Furry Humans

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Answer your inner voice.

A cold sweat began to break out at the lifeless stare that taken over Mom’s eyes, rising bumps littering the flesh on my arms. London’s cries grew louder, the sound echoing into the air, shattering the silence that encased us in its bubble and held us captive. He squirmed in her lap, face red and blotchy with the intensity of his crying.

I shuffled forward, lifting London gently into my arms where I cradled him to my chest, his tiny hands immediately fisted my shirt as I leaned over Mom.

“Mom! Come on, this isn’t funny,” I shook her by her shoulder, watching as her hand fell limply from her lap to her side. Not a twitch of a muscle.

Her eyes didn’t blink or shift to look at me or react to London’s cries, they stayed dead to the world just like the rest of her, but I didn’t want to believe that she was gone— she wasn’t. She wasn’t supposed to be, she was supposed to come back home with me when Dad and them found us.

London’s cries pierced my eardrums, penetrating the veil that has fallen over my mind, the burn in my throat and nose became unbearable as I tried to hold back the tears that so desperately wanted to break from its dam. I moved closer, waving my hand in front of Mom’s face, I even placed a finger under her nose and not a single air brushed against it.

A choked sob escaped my parted lips, I shifted my gaze down to the jeans bunched up between her legs and noticed they were soaked in blood, her blood, more than what someone who gave birth was supposed to release. My lips trembled as I lifted my gaze back to her face, her skin deathly pale and eyes continuing to stare off into space.

“Mommy. .” I whimpered, raising a hand to run the tips of my fingers down her cheeks.

She was so cold, cold to the touch, it made me realize that she’s been sitting like this for awhile. My eyes trailed over her slacken features. I’ll miss the way her cheeks would redden at Dad’s snide comments and the way her eyes would brighten whenever she smiled or looked at Dad or me. I’ll miss her soft-spoken words and whispers of ‘I love you’ and even the fierce side that came out every once in awhile.

(A/N: I’m not crying, there’s a leakage somewhere...)

Sinking my top teeth into my lip, my fingers tremble as I close her eyelids and retract them back to my side, setting into stone that she was really gone from this world. London’s cries we’re slowly cracking the walls to my dam as I wanted to cry myself, I helplessly stared at the soulless body of my mother. Eventually, I let the tears spill freely down my cheeks while my emotions run wild; the beast in me howls in agony and loss, its emotion mix with mine and finally I release the pent-up emotion locked in my heart.

I cry for the pain in my heart.

I sob for the death of my mother.

I cry for the future.

I cry for me.

And I cry for my life that I never lived, my life that’s been going downhill since the day I was brought into the world. My cries mingle with London’s, who I hold tightly to my heart until its a symphony with its own meaning behind it, I choke up as I pause when I hear the quickening steps of someone barreling their way to our holding.

I don’t flinch when the cell door slams open.

“What the fuck is with all this noise!?” the voice roars.

I already know who it was by his presence that makes the hairs on my arms stand tall, I don’t turn to face him but simply press London tighter to my body as he quieted down.

A heartbeat of a moment and a snort shot through the dead silence like a bullet and shattered it; the sound caused me to whip around and glare at the piece of shït that looks down at me like I’m beneath him, his red eyes glowing brighter and flickers to the blood-soaked jeans.

“I was wondering what that smell was coming from,” he murmured, striding forward.

I shuffled back and in front of his path from Mom while glaring at him from the ground despite the quiver of my limbs and heart that beat in fear in the presence of him. His tongue slides across his bottom lip and over one of his fangs.

“It seems like your mother is dead, little girl,” he comments then moves his gaze to London, “While giving birth to that mutt.” his tone drops to one of disgust and his tighten together in a frown.

Pulling my sweater over London’s face, I block this monster’s view from something so pure. The anger was just beneath the surface of the fear that coated my skin and made it seem like I was helpless, the beast in me growled and shone through my own eyes, its anger growing the longer it stared at the monster; it wanted to spill its blood and roll around in its knowing it was responsible for its death.

His dark chuckle brought me out of my bloodlust thoughts.

“I know that look,” he stated with amusement. “You want to kill, that blood-thirst is coursing through your veins is what makes the beast your kind is today. Monsters.”

A growl rose from my chest, If my hands weren’t occupied I would have done something about that smirk on his face.

“You have a lot of nerve talking to me about being monsters. This is your fault. You killed her!” I couldn’t hold the anger from my voice and recall that my mom is really dead caused tears cloud my vision.

“Uh, I don’t think so. If you want to blame someone, blame that little baby.”

I shook my head, “You’re going to pay.”

"Ooo so scary,” the vampire lifted his hands in a mocking manner and waved them. “What will I ever do? She threatened me.” he started to laugh as if I told the funniest joke, throwing his head back and all.

“Just call me, I’ll always be close by. . .”

“Elijah. . .” I whispered, gazing out in front of me.

As the name slipped past my lips, his laughter ceased and the atmosphere shifted as darkness inches forward, my eyes focused back and could see his beautifully craved face morphed into pure rage taking away the beauty and showing the monster he really was — the name triggered something inside him and he hissed at me, flashing his elonged fangs in my directions. My heart sped up with fear and adrenaline.

“What did you say?” he growls, stepping forward.

“. . .shout my name and I’ll come running.” his soothing voice echoes in my head.

I connect gazes with the nameless vampire and my lips part to utter my salvation, my ticket out of this hell.


The loudness of my voice echoed in the hallowed room and drummed through my body the same moment the vampire lunged at me with extended claws, shutting my eyes, I curl into myself and shield London from the pain that was soon to come. A ferocious roar vibrated in the air, sending my nerves tingling and hair standing on alert and awareness, everything stopped beside the growing noise down the hall at the entrance to the dungeon.

Cool breath brushes across my face, causing me to peel my eyes open and see just how close he was to me, my heart lurched in my chest with his red eyes piercing my own and haunting my mind.

“This isn’t over,” he whispered, eyes searching mine, “You will die by my hands and all the others just like you.”

And he was gone, nothing but a blur of movements as he disappeared the opposite way the noises were coming from.

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