Furry Humans

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Feelings can be controlled, but tears never lie.


A tidal wave of emotions came crashing through me like angry bees, there were so many that came with such a force that I almoner fell to my knees from the pressure, I then realized that these weren’t my emotions, these were Abigail’s. I pull my head back, my canines retracting from her neck; I stare down at her, her lashes fluttered against her red flushed cheeks as she hung limply in my arms.

“Abigail. .” I whispered, my heart constricting in my chest knowing that she’s been dealing with these feelings by herself.

My gaze trailed down to her neck, where my mark proudly stood, three teeth marks on the top and two smaller marks underneath matching my teeth. The tingles were like explosive fireworks, setting out signals to my nerves that spasmed in content, the animal within my head barked and howled joyously as I held Abigail fully in my arm, my hand under her knees and the other holding her shoulders. It didn’t take long before howls from all over the woods echoed into the night.

I could feel everyone’s confusion, joy, surprise, anxiousness and many more emotions through the pack bound, they all felt the jolt and connection to me marking my mate. Many others tried to mind link me, excited to meet the future Luna of Dusk Hill, with everyone bombarding my mind a slight headache begins to form as I put up my mental walls I let only two people.

’Dude congrats!′ Dylan yells in my head and I wince.

’Please don’t yell.′ I say, bending down to gather Abigail’s parka and settled it over her chest when I saw she began to shiver.

’Sorry but I’m happy for you.′ he says, and I could almost see him grinning.


Twisting with Abigail safely tucked in my arms, I walk down the path we came from, snow fluttering from the sky and littering the top of Abigail’s parka and sticking to strands of hair and lashes making her more beautiful than she already is.

Headsup, angry Alphacomingyourway.′Justin chimes in.

I grit my teeth as the house comes into view, figures stood outside waiting for our arrival.

Noted.′ I reply back before shutting them out as well.

“Son, what have you done?” was said to me the second I was close enough to see all their expressions.

“What I had to do,” I say, stepping up the steps to the porch.

My Dad, Mason, and Abigail’s Dad stood outside, staring me down with potent glares as if I did something wrong, I only did what was right, any longer I waited and she would have been too far gone.

“We need to talk,” Dad says, crossing his arms, the veins in his neck visible. I could tell he was restraining himself. “She isn’t ready for pack life, or becoming Luna, most of our people are still grasping that you have a human’ mate.”

I frown in his direction, shrugging. “Like I said, I did what I had to do, she was so close from losing her sanity from all the shít that’s been piling up on her, some people just don’t know when to pick the right time.”

I turn my harsh glare to Mason and he returns it with a low growl, one of my own rises from my chest.

“Stop this!”

“I’m just stating the truth,” my grip on Abigail tightens, and a groan escapes her lips causing me to glance down at her.

I take notice of her deep breathing; her chest rising and falling rapidly like she couldn’t get enough air inside her lungs and sweat covered forehead while her skin took on a pale tone and her lips were parted, brows furrowed together in discomfort.

Ignoring the others, I bow down and press my lips to her head and almost immediately pull away from shock.

“She’s burning up,” I say out loud, looking up to see Abigail’s Dad immediate reaction.

His eyes widen, and he moves forward, his palm resting under her jaw before moving up and cupping her forehead, he pulls his hand away shaking it, cursing under his breath.

“Take her in the house.”

“What’s the matter?” I ask, moving toward the door.

“I’ll explain once she’s inside and in her bed,” I hear him say from behind me as Mason moves and pulls the door open for me.

I stride inside, the heat of the fire having spread throughout the house and instantly warmed against my skin, I walked past the kitchen and in the direction of the staircase catching sight of Abigail’s Mom sitting in the living room, rubbing her pregnant belly; she lifts her head at the sound of my shoes scuffing along the floor, her gaze follows my form before gliding down to the unconscious girl in my arms.

She immediately stood to her feet, “Abigail. .?”

I walk up the steps leading to the second level, I don’t take notice of the others following until I reached the top step and heard their feet along the stairs, I pushed Abigail’s room door inward with my shoulder and walk inside, placing on top of her bed covers. I begin to take off her shoes, the same moment that her Dad, Mason and my Dad walk inside.

“So, what’s the matter with her?” Mason asks as soon as the bedroom door was closed.

Abigail’s Dad sighed, running his hand down his arm and holding his elbow. “You all know the difference of male and female wolves,” he starts off, “Since she’s a halfling the wolf genes are a bit more dominant, meaning she has a wolf side as well but is dormant.”

I seat myself next to Abigail, she laid on her backside, taking in heavy gulps of air, her hair darkening with sweat as it clung to her forehead and neck. I stare at my mark, my fingers itching to run over it, and I give into temptations and graze my forefinger along the mark and watch as her lips open in a silent gasp.

“So, when your son here,” this was directed at my Dad. “decided to mark Abigail it released her wolf from its confinements and now it’s pushing its way to the surface.”

I look over my shoulder, “Is this good or bad?”

His jaw ticks and he lifts one side of his shoulder, “It depends if Abigail accepts her wolf.”

“And how long will that take?”

“I’m not sure.”

I look back at the beauty lying in the bed because of me, I scan her features already wanting her to open her eyes and stare me down with those curious brown eyes she doesn’t know gives me. My lips tilt a bit.


The room felt like a heated oven and I’m stuck wearing winter clothing standing near the fireplace, the heat started from a spot on my neck and spreads throughout my body leaving an uncomfortable fiery path in its wake. My chest constricts together making it hard to breathe, and I begin to panic.

I opened my eyes and was greeted with nothing, everything was so dark I couldn’t see my hands or the rest of my body, space ahead of me was void of anything as my heart began to pump faster, the blood in me flying through my veins. My head started to pulse and something probes the back of my mind, and I resist whatever it was, blocking it out; at the same time, a headache begins to form.

Don’t block me,′ a heavenly voice whispers, Let me in.′

I grind my teeth together, grabbing the sides of my head as I slowly begin to sink to my knees as the probing intensifies. A sharp ting of pain attacks the back of my brain and extends outward, consuming my head in the worst migraine ever; tears cloud my eyes.

My teeth grind harder together as the pain increases more until I belt out a scream, so loud, so high it echoes around me. And suddenly it all stops, the pain leaves my body with no traces of it ever being there, panting, I lift my head coming face to face with glowing eyes.

I froze, still kneeling on my hands and knees, I held eye contact with these set of eyes as I observed them, they held a rich brown color with flecks of yellow around the iris. They weren’t hostile or any other emotion other than calm as I pull myself onto my knees; they simply followed my movement. I suck in a breath, moving my gaze from the pair to glance and around to find nothing, no face, no body, just a set of floating eyes.

I fist my hands on my thighs, as I continued to stare down these set of eyes. The stare down between the left me confused, I excepted to be frightened with the thought of floating eyes before me, my muscles relaxed on their own and my mind lets go of the barrier that encased my mind released.

That’s it.′ the same soft voice whispered in my mind. ′Don’t be frightened.′

And before I could comprehend what was happening, a set of teeth formed beneath the eyes as it darted toward me rushing through my body; jolting me backward, heat bursting through me once more.

I awoke with a sharp jolt, my eyes snapping open, my breathing escaped me uneven and ragged, I blinked rapidly as I stared at the ceiling above. My eyes caught every crease and crack caused by years of aging, even the small bugs that crawled outside the windows along the ledge.

I flickered my gaze to the bedsheets under my fingers, I could see every embroidery weaved to create the cotton blanket that laid over my body. My nose twitched as I caught scents of different smells, it overwhelmed my senses and caused me to cover my nose as I rolled over to my side. I don’t know what was happening, it was like I was smelling everything at once to a new extent and it made me feel nauseous.

I slammed my eyelids close the brightness if the room finally getting to me, everything seemed so HD and up close. A small whimper slips past my lips and out into the air, the second that sound was released a rustle of movement happened just beneath the floor of my room; my ears strained and could clearly hear the footsteps making their way up the steps.

Their footfalls were heavy and hard and clearly male, followed them was the scent of dirt and the outdoors, their steps grew near as did their smell and my mouth watered; it was intoxicating and I wanted to drown myself in it. Inhaling deeply, my eyes rolled back as I exhaled out my mouth, it was just beyond the door and right within my reach. I didn’t know I sat up fully until I felt myself leaning forward almost off the bed.

The knob twisted and the scent grew stronger than before to the point my mouth hung open and my tongue darted out as if to taste what lingered in the air. The door swung open and my wide eyes locked with shocked dark brown ones, they glided down my body and up again.

Seeing him sparked something in me, and I purred, eyes lowering at the sight of him; my mate.


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