of the gas station’s building, as well as a few men standing near the door talking to each other, their attire’s ragged but bundled for the incoming cold front.

I suddenly had an urge to pee.

Unbuckling my seatbelt, I was getting ready to open the door when the sound of the locks clicking stopped my movements.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Dad said from the front.

I sigh, rolling my eyes, “Going to the restroom, Dad, I didn’t know I had to ask permission.” I say with a slight attitude.

I glance up as our eyes lock through the review mirror, his own narrowing, his brown eyes looking as if they darken when he does that.

“Yes, you do. Do you see where we are?” he states, creasing his thick brows together and making a quick gesture of the gas station.

“Yes, I do.” I jeered, mocking his earlier words with a bobbing head. “We’re two thousand, eight hundred and ten miles away from home. That’s where we are.”

I hear shuffling to see him turn his body towards me, red in the face.

“You know what I meant!” he hisses out, his voice strained as if he couldn’t say more. “We had no choice, you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

I cross my arms, my chest rising as I took a deep breath and exhaled angrily through my nose, remembering to count to ten before I spoke.

“Okay, fine.”

I hastily pull the lock-up, and before either one of them could say something, I opened the door and slide out slamming it behind me.

A light flickered on above me signaling the day turning into night. The sky was starting to turn an dark blue color due to the sun moving farther past the horizon, wispy clouds filled the sky while a few stars began to twinkle.

I pulled the sleeves of my sweater down my arms to cover the exposed skin, blowing a breath, and instantly a pure white smoke cloud formed catching me by surprise. I heard the door to the driver side open. I huffed getting ready to walk away when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back against his side, changing his grip to slinging his arm over my shoulder.

I try to move away but all he does is tighten his hold on me, “Dad, let me go—”

“I’m sorry.”

I blink rapidly, slowly looking up at him, his bright green eyes staring down at me. He starts walking while pulling me along.

“I didn’t mean to yell at you last night,” he begins, looking ahead. “I was already stressed with the move, and. . . and I shouldn’t have been so harsh.”

The more we walked, the closer we were to the store where the men stood, as if sensing our approach, they stopped talking and glanced our way. Their eyes glowed unnaturally in the dark, one tilted it’s head up and. . .sniffed?

“It’s okay. I was kind of being a brat, I’m sorry too,” I told him after a minute.

I felt him press a hard kiss to my temple, smiling against my head. I laughed quietly gazing up at him after he pulled away.

“You may never know, Abby, you just might like it here.”

I snort, rolling my eyes. ”I doubt it."

~ • ~

Where all are welcomed
Founded 1618

My eyes follow the words as we zip past the welcome sign. Huge trees that have grown in rows surround us on either side of the road, creating a path as the leaves hung over the road. The purring of the engine was the only thing heard. Sitting in a comfortable silence, I kept my gaze outside the window when all of a sudden a flash of blue crosses my vision.

I lean back and away from the window, blinking, before moving closer just as I was about to dismiss what I ‘thought’ I saw, it happened again. I squinted my eyes, basically pressing my face against the glass when I saw it.

A damn wolf.

It was huge, I don’t know how I could see it since it was night but I did, its fur was glistening in the moonlight as it ran alongside the road, matching with the speed of the car; it’s legs pumping with its strength. What I saw was its eyes, they were the brightest blue I have ever seen and they were staring straight at me.

Reaching up to the front, I start tapping Mom’s shoulder. “Mom, Mom look!”

She frowns, looking to where I was pointing, “Look at what, sweetie? I don’t see anything—stop tapping me.”

I pull my hand back, nodding over to the window. “There’s a wolf!”

She narrowed her eyes leaning forward a bit but shook her head a second later, her brown hair following the movement.

“There’s nothing there.”

I look back out the window to see exactly what she said. Nothing was there. I stare out into the empty trees, skimming my gaze over everything in search of the wolf— a wolf that was probably never there in the first place. I massage my forehead slumping against the seat.

“It must be the her lag,” I mutter to myself.

Mom reaches back and pats my knee, giving me a small smile, “You’re right, you’re probably sleepy, honey, this has been a long drive and you haven’t slept.”

I hum in response, continuing to stare out, the full moon staring out from between the trees. Big and bright.

’I swear there was a wolf.

A sudden howl in the distance causes my muscles to tense, my gaze only lingering longer on the moon.

I’m not so sure about this town already. I think.

“Home sweet new home!”

“It’s dark. I can’t see.”

I frown, looking up at the outline of the two-story house that looked old fashioned—from my point of view— it was dark and I couldn’t really make out the details of it.

“Abigail come grab your bags! Your father looks as if he’s about to blow his back out.”

I turn away from the house and walk towards the back of the car to see Dad hunch over a hand on his lower back, I release a small laugh. My mood has lifted since the short talk with Dad but that doesn’t mean I was okay with this whole move.

“The years haven’t been good to you, dear,” I hear Mom comment, as I bend and grab both my suitcases.

“I could say the same thing about you, Diana,” came Dad’s snarky reply.

I try not to laugh at their bickering as I begin to walk away with the both of them following behind, locking the car in the process, it gives off two beeps.

I hear a slapping sound which means Mom either smacked Dad’s shoulder or chest. I chuckle quietly to myself.

“I hate you.”

“You weren’t saying that the other ni—”

I clear my throat, loudly. “Okay. No. As much as I love to hear you guys have this back and forth argument but I would not like to stay for the rest of that sentence, so please, open the door,” I urge them both.

Dad immediately boomed with laughter while he moved forward the jingle of keys ringing in my ears as he unlocked the door, pushing it open.

“After you, pumpkin.”

I roll my eyes, fighting the grin that was forming on my face. I glide in, I would have admired the beautiful interior but my body was beginning to shut down from the long plane ride and drive.

“Room?” I ask, already making my way up the steps.

“Upstairs, down the hall to the right.” Mom answers, closing the front door shut.

I nod, saying a quiet ‘good night’ and I disappear upstairs, following the directions to a blank room, with a single bed, a chair in the corner and a dresser up against the opposite wall of the bed.

I throw my bags to the side watching as they thumped against the wall and sliding to the floor. I basically run towards the bed, belly flopping on top, instantly loving the feel of the cold sheets against my exposed skin. A shiver runs through my body, knocking me out of my daze, I pull my head up to see the window ajar, I groan and sluggishly get up and towards the ratchet thing; slamming it shut. I gaze out before walking back to bed, taking my sweater off along with my shoes then pants, crawling underneath the covers, I snuggle into the pillows.

As I drifted off into dreamland, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I and my family were being watched.


From this point on there will be grammar mistakes, I am aware of them and will come back and fix them. I hoped you enjoyed this chapter

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