Furry Humans

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Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends.

I woke from my sweet slumber by glass clinking together, I groan, turning on my side and away from the door. I try to fall back asleep, the feel to stay up and start the day not within ms, but the sudden sound of glass shatter jolts me fully awake.


Wide-eyed, I sit up, the covers pooling in my lap. Quickly slipping out of bed, and nearly tripping over the sheets, I rush over to the door swinging it open and run out. My feet pound down against each step as I descend down the stairs, rounding the corner to the kitchen wall, not after hitting my big toe on the edge of the wall.

I yelp, the throbbing in my foot causing me hobble forward to a nearby counter where boxes lay on top of them. I see Mom bent down picking up shards of glass that belonged to a plate, I think, with oven mitts while Dad stood above her with a broom and dustpan in separate hands.

“What happened? Everyone okay?” I ask in one breath, looking over their bodies for any injuries.

Dad glances my way, a smile stretching across his lips.

“Everything’s fine, your Mom was just being clumsy and dropped her favorite plate while unboxing.” he chuckles, watching as Mom stood to her feet, sniffling.

“My Mother gave that to me,” she croaked, a tear slipping down her cheek. She wipes under eyes with the mitts before taking them off.

I sit down on a stool that faced the island counter, one hand gripping the edge while I looked down at my foot inspecting it with my other. The skin had turned a dark red but other than that it was bleeding.

“I can buy you another,” proposed Dad.

“It won’t be the same!”

Sitting up straight, I watch as Dad holds her by the top of her shoulders mirth glimmering in his eyes while he stares at Mom. When I saw them leaning in, I cleared my throat, causing their heads to turn my way.

Mom’s face flushes red and Dad looks away not meeting my eye. I only blink repeatedly before I lean my cheek on my fist, my stomach grumbling, indicating its hunger.

“What’s for breakfast?”

Dad’s deep chuckle fills the kitchen while he walks over to the fridge grabbing the cereal from the top of it and the milk along with two bowls.

“Sorry kiddo, we’re not completely settled in yet to cook anything, so cereal for today.”

I groan, crossing my arms over my chest. “Damn. I had a taste for Mom’s pancakes.”

“Language.” he warns, rounding the island and takes a seat next to me “So was I,” he agrees a second later.

We all fall into a comfortable silence, Dad and I eating our cereal while Mom rearranged the plates and silverware in the cupboards she took from out the boxes. The whole time Mom was sending Dad nervous glances, after a gesture with her hand he he finally sighs.

“Abigail,” he begins, standing and moving over to Mom, he reached and grabbed her shoulder turning her towards me. “Your Mom and I have something to tell you.”

I chew the remaining cereal in my mouth while pushing the bowl aside, by the huge smile on Dad’s face and Mom’s glowing aura despite her being nervous I could tell it was something good.

“And that is?” I told my head.

Giving each other one last glance, they exclaim, “We’re pregnant!”

“Well I am,” Mom adds, a smile on her lips. “Not your dad.”

My eyes slowly widen, in shock, the pure happiness that coursed through my veins left me breathless. A huge smile stretched across my face, caught my parents off guard.

“A. .are you serious?”

They nod their heads in sync waiting for it to sink in for me, my nose begins to burn, a clear sign that tears were going to start forming— the last time I cried was when he left. I rose from my seat, my bare feet meeting the wooden floor as I padded over to my mom my eyes never leaving her.

“I’m going to be a big sister. .” I breathe out.

Mom’s eyes were starting to well up with her own tears, the movement was small but I saw it, her head bobbed and I laughed. Circling my arms around her, I pull her body forward against mine. She yelped at the action, her own wrapping around my waist. She laughed at my enthusiasm.

“Thank you,” I tell her, hugging her tighter. She simply pats my back.

Releasing my hold on her, I crouch in front of her stomach raising a hand as I did so. I smile again when I make contact, I couldn’t wait to meet my sister or brother.

~ • ~

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you smile,” Mom admits while taking up the space next to me on the sofa.

“Almost forgot how gorgeous you are when you do,” she told me, her fingers stroking the side of my face. “Not that you aren’t already.” I turn to face her, another smile on my face.

I reached over and began to stroke her belly, she chuckled, placing her hand on mine; she squeezes it. “You’re more excited than I am.”

I nodded my head, “I really am, I always wanted to be a big sister to someone.”

“Awe sweetie, you’re going to be a great sister!”

“Yeah. How long have you known?” I question, looking up at her.

“Two weeks.”

Mom pats her belly, a soft smile on her face, I then spot Dad walking in the living room; he set a cup of water on the coffee table with a pack of crackers.

“So, I just called the Public School,” he says, walking over to a single chair resting down on it, “They said that you’ll be able to start school tomorrow.”

’There goes my weekend.

My smile disappears, and a scowl replaces it. “Are you kidding me?”

“Nope,” he grins at my face.

I groan throwing my head back against the sofa cushion, I stared up at the white fading ceiling.

“Do I really have to?” I say. “We just moved here, why so soon?”

Mom laughs and so does Dad, it’s like their mocking me. “That doesn’t mean anything. Just because we moved states doesn’t mean you don’t get your education. It’s good to go early, the students just got back from their break too.”

“Great.” I mumble, “Being the ‘new girl’ will be so much fun.” sarcasm drips with every word.

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