Furry Humans

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You’re not a monster, you’re a werewolf.❞

“Abigail,” he breathes out.

My body responds to his voice as it throbs in need, yearning for his touch, I smile at him; my actions uncharacteristic and different. I didn’t feel like myself but a part of me didn’t give a damn and just wanted Xavier.

He took a step forward, his foot passing the threshold line, as he looked at me as if he was surprised to see me up and awake. His fingers twitched at his sides while he took another step forward, overlooking my form; I wore nothing but a large t-shirt, the slightly cool air in the room brushing along my exposed thighs, he took closer steps until he stood in front me, looking down at me.

“How. . how are you feeling?” he asks, his eyes scanning over my body.

“I feel fantastic,” I purr out, rising to my knees and grabbing his shoulders for leverage.

The sparks beneath my fingers seemed to have heightened in intensity and they leave me breathless as I look into the warm depths of brown, watching his reaction. Xavier’s lips part, his pupils dilating, the tingles affecting him as well.

“When. .” he swallows, hesitantly grabbing my elbows. “When did you wake up? Are you in any pain? I can get you something.”

My hands raise and cup his cheeks, bringing his face closer toward mine until I could feel his breath, “I’m fine, nothing hurts.” I whisper, watching as his eyes fluttered at my tone, “I don’t need anything else but you right now.”

His eyes snapped open, the brown growing a shade darker as they skimmed across my face then his brows knitted together with a flicker of uncertainty and doubt shinning in his eyes, just as his he begins to overthink from the faraway look; I bring his face downward and place my lips upon his. A deep moan rumbles from my throat and out into the open air for all to hear, the instant our lips collide the strong sparks erupt at the touch and I press my lips harder against his, desire filling me to the brim.

My fingers glide around his neck and pull on the small strands of hair at the nape, his own groan of pleasure wafting in my ears and vibrating against my chest, while his palms moved down to grab hold of my waist.

A bit distracted, I bring him down with me on the bed to where he’s kneeling over me while holding his weight. I part my mouth to deepen the kiss, my legs hooking around his hips and bringing his pelvis closer to mine seeing how affected he is by the kiss. I rotate my hips against and listen as a groan rumbles from his chest and rumbles against my lips, he breaks away from with a deep gasp and begins to place feather-light kisses along my jawline and moves to my neck then under my chin; gliding to the other side. His tongue licking and creating a wet path to a certain spot that had me squirming and breathing heavy beneath.

Xavier’s warm mouth hovers over his mark he gave me, his steady breathing resulting in shivers running up and down my body, I cry out when his mouth closes over my mark shooting intense pleasure through my system. A growl resonates from my chest and with undefined strength I twist us around until I’m on top, straddling his waist, I bend down and stuff my face in the hollow of his neck inhaling deeply.

My eyes nearly roll, “You smell so good. . .” I mutter, my hands traveling up the inside of his shirt.

“I could say the same about you,” he responds huskily, one of his hands combs through the back of my hair, all I could do was hum and skim my lips across his jaw and back to his lips.

The kiss starts off slow and picks until we’re almost devouring each other, my heart beats furiously in my chest, my movements becoming frantic to get the skin to skin feeling. My hands fumble with the bottom of his shirt growing frustrated when it was barely moving anywhere, with a grunt, I tear a line through the middle greeted with the sight of Xavier’s heaving chest. I spread my hands over his pectorals feeling the constant beating heart beneath my fingertips, I dip down and place a kiss on the organ.

“Abigail, I think. . I think we should stop,” Xavier states when I begin to kiss a slow path down his chest, to his navel, I linger near the edge of his pants. He jolts.

“Yeah, I just don’t think it’s the best idea! You just woke and. . .” he begins to trail off as my fingers wove and unbutton his pants, folding the flaps down.

I gaze up at him through my lashes, and smirk when I see him propped on his elbows looking at me with a heated stare, “But I want to, Xavier.”

His eyes flash as I lean up towards him, my face a breath away from him while my hand still ventured a slow path inside his pants, my fingers brushed along his ever-growing erection; he jerks in place, his muscles tensing and his jaw clenching.


One of Xavier’s hands shoots down and tightly grips my wrist that’s stuffed down his pants but freezes when I cup him through his boxer and give him a slight squeeze, feeling him harden in my hand, hard hot, and thick. The deep animalistic growl that vibrates the air causes excitement to flash through me and we’re suddenly a flurry of limbs and I find myself on my back; my hands pinned beside my head and Xavier hovering above me with a dark look that has me squirming.

I expect him to do something, to take the next step and just extinguish the fire that is lighting my body and heating it up, but he simply bent down and rests his forehead on my shoulder releasing a heavy breath.

“Xavier. .?” I exhale.

“We can’t, you’re not ready.” he talks against my neck, the tremors running down my back.

Him saying that made the ache between my legs violently known, moving and shifting did nothing to lessen the feeling, “I am ready, Xavier—”

“No!” he cuts me off, pulling away and looking down at me with soft eyes, “You are not, and neither am I, you aren’t yourself right now,” he spoke, letting go of my wrist and sitting on his knees.

I open my mouth but close it, not knowing what to say or how it would help, the cloud that hung over my mind cleared and the thing that probed my mind before retracted back to a deep part of my thoughts, my senses now coming back and analyzing what almost occurred. I blink up at Xavier and take in his flushed face, his features a bit sharper to my eye, everything I didn’t see before I could see now and his seemed to shine brighter than regular.

“I can feel her,” he whispers after a minute of staring and calming down.

I frown, stretching and grabbing his hands. “Who?”

His eyes scan my face, squeezing my fingers, “Your wolf.”

“What the hell is this?” a different voice fills the room, not a second after Xavier speaks.

Xavier jolts away from me and to the other side of the room as I sit up, tucking my legs underneath my bottom. My eyes cut over toward the door to see Mason standing at the door of my room and I notice Dad and Logan edging closer, Mason’s his eyes glance over to Xavier who stood by the window awkwardly.


“It’s not what you think,” Xavier remarked and failed miserably to keep his shirt together. A deep blush rises on my cheeks.

All three of them walk further into the room, Dad looks over Xavier, a deep frown settled on his face. “I’m sure it is isn’t.”

“Go fix yourself up, son.” Logan comments, combing his black hair away from his face.

Pressing his lips together, he casts one last look at me and strides out the room his footsteps echoing on the wooden floors and down the stairs. All eyes then turn to me and I go rigid, meeting their gazes before looking down at the pattern of my sheet, the edge of the bed dipping from a weight of someone’s body.

“How do you feel?” I hear Dad ask.

I gnaw on my bottom lip, asking myself the same question in my head and a minute passes by before I shrug, lifting my head up. “I don’t know.”

“Different?” Mason adds.

I look over at him, my eyes colliding with his curious ones. “Yeah,” silence drops. “Very different.”

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